Turbo Tappin’ Premium Stonecutters: Number 51 & It’s Just Swamp Gas

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Stonecutters are here!  With all those new robed men walking around your Springfield, you might quickly pass over the short green one!  Number 51 is a premium Stonecutter character you can purchase for 100 donuts during the Stonecutter Event.  Once unlocked he comes with a fun questline & now that many of you are reaching the end of your prize collecting & purchasing characters, we figured now’s the perfect time to Turbo Tap Number 51!

For those of you who don’t know Turbo Tappin’ is our quick version of a walkthrough for the Level/Update/Character where we give you who starts the quest, the task and what you earn.  This way you have your quick guide on who to keep free and when.  This is great for our fellow Addicts who love to copy and paste the walkthrough into their device for quick reference.

Now on with the walkthrough!  Let’s find out what all this Swamp Gas is about shall we?


It’s Just Swamp Gas Pt.1
Number 51 starts

Make Number 51 Drink Fungal Excrement-  8hrs, Earns $445 105XP

It’s Just Swamp Gas Pt. 2
Homer starts

Make Number 51 Watch Daytime TV– 24hrs, Earns $1100, 225xp

It’s Just Swamp Gas Pt. 3
Number 51 starts

Reach Level 7 and Build Krusty Burger
Make Number 51 Consume Engineered “Meat” Product– 1hr, Earns $115,

It’s Just Swamp Gas Pt. 4
Number 51 starts

Make Number 51 Phone Home– 4hrs, Earns $275, 70xp

It’s Just Swamp Gas Pt. 5
Number 51 starts

Make Number 51 Watch old B-Movies– 24hrs, Earns $1100, 225xp

It’s Just Swamp Gas Pt. 6
Number 51 starts

Make Number 51 Create Invasion “Documentary”– 8hrs, Earns $445, 105xp

It’s Just Swamp Gas Pt. 7
Number 51 starts

Make Number 51 Send Invasion “Documentary” to the Mothership– 4hrs, Earns $275, 70xp

It’s just Swamp Gas Pt. 8
Number 51 starts

Make Number 51 Drink Fungal Excrement– 8hrs, Earns $445, 105xp
Make Number 51 Consume “Meat” Product- 1hr, Earns $115, 26xp
Make Number 51 Watch TV- 24hrs, Earns $1100, 225xp

And with that the Swamp Gas questline is officially complete!  I can’t believe Stonecutters is almost over and I am just now posting this Turbo Tappin’ guide!  Goes to show you just how busy this event has been!

If you run this complete from start to finish, with out using donuts, it’ll take you just under 4 and 1/2 days to complete!  It’s a fun questline to do after you’ve completed the main questline (remember this one does not award any bonus emblems, so no rush to complete it to get those extra emblems).

What do YOU think of Number 51?  Have you purchased him in your Springfield?  What’s your favorite task?  Thoughts on the questline?  How about the Stonecutters Event as a whole?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

38 responses to “Turbo Tappin’ Premium Stonecutters: Number 51 & It’s Just Swamp Gas

  1. 👋🏼 Alissa, Wookiee, Patric &Safi. I purchased Number 51 many months ago and STILL cannot access his 6 hour quest, it’s locked. I completed his quest line when I got him. I do have the Exploration building. I have uninstalled, hard closed, stored him & Exploration Inc. so many times. Have I missed a post on this or is it still an issue? BTW I avoid contacting EA like the plague 😉😣

    • He shouldn’t have a 6hr task…

      • Ok. He has an unlocked 6 hr “quest” I assumed it was a task after completed. I am positive I completed the quest line. The same thing happened when I purchased Lurleen and completed quest line for her. My quests for Marge are locked also. Just wondering if I’m missing something lol. It’s no big deal. Thanks for replying Alissa.

        • It’s probably linked to an event, which is why it’s locked and for some reason, it never cleared off.

          • Thanks again, Alissa

          • Did this ever get figured out? I just bought 51 with the discount offered and I have the locked 6 hr task greyed out that says “quest” with no quest. Any info about this? I read through all the comments I could find in the archives and it doesn’t seem to say…?

  2. So I recently picked up 51 from the discounted mystery box prize and finished out his quest line. However, his 6 hr is still grayed out saying “quest” (ponder the meaning of his existence) in the exploration inc building, which I have. How do I unlock the 6 hour?

  3. I haven’t seen a post on the meaning of the Stonecutters’ numbers, but have been having fun trying to figure them out. Some are easy:

    Alien #51 – Area 51
    Frink #314 – 3.14 is pi
    Wiggums #50 – 5-0 has been slang for police since Hawaii 5-0

    But what about the others?
    Burns #29 – 1929 stock market crash?
    Disco Stu #79 – 1979, last year of the Disco era?

    No idea:
    Krusty #36
    Lenny and Carl, #12 & 14
    Jasper #5
    Willie #85
    Skinner #600
    Homer #908


  4. Am I the only one out there who wishes that they’d do a Steve Guttenburg character for this event? He could have quests involving the police department. It would be AWESOME!

  5. Perfect timing – I just finished the last part this morning 😉
    Bought him last week. The only one missing now is Dr. Hibbert. Can’t seem to bring myself to spend 60 donuts on a costume. Same reason I didn’t buy Fruit Bat Man and Ninja Homer. Some days I do regret it, but both of them by now have a lot of other costumes. Would be the first for Dr. Hibbert, though… *sigh*

    • Something tells me you might be changing your mind come July 1st 😉

      • Uh-oh… Cryptic hints of things to come! If I could figure out what that means. I hope you know that you are just confusing me with remarks like that. No telling what I might do in this addled state 😉

  6. Josephine Kick@$$

    #51 was a must have for me. I love the singing task the best, it makes me smile to see the animation 🙂

  7. So somewhere around 1 am my time last night, I got rolled back to see if I could fix my Dr. Hibbert not prompting the Hospital thing.

    This set me back from level 40 to level 29, from being less than 500 FP away from level 10 on Friendship level to being over 1500 FP away from being level 7 on Friendship, and from having over 44000 emblems to having 0.

    After most of a day of play, I am back to 3300 emblems, working on building Hibbert’s Family Practice, tapping every friend I can find, and have bought most of the premium items for Stonecutters (including #51. I had to buy him again.)

    One minor problem, I don’t think I’ll have anywhere near enough in-game cash to buy the daycare or even get caught up to the Sacred Parchment tasks, as I currently don’t even have Smithers in my town. I’m going to try looking at Turbo Tappin’ guides and follow them as fast as I can to get caught up if I can before the event ends.

    Wish me luck.

    • Tapped out life

      Wow! I wish you lots of luck, that sounds like there was no good solution to the problem. And buying things again? That would make me go insane. 🙂 Hopefully you can catch up!

  8. Hi all! I really wish the Stonecutters event was extended because I’m only on level 16 and that means I will miss out on a lot of it. I wish it didnt take so long to complete tasks and i wish things didnt cost so much! Any tips on getting more in game money (besides buying it with real money, cuz even doing that doesnt give u much unless u spend like $50 real life money)? Sorry to complain, I just would like to get in on all of the fun you all are having. But overall I love the game, I have fun with it and I’ve shared it with my friends and they are having fun with it too! BTW, I love the site! Keep up the great work guys!

  9. I had to get Number 51 — he’s a perfect addition to my town. And yes, as a Futurama fan, he really does look like Kif.

    The other thing I’d like to mention is that anybody who hasn’t yet bought the Stonecutter Day Care building should probably consider trying to do so before the event is up. Not only does it produce money, but for any of the Stonecutter members, it provides a super-handy 2 hour “run the Stonecutter daycare center” task. Plus it’s a ‘freemium’ (costs money only) item. (What I don’t know for certain is whether the task will remain after the event…but I’m betting it does.)

    • I think it’s a safe bet the task will stick around. I had to get it too because I would really kick myself if I missed a freemium building. It’s my incognito entrance for my Stonecutter complex.

      • I think it’s a safe bet, too, that the tasks will remain. In my A-game (KaderaPrime), I set up my daycare center as a separate walled compound, just ripe for Stonecutter indoctrination of the wee ones.

        I went whole-hog on the rest of the complex though, with water features, bridges, burning bushes, landscaping, and so on. The pyramid eye, of course. I figure in my Springfield, the Stonecutters are too obvious to be incognito — so they went for HUGE.

  10. I bought him IMMEDIATELY….lol. Like my grandpa would say, “You can never have too many green aliens in your town”. Come to think of it, this might be why we could only visit him at his “special” home. 😛

  11. Dang it!!! Finally saved enough donuts for Louanne and accidentally bought the Rich Texan. I just checked my donut spend two days ago! I am so annoyed with EA constantly resetting this feature. I already e-mailed them. Hopefully, they make this right.

  12. Lol, found that amusing, comic book guy can write an angry letter in the level 42 quest line when it says “make kids write angry letters” guess he’s just a big kid at heart!!!!

  13. I purchased #51 and absolutely love him! Especially his PHONE HOME task…hilarous! Overall the questline was enjoyable. I’m loving this Stone Cutter event…Hoping it carries into 4th of July event as well. THANKS 4 ALL YOUR HELP TSTO ADDICTS…I am proudly I might add a completionist in training… And I couldn’t have done it without ya !!!!!!

  14. I really like this character for reasons….resemblance to Kif for one. His quest line was great, and his continuing tasks are also great. He’s another character that can sing the stonecutter song. Although since I finished the quest line he’s pretty much been phoning home day and night–I think the animation on this task is so great. One thing about this update–it has added some great outdoor animations to the game, with Mr. Burns, No. 51 phoning home and Homer getting paddled.

    • I agree! Some REALLY great outdoor animations! I’m a big fan of Number 51 as well, I snatched him right up as soon as the event started! 🙂

  15. Off topic but I’m seeing some people already have the songwriters table I am almost at the rock and I’m on everyday all day am I doing something wrong? Am I behind?

    • Nope everyone plays at their own pace (for me I’ve completed the prizes). It just depends on how frequently you play. According to Bunny’s calendar you’re right on track. You should be good to get everything by the end of the event! 🙂


    • The pace may seem to be the largest factor as I play usually only in the evenings. My neighbour’s totals currently range from under 4000 for some to nealy 50,000 emblems for a few. I’m somewhere in the high middle.
      I’ve been lucky to get at least the first 600 emblems from the #1 prophecies on most days (if I start the 1st task early), but I seem to see the largest change when I come from work and clear all the spy pyramids I collected throughout the day.

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