TSTO Update: EA Limited-Time Yard Sale (Updated and Complete)

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Well looks like we have a little update on our hands!  EA has given us a 2014 Yard Sale.  This contains items from TSTO that you might have missed out on and EA is giving you a chance to purchase. (for donuts of course)


This will kick off with some dialogue between Homer and Bart….

FYI…this update contains a never before released costume for Marge….so there is still something in here for long time players….

As always…info below the fold for those who don’t like spoilers 🙂

Bart: Not so fast, Dad.  You only come into my room to punish me or steal something.  And since I’m still breathing comfortably, empty your pockets.
Homer: I just have your practice snake.  I’m “borrowing” it for this year’s yard sale.  To sell.
Bart: You signed a contract last year that you weren’t going to steal my stuff and sell it for profit.  It’s right here…
…where’d it go?
Homer: I might have stolen and sold it.  But it was for a good reason!  I had to buy a black outfit to make it easier to steal and sell your stuff.  But I promise that you will have first dibs at the yard sale to buy back all your stuff.  Unless someone makes me a better offer or any offer or a sandwich.


First up…the NEW stuff, well thing.

Mayan Marge


She’s been in the game files for A LONG time…but was never released.  Long time TSTO players who have everything from Halloween 2012 (including Mayan Homer & Mayan God) can purchase her for 90 Donuts.  She does come with a questline & a full set of tasks as well (we’ll get into it more in a bit).

If you don’t have any of the Halloween 2012 items (Mayan God, Mayan Homer etc) you can purchase the Mayan Package for 300 donuts.  This package comes with Mayan Marge, Mayan Homer (another skin for Homer) and the Mayan God (a NPC Character) & Mayan Calendar.

mayanhomer 200px-Mayancalendarwhole_menuUnlock_Mayan_God


Originally….Mayan Homer and the Mayan God were free if you completed/played Halloween 2012.  

You may see a different cost in your game. It will vary on what you already own. Reader Tom Had just Mayan Homer & Marge Combo for 170 donuts.

 The Returning Stuff:

Aside from Mayan Homer and the Mayan God Above…here’s what’s returning from events of TSTO past….

From Episode Tie-In..The Day The Earth Stood Cool (November 2012)

Cool Brown House


Yard Sale 2014 Price- 120 Donuts
Original Price- Part of the Episode tie-in and it was free.
Includes: Small questline involving Homer.  Also includes Cool Homer…

Tapped_Out_Cool_Homer_ (who has an additional questline)

Note:  Cool Homer won’t show in the buy menu.  He will come up AFTER you build the Cool Brown House (6s) AND complete the first part of the questline involving Homer (3m).  

From the Episode Tie-In Gorgeous Grampa…February 2013…

Gorgeous Grampa



This is a skin for Grampa Simpson.

Yard Sale 2014 Price- 75 donuts
Original Price- Free, Episode tie-in item.
Includes- Questline for Grampa

From Whacking Day 2013…..(March 2013)

 Bare Chested Willie



This is a skin for Willie

Yard Sale 2014 Price- 60 Donuts
Original Price- Whacking Day Currency (snakes)
Includes- Small questline for Willie

Ninja Homer & Practice Snake

200px-Ninja_Homer_Practice_Snake  ninja homer


This is a decoration and skin for Homer.

Yard Sale 2014 Price- 100 Donuts
Original Price- 120 Donuts
Includes- Bonus on snake (0.25% on all cash and xp).

From Halloween 2013….

Ultra House 2

ultrahouse 4000goo

Yard Sale 2014 Price- 90 Donuts
Original Price- Event Currency. (prize)
Includes- Small Dialogue, introducing the house & task for Homer.
Earns- $200, 22xp/ 8hrs

From Christmas 2013…

Helter Shelter



snow not included…just the image we had in our files

Here is what it looks like without the snow.

Helter Shelter 

Yard Sale 2014 Price- 45 Donuts
Original Price- Won on the Christmas Wheel.
Includes- Small dialogue
Earns- $500, 45xp/ 24hrs

Ice God

Melted Ice God Looks like this now

Ice God Will look like this when there’s snow in Springfield again…

Yard Sale 2014 Price- 30 Donuts
Original Price- Won on the Christmas Wheel
Includes- 2.25% bonus on all cash and xp

From Married to the Blob Episode Tie-in

Mr. Sparkle Billboard


Snow not included.  Just the image we had in our files

Here it is without the snow. 

Mr Sparkle Billboard

Yard Sale 2014 Price- 30 Donuts
Original Price- 30 Donuts
Includes- 0.75% Bonus on All Cash and xp.
FYI…this is the ONLY Yard Sale item that is NOT unique.  So be careful buying, because you can end up with more than 1

And finally…from Easter 2014, my personal favorite

Father Sean

Father Sean


Yard Sale 2014 Price- 135 Donuts
Original Price- Could Only Be Won in the Gold Easter Egg Box
Includes- Questline

Yard Sale Ends August 4th….for now

And yes, this does mean that the characters listed above (that were once freemium) will now pay a premium rate.   (Fr. Sean, Mayan Homer, Bare Chested Willie, Cool Homer…)

So that’s in my friends….the 2014 TSTO Yard Sale.  Personally…I think EA miss an opportunity to bring back items that a lot of Tappers REALLY want (like the Waterfall), but I do like that they’re bringing back old items…even if they do cost donuts.

What do YOU think of the Yard Sale?  Any items you’ll be purchasing?  Any items you’re happy they brought back?  Anything you wish they’d bring back, but didn’t?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!

449 responses to “TSTO Update: EA Limited-Time Yard Sale (Updated and Complete)

  1. 666XdarkkingX666

    So I have a serious questions to get answered before I buy some donuts… One is there any hints to Gil coming to town and giving us a donut deal? Second what kind of deals has he done???? I can buy 900 donuts and if his deals are 50% off I’ll wait to see if it happens… I just wanna know what previous % off deals he’s given so I can decide if waiting is worth it…

  2. I’d really love the dolphin – King Snork? – I always tap him when I see him in other friends’ towns; love the way he flips. I did buy Fr. Sean as I couldn’t get him in the Easter event.
    Keep up the good work – always great reading.

  3. So very tempted to spend 30 of my 45 sprinklies on the billboard…I know, I know, the Ice God is a much better deal but…Mr. Sparkle!!! I’ve wanted a Mr. Sparkle-related object since I started playing (tail end of the last xmas update), and when I saw the billboards in other towns after I started with the whole friend business I’ve been mildly jealous ever since. I probably won’t get it though unless I get amazing luck with picking up more donuts in the next 10 days or so, and I’ll probably kick myself later for it.

  4. The Snow Monster! Not getting him still haunts me!

  5. I wish they would bring back Freedom Falcon.

  6. I got the ice god. That 2.25% bonus is a steal at 30 donuts!!! I also got the sparkle billboard just cause it looked cool. 🙂

  7. I said earlier it would have been nice if the submarine was offered….I remember last year they had a ton of freemium items which they have none this year….I got the sit n spin and still have $$11millon…oh well..

  8. I haven’t pulled the trigger on the cool brown house yet. I think I’m waiting to see if prices go down at the end of the event.. Like a yard sale, y’know? It could happen.. right?!

  9. I would love if they brought back the balloons. Like itchy, scratchy, poochie and a few other ones. Those were some pretty cool decorations I didn’t get to purchase!

  10. Apart from the monorail…..I want the Canyonero…….

  11. I am finding this yard sale underwhelming. I bought a few of the cheaper items like the billboard and the shelter, but nothing else is inspiring me. There are so many things they could have brought back that I would have dropped tonnes of donuts on! 🙁

  12. So I am only missing two items from garage sale since I been playing tapped out since the beginning. I buy most not all premium items. But at this moment I plan on only buying one of the two so which is better Father Sean (most say not the greatest character episode in history) or do I complete the Mayans with Marge? Thoughts?

    • Marge is certainly the better deal….premium rate 90 donuts. Plus she’s a never before released character..which is cool. But Fr. Sean is awesome in his own right. I love his character & tasks. It’s a tough decision…and one that comes down to how many donuts do you want to spend? My best advice is to wait a little longer. Going to have a Fr. Sean Pros and Cons post up next week…so you can compare both Mayan Marge and Fr. Sean 🙂

  13. One thing that I’d like to be able to do is place items anywhere. For example, placing vehicles on roads or on top of parking spaces. Maybe even items that can go in the water by the squidport, having the ability to place them in the river water. I’d also like to see further expansions for land. I have a lot of buildings and would like more room to decorate.

  14. 666XdarkkingX666

    So I’m not to sure bout what is happening but, I have probably nuked my town three time now to redecorate… (Mind you im lvl 42, completed every quest line… Except for the items I don’t have yet cuz Im forced to sit waiting to buy everyone from this yard sale till I have some cash….. And even every freemium building except the really expensive stuff) and now while I’m trying to place things every couple mins of playing is followed by a couple mins sitting at that horrible Bart screen… I’m literally taking turns… 5mins playing 2-3mins retrying… Or atleast that is what is feels like…….. Anyone else experiencing these same redecorating issues??

    Also this is a very far side note. But I nuked my town last night after doing so I reset the dialogue for the yard sale update….or atleast that’s what I think happened cuz after nuking the place homer and Bart repeated themselves about homer stealing Bart’s stuff…now because I have yet to buy anything, I don’t know if I would have lost anything, but I do know that all the items for the yard sale are still available…. If I’m remebering correctly someone posted about being rolled back and no options to buy the remaining stuff/also losing what they had purchased… Idk does nuking reset certain things that you know of????

  15. I would like things that are needed for characters who have job requirements. Quimby limo or the stonecutter table

  16. Hey friends… today has been the third in a row that i havent been able to collect from buildings and chracters (or do anything)
    Im collecting… then the game stops and ends it self… i start it again and NOTHING HAS BEEN SAVED… neither the collecting nor the Jobs or buildings moved…. 🙁

    • Oh boy. I think it’s time to contact EA. I know it can be a pain, but they’ll be able to put something in to have the tech team look into the issue. If no one reports it they won’t know it’s an issue.

      Also, have you tried some of the basic troubleshooting steps?


    • i have written to the ea support… but still nothing works in the RockerMarie (level 42) account

      the really weird thing is that in the very same phone i have a level 10″ anonymous” game and that one works flawlesly

      • Don’t give up. I can sympathize with the waiting game. Took almost 3 weeks once for a fix for me.

      • I second The Wookiee. Back in Jan, when they had the Level 41 release and then of Xmas and masses were going into the wrong game, I just could not load my game, at all. It took a month but I finally had a great EA tech – who was very helpful and determined that my game save was corrupt and had to restore from a previous save and I finally got my game back. So, patience is good to keep handy and persistence. Good luck!!! .

  17. Is the Mr. Sparkle billboard a unique item. I bought on way back when it was first released and had it next to my film set but replace it with the I&S billboard when that came out cuz it was a better fit with the film set. Now i cant remeber for the life of me wher I put my Mr. Sparkle board and I can find it in my town, Im pretty sure i didnt sell it and its not in inventory. But now I’m just wondering if it is gone and if it’s a unique item because it showed up again in my build menu with the yard sale.

  18. I would have liked to see the Barney Duff blimp, the giant grasshopper and the nuclear waste containment drums.

  19. Steelerspa2002

    I wish we could buy the buildings for dollars not donuts.

  20. I wish the mayan calendar was available for purchase seperately. I’ve wanted that since I started playing around Christmas last year. 300 donuts is too rich for my blood, even if I did have that many (I don’t). Oh well… guess I will keep saving up for Barney. I love the retro look of his building and he’s one of my favorite characters.

  21. I prefer don’t buy nothing with my real money, I just play and win donuts and they buy characters, maybe I’m greed, I don’t know, but I played everyday, so add me and he’ll me to get more cool stuff. WolfGian

  22. The update i would really like to have seen would have been one that fixes the “cannot connect to server” error that pops up every time some players start the game. Also, the update that fixes the error where some handshakes are not appearing would be a welcome fix as well.

    (A few minutes ago, I was dumped from the game and Bart’s normal “retry” message was replaced with “Ugh! Not this screen again!” — I was hoping it would award some donuts or something but no such luck.)

    • I agree.

    • Yes. And I never got my free donuts from the Stonecutters event…twice I got a message telling me I would get free donuts if I played right then, and neither time did I get any of the free donuts. I never got any free donuts the entire event, except for the 20 that was included in the quest. Blah. That always seems to happen to me, everyone else gets free donuts and I don’t. Even just visiting Springfields I rarely get a donut. If I do all 100 Springfields every day for a week, I’m lucky if I get 3.

  23. Spent spent spent…….ohhh the temptation was too great.

  24. I for one would have liked to see the Submarine offered in this yard sale. Would like to be able to use lamp post in KL.

  25. I’m only level 13 cos I just started like a month ago, so I was wondering, what happens if you buy a skin for a character but don’t have that character just yet? I don’t have Grandpa or Marge just yet, but I still wanna buy the skins.

    • Sometimes it won’t allow the purchase of skins if no character to put it on. If you ARE allowed, they will just sit in wait in your lil brown box inventory until you put the character that uses it into the game.

  26. A lot of people complaining about doughnuts for these thought to be lost items. I think it’s vary fair. It’s going to cost me $40 (50 if I want any sprinkles left over) to get everything I don’t have but it’s worth it. It may suck if you don’t get everything because you don’t want to pay but be glad people like me give EA about as much a month as we do our cell providers. And I have very little expendable income. Otherwise it wouldn’t exist at all and freemium wouldn’t exist.

  27. With all the uproar over the Easter event, why didn’t EA bring back all the items from that event? I don’t understand why only Father Sean was included but no Sheri Bobbins. Oh well, one out of two isn’t bad I guess.

    • They also could have brought back the buildings from the Easter event (Blocko store, etc.) and possibly the chance to buy (for game dollars, not donuts) missing Easter fences (my supply is pretty limited and it is hard to make anything meaningful out of just a few of them).

      But as I noted earlier, if they brought back everything that anyone might be missing, we’d all be complaining about how many donuts it costs to get everything. Hopefully, future sales will offer other missing items.

  28. Need submarine and casino in yard sale.

  29. Hmm. Poor George! He has to go to the Clinic to get his dentures fitted…Because…There Is No Dental Office in Springfield! Think of the kids who need braces….(Hint to EA).

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