Sacred Parchment Puzzle Hints #22

Hey there Hoppereenos. Bouncing by to help out those that are struggling with the Daily Sacred Parchment tasks. Be warned…


Sacred Parchment open


Reminder, I have all of the answers listed in my Sacred Parchment Calendar, so if you want the actual task you will need to go there. The entire 24 will be listed on the days they open. The clues are very specific to the characters, their tasks, and your knowledge of the Simpsons. Think even of last names or things that have to do with them alone. I am having a lot of fun with them myself.

Now for today’s New Puzzle

Parchment Puzzle #22 (June 24th): 

SP crossword puzzle

2014-06-24 06.50.27

Only old lady in Springfield and a Crossword puzzle.

AgnesSkinner house


There you go. To not spoil them completely (even though they are pretty obvious) you still need to go to the Sacred Parchment Calendar to get the tasks that complete these. Gotta keep some of it a lil mysterious still. Lol. Keep in mind you do NOT have to finish these in order and they are NOT timed. So you have til end of the event to complete them however you see fit.

As you can see on each one, it tells you the Game Play Level you need to have done in order to see and/or complete the task. Not sure where you are in Game Play Level? Check our Walkthroughs. If you don’t want to try and complete levels or even do the task at hand, you can also opt for the donut pay out to bypass it.

Do you have any favorite tasks yet? Are you guessing them no problem? Like the subtle lil hints they have? Let us know.


33 responses to “Sacred Parchment Puzzle Hints #22

  1. My tapped out game is letting me do stone cutter quests but when the characters complete them, the game resets itself and I have to repeat jobs. How do I move forward?

  2. Josephine Kick@$$

    Already started tomorrow’s task… the final one. I’m going to miss doing them :'(

  3. Chandra Marsono

    Since no one posted #23 yet, its Fat Tony playing his violins. Its a solo you couldn’t refuse.

  4. Ohhh I sent her twice to do Bingo lol. I thought it was a glitch, never thought of crosswords 😛

  5. I’m at Level 31. When I went to build the Skinner house, it said I could only build it as part of a quest…something about Milhouse, I forget the name of the quest, but it hasn’t come up. I’ve got all the other sacred parchment puzzles completed and I would hate to miss this one. Little help, please?

  6. Jessica shaffstall

    I didn’t know where to post this, but has anyone else had the problem that their righteousness rating is staying at 1 and 1/2 stars? Since this update hit my righteousness rating won’t go any higher than that. Anyone else noticed this or had this problem?

    • I have a conform-o-meter post in the works, but whenever a level update hits the conform-o-meter requirements change. That’s more than likely what you’re seeing. Try adding a few training walls around your Springfield and see if that helps 🙂

  7. I have 34200 emblems and got a task called secret bonus. Whats that? Also theres a button with see prizes… (takes me to the emblem prizes)

  8. pewpewshazaam

    Dang. Just when I thought I was in the clear on finishing the event I found out I need to rush up to Skinner’s house. Time for papa to make some moolah and build a house.

  9. Hi!! I know this is not the post subject but I need some help.
    Ever since the Level 42 update was instaled im my game I can’t go to my town. The game does the usual, ’till my town was supposed to appear, then the game just closes by itsefl e it goes back to the home page of my tablet. I already try to reinstall and nothing! What should I do??
    PS: Loove the site by the way, very helpful!! Thanks 😉

  10. I’m loving this event. To bad it has to end. Wish they could make it permanent somehow. Like they did with the friendship points. Just keep adding new prizes.

  11. I have just completed this task in both my A and B game, but it is not registering as being completed in either game. I know it’s a task that doesn’t have to be completed today, but is anyone else having this problem? I am re-running the task to see if that helps. I really would like to get the Ark of the Stonecovenant on Thursday without needing to contact EA.

  12. sweet!! Thank you again!! and.. where are the Cheetos?? LOL. sharing is caring!! dont’ hide em, divide em!!

  13. I hit 34000 emblems yesterday, I almost at 35000, However, I got the message when I hit 34000, that every 3000 I’ll get a prize. I have not got the anvil yet, is this supposed to happen this way, or is it a glitch? Any suggestions? I really want that anvil. lol. Thank you all in advance! You guys rock!!

  14. I’m loving this quest especially the riddles. But I have never been this frustrated and just when EA got it right. The Stonecutter quest started while I was visiting family out in the sticks with very limited Wi-Fi access. Welcome back to NYC the day after I got home my phone was stolen! I just got my new one yesterday. I’m up to date on my sacred parchment but I don’t even have Burn’s money pool yet. Hope I can catch up because the completist in me will force me to spend doughnuts in the last couple of days if not

    • Oh no! What awful luck! I hope you’re able to get it all! Make sure you visit daily, and convince your neighbors to leave you emblems! If you’re active enough you might just do it (or come really close!) Good luck Ryan! 🙂

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