4th of July in Springfield! (Updated and Complete)

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

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It’s 4th of July in Springfield!  A little update has just hit our devices (woo-hoo!)….this is an IN GAME update, so no need to visit the app store to update.  This will go with your Stonecutters game…so if you’re still trying to collect those last emblems you still can.  This won’t replace Stonecutters.  An update to remove Stonecutter still may hit later today…we don’t know yet.  So still play Stonecutters as if it was the end….assume you’re on borrowed time.

Now onto the Firework Spectacular!

Homer and Apu will kick off the event with a little auto-start dialogue….

As always we’ll have more info as soon as we finish going through the update ourselves.

FYI…there is STILL a Stonecutters Take Down in the files.  There were two sets of files listed.  4th of July and Take down were BOTH listed in the files.  So my guess is an update in the App Store will appear later this afternoon.  We’ll let you know as soon as it hits…

For those that don’t like to know update details will be below the fold…so WARNING SPOILERS AHEAD

To say I’m excited about this update would be a major understatement…i’m ECSTATIC!  When the Season Finale aired in May the first thoughts that came to my mind were…THIS WOULD BE AWESOME IN TSTO!  And now…here it is!

Here are the details for the 4th of July Update….

Freemium Stuff:

Available now….


giuseppesworkshop_menuGiuseppe’s Workshop– $5,000.  Comes with Giuseppe.  4×6.  Earns $300, 30xp 24hr Build.


lincolnmemorial_menu Lincoln Memorial– $100,000.  Requires Level 5 & Improves Vanity.  Comes with a mini quest if you have Lincoln.


unlock_giuseppe Giuseppe– Comes with his house.

Available now…

fireworksbarge_menu Fireworks Barge– 80 Donuts.  Requires Level 15.  Earns 2.75% bonus on all cash and XP.  Water only placement (it is a Barge after all)

yeoldecherrytree_menu Cherry Tree– 180 Donuts.  Requires Level 5.  Earns 2.75% bonus on all cash and XP.  Comes with George Washington


unlock_georgewashington George Washington– Comes with the Cherry Tree.  You know because Abe can’t be the ONLY one in this game

Later additions to the game….

On July 4th the following will enter the game….

Returns from Last Year!

Tapped_Out_American_Flag American Flag- $5,600

Tapped_Out_Pinwheel_firework  Pinwheel Firework– 40 Donuts

Tapped_Out_Crate_of_fireworks Box of Fireworks-60 donuts.

Tapped_Out_Lisa_statue Lisa Liberty– 75 Donuts. UNIQUE Only 1 per Springfield

100px-Tapped_Out_Liberty_bell  Liberty Bell– Will be $50,000.

On July 11th the following character/building combinations will return to the game…IF YOU DIDN’T ALREADY PURCHASE THEM

Rex Banner TSTO Nighthawk Diner TSTO Nighthawk Diner and Rex Banner– Correction…this year this is PREMIUM.  I guess bringing it back means it’ll be premium now.  I have a theory about this which I’ll post about later…anyway this will be 90 donuts.

lincolnscabin_menu Abraham-Lincoln Abe Lincoln and His Cabin- Making his THIRD Appearance in TSTO is Honest Abe & his Log Cabin.  He WILL BE Premium and most likely 150 donuts.

Permanent Addition to the Game:
WILL NOT Leave with 4th of July Update…

sitnrotate_menu Sit N Rotate– $10,000,000.  Requires Level 35.  Improves Gluttony.  It’s HUGE, 9×9. And takes THREE Days to build.  Animated.  The top spins.

That’s it for this update rundown my friends.  We’ll be back a little later with Turbo Tappin’ the 4th!  Have fun and Happy 4th of July Weekend! (kinda sorta…almost)!

4th of July Ends in Springfield on July 16th!

What do YOU think of the update?  Any items you’re excited about?  Anything you had a feeling was coming back/going to be in?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!



478 responses to “4th of July in Springfield! (Updated and Complete)

  1. In my B game (level 12) Lincoln memorial is available but in my A game (level 42) Lincoln memorial isn’t listed at all so I can’t buy it. Does anyone else have this problem or know how to fix it?

  2. Did anyone else notice that the Lincoln Memorial gives a .50% bonus to xp/money even though though it was never in the description?

  3. Did not find the info here – The new restaurant Sit and Rotate gives new 2 hour quest for at least Skinner and Selma to dine there.

  4. A Store All box has been added to the game. Does that mean my Springfield is going to blow up and I will lose my buildings and people, if I don’t store them away?

  5. Is the memorial worth it without him and his cabin? How much vanity is there? If it’s not to much trouble. New I love the site use it for everything. Also I have gotten 3 spate donuts from random friends while I’m in their town dailies

    • As it is a rad decoration, I say unequivocally yes. If you can’t afford the premium price tag of the character, you can at least have him enshrined somewhere. It also gives a whopping 870 to your vanity which is nothing to sneeze at. Congrats on the free sprinklies.

  6. So I got 900 donuts to get all of the event items… And so far I have… But I realized I get paid again on the 11th. So what should I spend my remaining donuts on because on the 11th I can buy another 300 and that should more then well cover Lincoln and Rex’s sprinkle price…. I’m accepting all ideas on what I should get I have 220 sprinkles left instead of 260 because I already bought a second fireworks item… But I’m looking for more characters with buildings. And the other characters that come by themselves…. Idk reply to my post with your ideas… I’ll be posting my little Giuseppe’s Workshop design in a few mins here

  7. Micheal Dewdney

    I havent been able to log into the game all day on my Samsung galaxy 3. ..anyone else having this problem?

  8. Josephine Kick@$$

    I just wish the Sit N Rotate wasn’t so expensive & could be put in KL also. It’s good that it’s sticking around after the event is over or I’d have to skip it.

  9. why does in the game says that the mystery box is new?

  10. How did you guys set up Giuseppe’s Workshop? Did anyone do anything cool and interesting with it? I found the cobblestone wall goes pretty well with the building.

  11. Happy 4th to all of you! I am so excited to bringing Lincoln and cabin back. I was playing the game for the first time and past it up. Then it was offered again not too long ago, had to pass it up for financial reasons. I love your blog and I love it when you said it would be 150 doughnuts because I am going to purchase it this year it’s not going to slip by me again! Thank you for everything you guys do I love you! I am totally consumed by reading your blogs and playing the game. Thank you so very much!

  12. Happy 4th !! Was the theory of why rex & the diner switched to premium ever explained ? I started holiday 2013 , hooked into premium when Maude was available ( was she also free originally ?) went all in Easter & full boat for stonecutters so now apparently this will be a monthly expense like cable lol . Wondering what was/will be freemium Vs premium for the Halloweens that’s the stuff I really dig 😉

    • When they bring back previous items, they get that premium price tag the second time around most of the time. Halloween will probably bring back a bunch of the old stuff plus the new.

  13. Having trouble with Nightshade diner. It still shows up as locked. Even bought American API to see it that would unlock task. Still no luck. Same with Abraham Lincoln, it is showing him as locked still as well. I missed out last year on event because I was busy now it seems I waited all year to pay out in doughnuts and they still won’t let me purchase it. Bought doughnuts and everything for the event. Not sure I agree with some of these donut prices to. Out of the whole year EA gave me maybe 80 donuts for events and mess ups on their part. Then in one event they are asking for 60 donuts for a decorative piece that earns me no money or experience. Been playing for almost two years. Maybe more. Depends on EA to keep game fresh and bug free.

  14. How much for Bunny to redesign my Springfield and make it look pretty?

  15. Since the 4th July in-game update came in, I have strange problems with logging in. EVERY time I start the game I get the “no connection to server” message. When I click the retry-button it works. This behaviour didn’t change with the Stonecutter removal play store update. My device is a Samsung Galaxy s3. Anyone else experiences this?

  16. What is a better buy, the liberty bell or the lincoln memorial


  18. Ok EA I understand we get a free gift and don’t get me wrong I love free donuts… But 5 free donuts in comparison to the total one would have to pay assuming they have never had a previous 4th of July event items.. Again I love free donuts and I’m one of the people saying I’ll pay for previously released characters and stuff, I just wished it was a little more then 5 is all… Also since we got 5 free donuts, is that the 4th of July gift everyone’s getting… Or should I be expecting something else

  19. When I logged in on 4th July, the dialogue said it was giving 5 free donuts, but I didn’t get them…. what went wrong? 🙁

  20. Woohooo free donuts!! Although I am not American, I love this day!!

  21. Hey there thanks for the rundown. Just wanted to see if anybody who was affected by the mr burns glitch still had the extra money pools in their inventory. I have 2 just sitting there. Also wanted to know if anyone has an extra sacred parchment still. Thanks again.

  22. 5 free 4th of July Donuts! Whoohoo!
    Donuts! Donuts! Donuts! Donuts! Donuts! 😀

    • I need some advice please… I don’t spend any real cash on the game (and am totally addicted so it’s killing me lol)… but so all I have for donuts ate a measly 95 (im level 42 but about a month ago, i let my friends daughter play with me, and in the split second I looked away to talk to her mom, she spent ALL my donuts! I’m assuming she sped things up. .. But that’s another story lol) anyway, I really love the 4th of july… but i also really love Christmas. .. do you have any suggestions for me on donut spending (ok, now I know I’m an addict ha ha)? Should I keep saving them ams hopefully be able to get something REALLY cool at Christmas time (because I will have a lot more donuts for the bigger prizes by then – and no, I don’t care how much she bats her eyes at me or how cute she looks – i now am like a hawk when my friends daughter plays my game (yes, I still let her play – she loves it lol… wait – maybe I need another town… duh?!!!) Anyway, sorry… I digress… or is there a particular regular premium item you think I should save/be saving up for? … so what are your thoughts on don’t spendage?

      • Oh… and i only have 4.5 stars – consumerism – can’t get to 5 stars – what can I buy to help that? Please and thank you so much! !!!! Your time is sooooo appreciated 🙂

      • Premium purchases are all up to the player. The limited time stuff are the ones that really make me think. Halloween was what first made me a premium player. Absolutely nothing wrong with waiting for Christmas stuff. My thoughts on premium are to decide what you can afford. I think of my donuts as my fun money. Yes they’re just pixels but this game has brought me so much fun. As for losing your donuts to a friend’s kiddo, that stinks but it sounds like you were a cool adult about it.

      • Hi Hippy. I can’t tell you what to get or what not to get. I have no idea what will be happening in the future. As a freemium player, I set myself a long term plan to save my donuts for Halloween so I can get Kodos and Witch Marge. I was on track with over 300 donuts, but with the Stonecutters event, I spent most of them to get Frink, Stonecutter Frink, Stonecutter Hibbert and the Alien. If everything goes according to my plan, I should be able to just get enough donuts for Halloween. All this on the assumption, Kodos and Witch Marge will be available and at the same price as last year. Will I be able to do it? I don’t know. That the most honest answer I can give you.

      • I have about 60 neighbors and am maxed out on friend prizes. Since the Stonecutter event I get about one free random doughnut a day when visiting my neighbors. I think it is cool and hope this sticks around and isn’t just a glitch. It is nice to have something for those who can’t afford to spend money on a ton of doughnut. Ah, it is time consuming but another fun thing to do.

  23. I bought the barge have to say slightly disappointed one firework! The box and Duff Boat have more…..I know that is the joke but for 80 doughnts…….still looks nice next to the captains house boat.

    • I may be the only person who thinks it’s hilarious.

      • I think it is great too. Now sits between the “cool” fireworks. Pin wheels on the boardwalk and boxes on the beach. Wondering if it will improve once Guseppi finishes making his new fireworks (is EA sneaky?)

        Alas, I am nearly at the end of my Christmas doughnut Gil haul 🙂

        • Me too. I’m one level update away from being without. I want some of the fireworks but figure I should settle for the few I got last year and keep my bank for future stuff.

  24. I NEED FRIENDS! /troll

  25. Once I updated from the stonecutters I cant get into my Springfield what is going on

    • A few are starting to report same…but can you be more specific? Spinning donut? Bart Screen? Can’t log in? Just booted out to home screen?

  26. Happy July 4th everyone. Now why are the 7/4 items still locked. I’m in the UK and it’s 7am. What time will they come on line?

  27. I’ve got a problem of getting all the July 4th stuff. I finished both failure to launch and co dependence task, But still can’t unlock any of them…….I didn’t have the characters from last year, AA Apu, how am I able to get it?????

    • If you look below them, there is a launch date. They won’t open and unlock til those dates. Some the 4th, some the 11th.

  28. Just curious, does anyone know why or how, our town’s landing sites are determined? I know during events we are given an anchor (present depot, stonecutter lodge, etc) but how does the game choose what we open up on?

    • It goes to the center of all the open land you have in your town. So the first thing YOU see when you go in the game is YOUR landing area. When I set up my town, I use fences to set up a barrier so I know where it is…then decorate from there.

  29. For those of us who have not been playing since day one and do not have$10,000,000. In the bank…..

    • Lol. It is permanent. Plenty of time to earn. 😛

    • cloverdalegal

      I have been playing just before the Halloween update. I just bought it, I had 14million in the bank, have been waiting for a big ticket item. You will get there one day. The money will roll in.

      • I spend TOO much on my designs in the towns. I prob made 10 million many times, but it is all in storage… in the form of 1000 or more of each decoration. Lol. 😉

  30. Sorry, I guess I’m confused. I know you have told us the event ends 7/16, but are there any items released tomorrow that are only available tomorrow? I thought I read that earlier. Thanks.

    • If there is a “special Holiday Prize” it is usually something available ONLY that day. So if EA gifts us a 4th of July free gift, it will only be available for the 24 hours on the 4th. Make sense?

      The rest of the items will release with their cutoff dates. Most do go until the 16th when the event ends. 😉

      • I understand. Thank You. Just didn’t want to miss buying items.

      • Hey Bunny..

        I don’t know if you know this, but out of the 100 towns I visit daily, I can’t get into your “addicted” Premium test bed town, I can get into your Krustyland, but when I try to enter your town, my doughnut stops spinning on the splash page till I have to shut the game and reload it. are you having problems with it?
        I see you haven’t played it in over a day, maybe it needs to be updated?

        • I haven’t been able to get into it for 4 days now. I am not sure what happened. I think I put TOO many fences out without storing. I am still attempting to get in, and when I do I am gonna nuke the town. If not, a call to EA. 🙁

          • Looks like we both have reasons to contact EA, mine is that I accidentally sold my Pet Shop, I sent them a message Wednsday night through their Origin website and it was confirmed, but I haven’t heard a thing since.

            • Keep on them. Make sure they fix any issues. 😉

              • I’m gonna keep on their ass about the Pet Store like Lemmiwinks! Till I get the Store back! 😉

              • Well, they got back to me at about 10:30pm Friday, but I had some tasks going on for another few hours so I didn’t want to stop playing till they were done, then I sent everyone on a 12 hour or more tasks to give EA plenty of time to get the “Pet Store” back in the town before I logged out and shut the town down for the night.
                They said they would only do something like this one time and it’s mostly because they saw I bought a lot of stuff using donuts and they no I must’ve bought some of them or at least 95% of them.
                I just don’t know what to do if it happens again, it happened about six months ago when I accidentally sold my volcano lair but I didn’t think to contact them about it, and instead just bought it again because the donuts had a special sale going so I had extra donuts to spare.

                How long does it take for them to get back to you because this is the 4th July weekend and I have the George Washington quest to do, they said not to play until they get email me back that the Pet Store is back in my town and don’t want to wait a week till I can play again.
                I just hope they are open weekends.

              • Get this, it took only an hour for EA to put the Pet Shop back in my town! That was fast, I thought at least a day, or till Monday night at the earliest!
                I guess adding somthing to a town is the easiest problem for them to, fix, I also replied with a simple idea to make it harder to accidentally sell stuff without interfering when you want to actualy sell stuff and I guess they liked it because they gave me 5 Free Doughnuts!

                BTW, I placed the Lincoln Memorial, but I don’t remember doing the quest that goes with it, there were so many I might have just forgotten it, what was it about? Or did it not start yet .

              • They can work quickly with some items. And I love when they reward the pink sprinklies.

                Dialog for Lincoln Memorial comes From Lincoln. You have him? Is he free? He has just a short one part with Lisa.

              • I got Lincoln in the last event, and I remember the Memorial quest now.. He went on to complain sarcastcly how he always wanted to be remembered in a giant Roman style memorial.

                The thing is they did it at 5am EST, so I guess EA must have offices located in England since not many companies work all night in the US.

              • I just depends on when YOU triggered the task. Lol. 😉

          • That’s strange, when I checked, your town said it hasn’t been visited for 1 day, not 4!
            I think someone has been using your town, your Krusty Land had tickets available on all buildings when I visited it a few hours ago, and there should have been no tickets on buildings available for me to click if you couldn’t use it for 4 days!
            I hope you weren’t hacked or something!
            You might have to go through origin and change your password if someone guessed it, “BunnyHop” is an easy password to guess 🙂

            • Lol. Yah…don’t think anyone would know my password. Too complicated. It is just overloaded. I was pushing the errors of maxed out items and lost. I can get into it if I wait for like 5 or 10 mins, but it is only for a second. So I keep trying to see if I can get in just long enough to nuke the town. Then I will be set. 😉

              • That explains why it says you played only a day ago, but doesn’t explain why your Krustyland but doesn’t explain why your Krustyland has been cleared of handshakes..

                But a few months back before the slowdown, my game was crashing because of too much stuff by my beach, so a moved stuff east, but to avoid the crashing, I zoomed in as far as I could and the crashing stopped (EA has since fixed that problem)

                So try this.. When you get Into your town for a second, Just Zoom in as Far as you can, maybe it will give you more time to Nuke or maybe it’s better store some stuff before it can crash again, I’m worried that if the game crashes or logs you out while nuking, you might loose all your items!

              • Lol. Yah. That is what I try to do each time I get that blip of time. Thing is, it just flashes so fast so I don’t get too far before frakkin Bart pulls the plug. I will keep on it though. I am a lil persistent when it comes to my games in case you didn’t know. Lol. 😉

              • I’m the same way 🙂
                I was thinking, and I’m sure you thought about this but if you keep getting Bart disconnecting you, why not try playing the PC version? I hear that it also lets you play offline so you might not have Bart Disconnecting you if you play a version that doesn’t need to be connected to play!
                Just log in and it should download your progress and just play it of line. It’s all I can come up with at 3:30 in the morning.

              • You mean Bluestacks? That has a lot of issues itself with the game. I may have to get EA to roll me back a week to do it. Just annoyed. Lol.

              • I’m not sure what bluestacks is, but if it won’t play on one system, maybe it will lplay on another, and since a PC or Mac might be more stable and able to handle towns that have been Over Stuffed with Fences, than the tablet versions of the game, I figured at least one version of the game might let you in to play.and fix your town.

              • Thanks. Tried it already. No luck. I won’t give up though. I got a town thay needs designing. Lol

      • Does this mean the premium items are only available to buy on that day ?
        So will say George Washington/Tree be gone tomorrow ? & Lisa Liberty only be available to buy tomorrow only ?
        Sorry if this seems redundant I’m confused now

        • No worries. We will have a post out explaining the 4ths items better during the day. Each year on Holidays, EA gives the players a free gift…the catch is you HAVE to play that day. So for the 4th, to get the free prize (if they launch it in the game) you have to play your game on the 4th. If you go in on the 5th, that special Holiday gift will be gone. Make sense?

          The other purchasable items will be in the game til the 16th but unlock tomorrow or the 11th.

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