Addicts Want to Know: To Nuke or Not To Nuke….

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Well it would seem as if we’re in a bit of a summer lull in Springfield.  With the Yard Sale not bringing any new content, beyond Mayan Marge, for many Tappers…we’re all starting to feel the lull in game play.  In my opinion these lulls have ALWAYS been the perfect time to work on some redesigns of Springfield.

During our Sunday Night Open Thread this past week, several of you commented that you’ve taken advantage of the Nuclear Option and are taking advantage of the lull & completely redesigning your Springfield.  While others expressed concern  for wiping out their whole town.  So here’s what I want to know….

 What are your thoughts on the nuclear option?  Have you pushed the trigger yet?  How do you feel about the lull in the game right now?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!

Psst…if you’re looking for a little inspiration in the design department you can check out our Design page here OR the AMAZING work of your fellow Tappers over on our Flickr Page 🙂

Nuclear Option Vid SS

90 responses to “Addicts Want to Know: To Nuke or Not To Nuke….

  1. Been consideriding tapping that nuke button..will any of my items dissapear? Characters and premiuim content wont get deleted? Feedback please.

  2. I nuked my town and now some buildings have disappeard, like The IRS building, from my inventory. How do i get them back?

  3. So… I nuked my town and began rebuilding last night, which drained my phone battery despite it being plugged into the charger. This AM I started the game. My screenname/I.D. popped up at the start screen and I tapped and instead of taking me to my town, it synchronized & the beginning of game sequence started running. I did this three times and each time Homer appears behind his desk at the nuclear plant & begins his dialogue. Have I lost everything? I am Level 48 & have been playing for over a year. It’s the biggest committment in my life at the moment! Gone?

    • No this happens sometimes, and is really scary when it does. Your game is still there. If you have another device (or can borrow one) and can log into your game from there it should bring it right back up. If not contact EA and let them know what happened. This happened to me before as well & logging in from another device kicked it back into the right spot.

  4. I am waiting till the end of the holidays to nuke my town. It’s just too much to maintain on a daily basis. Will I retain my level?

  5. I wasn’t happy with some parts of my town and it seemed too cumbersome to fix section by section so I nuked it. I was at level 42 and I never realized how much effort had gone into building my Springfield, such as it was, but I now wish EA had a unnuke button. Now I’ll take advantage of my blank slate and build a fabulous Springfield!!

  6. Now that there are new quest in KrustyLand I think I will use the Nuclear Option. Didn’t bother because KrustyLand was just sitting there doing nothing… Hopefully things will change so that there will be more random quest in KrustyLand too. But I doubt that.

  7. You guys are awesome! Thank you for taking the time to help us with the game. I really appreciate your willingness to share hard earned information with your fellow tappers!!!!

  8. Well…..I love my town. But….sometimes you just HAVE to push a big red button that warns you 4 times if your sure you want to push the big red button……LOL. I’ve left some houses for my neighbor-eenos to collect cash and the 4 tag worthy buildings for the “you know who you are” group. It will be an epic build because I bought a LOT of crap…err…fine purchasable items. But I have some ideas that have been brewing in the old thinkeroo. Coming soon: “Krusty’s Universally Not Studios” (w/ tram ride), a new Civic Center, and…..well, you’re just going to have to wait and see. 😉

  9. If you have time would you please explain the 4500 item decoration limit. Does it only include items from the decoration menu? Are krustyland decorations counted with Springfield decorations or are they separate? Did I read correctly, that you get locked out of your game if you max out? Can you store decorations/items in inventory to reduce the on screen count? I’m concerned about whether I should spread things out or I can continue decorating during the lull. Thank you for all your help and advice!

    • The 4500 limit is a warning. The max items you can have in your town is 7500. Your game will warn you every 125 items above 4500. Once you are above this amount, depending on your device and some other stuff, you may see some texture glitches in your town. My town is at about 6000 and works fine. I once took it all the way to 7500 and experienced some bad (needed EA help) issues so I scaled back. The count is for every individual item place into your town (building/decorations). You most certainly can store items to reduce your amount. Your inventory isn’t connected to this and for now, the inventory appears to be endless. I have a lot in mine because of my 2D designs. The limits are separate for Krustyland and your Springfield. I would say keep on decorating.

      • How is it calculated exactly?? For example, would a 6px x 4px building be weighted as 4500-1 or 4500-24?? What I mean is – is it 4500 items or items which cover 4500 pixels in total?? Hope that makes sense!!??

        • The building counts as one item towards the 4500 regardless of size. In contrast, so does one small shrub. As your town gets bigger, all the items add up faster than some realize especially for the really lushly decorated towns. My 3D creations are what skyrocketed my numbers.

    • I think you’ll only get ‘locked out’ if you go WAY over the limit and your device cant handle it… If it does happen, you can always login on a PC to clear up your town, (provided it has enough memory)… It happened to me with Family guy game at wknd but I didnt receive any warning about limit at all on that game, so anyone that also plays that – beware!!! I was locked out for three days until I could log-in on bluestacks :-/

  10. What happens to the Debris when you nuke? It can’t be stored. I collected a bunch of it in a part of my Springfield.

    • The debris actually stores in your inventory as well. A VERY nice feature of the nuke button! 🙂

      • Interesting!
        To Nuke, or not to Nuke…
        It starts to sound like a nice idea. Too bad I really like some parts of my Springfield. But they are small and probably easy to re-create…

      • this must be a new feature, it never stored mine when I nuked mine pre-stonecutters

        • Hmmm I didn’t nuke when it first came out, I waited until they “re-released” it, so maybe it’s a feature with the new nuke button? Either that or my game just had a weird glitch lol

  11. The more buildings come out the more designs I can do . My town was ecoting abit dated and after all the content we have been blessed with lately I coudnt wait to blow up my town and start a new I’ve almost competed it with even one plot of land to spare lol. I think this has been a brilliant feature and even if you don’t use it still nice to know it’s there of you change your mind. As we havnt had no new land 8 months things got real tight so had to re design everything defo worth co doing until ea give us more land 👀👀👀👀

  12. I nuked my town a couple weeks ago. I almost immediately regretted it, as I had SO many decorations to put back.

    The good news is; I didn’t lose anything.
    The bad news is; it started freezing & crashing when placing certain buildings or decorations. Somitbtook me AGES to redesign.
    The second bit of good news is; I do prefer my new design quite a lot.

    I think the main thing you get to do, if you nuke when you’re already at level 42/5 stars, is design the town from scratch once you know what you’re doing in the game. When you start playing, you just put stuff where’ve it fits when you can afford it. So to build again knowing how much space you’ll need for everything else is fun.

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