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Hey there Hoppereenos. Bouncing in just to clarify a lil Update that hit some of your devices a while ago. So far it just looks like some glitch patches. I know that my GS4 didn’t tell me “no more room” on this one, so just a small one.


I am currently combing through the files to see if anything else was impacted on it. Will update if any results.


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  1. Since the latest update I lost my whole city, and I have to start all over from scratch. How do I get it back? πŸ™

  2. How would I go about contacting EA? This morning I purchased a scratch ticket and when toy click Okay it normally goes back to your game. Instead it force closed and stopped working. I tried making sure background stuff wasn’t running, I tried restarting my phone, then I actuality had to resort to uninstalling and reinstalling. I got a message when I logged back in that I needed to log into my other device or I would lose my progress. Only I don’t have another device! So I skipped it and went to the game anyway and everything I had five was saved but I didn’t get my scratch ticket I paid for. It’s only a dollar, but I’m not risking buying anything again if I don’t get it back.

  3. I thing a great Gil deal would be Gil arriving in our towns and dialog pops up about how his wife threw him out and he’s broke, he then offers discounted donuts and is so desperate he offers himself with the donuts so people will buy them. When you buy them he then pops up exclaiming I’m no longer broke can I leave now and then comes to the realisation that he sold his soul to you and you keep him πŸ˜‰

  4. Hasnt there been added a little icon for Gills deals in the build menu, not 100% sure, it might have been there before the update?

  5. I’ve been locked out of my game since June 3rd with no word from EA but thank god this new update has restored my game!!! Still waiting to hear from EA though to see if I can get all the stuff I’ve missed out on in the last 2 months! (I’m not holding my breath). Just want to say thanks to the people at this site for giving me suggestions and encouragement in dealing with this matter. You guys are certainly more helpful and prompt than the people at EA!

    • Awesome!!! Yes…be persistent in contacting them they’re usually really good about making sure you can get items you missed out on πŸ™‚

  6. I haven’t been able to log on for almost 2 weeks. The game continually crashes on me I’ve reported it nearly every time. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled 3 times. The updates still came through but still not able to even get to my town. What am I going to do

  7. %#@!& update reset the donut confirm to OFF again and I just wasted 4 ^%$# donuts speeding up a useless building.
    Thanks EA !!!

    (ohhh, and this is after my coffee)

  8. Matthew b Lawler

    Just be grateful this update didn’t crash the entire system like the update that hit a certain other game last night

  9. It turned the confirm donut spend off on my GFs game and she lost over 80 donuts before realizing it. Check your confirm donut!!!

  10. After the update, Homer was in Krustyland and an exclamation point popped up for him. Clicked on him and it said “this quest must be completed in Springfield”. Went to Springfield and the exclamation point is gone. Tried restarting, still gone. Weird…?

  11. Anybody Reese having severe lagging, it doesn’t lag like awhile go that was more like slow motion. This time it’s really bad and the game freezes for a second or two and then a second of non stop motion and then it severely lags for a few seconds then freezes. Over and over, I put my phone down and it still does it over and over.

  12. I had no more room! LLAL…. for what? Uninstalled,reinstalled….. I was on my fifth day and got fences, ain’t a long timer but been playin a while and I still have no lemon tree! Soooo sad ….. any way I can up my chances of getting one?!

    • No way to up your changes, unfortunately. It’s all random. Took me a LONG time to get mine πŸ™

      And yea…those updates, nothing in them still a space sucker!

  13. All it seems to have done for me is make my game really laggy again πŸ™

  14. I was soooo excited for about ten seconds…

  15. jan grzelak jr.

    When I went to play my game it started at the very beginning even when I log in with my name and password. What can I do.

  16. I think it was purely coincidence, but right after the update, I reached 5 days played straight and got the bonus box and inside was 10 doughnuts. Sure it was just coincidence. Anyone else?

  17. I wish they would have fixed the ‘cant connect’ glitch. Or even the closing every few taps. Grrr it is getting so frustrating!. But I still keep playin….. hehehe

  18. This “Patch” still has not fixed my balloons glitch from the Princess quest… Very frustrating that they have not addressed this issue yet.

    • I think it is still a work in progress. Make sure you have an open ticket and your name with the others on the forum, if you don’t.

  19. I think it solved the cannot conect to server glitch screen everytime you start the game (?)

  20. You should do a post explaining how you comb the files. I think that would be interesting

  21. Looks like they finally removed the George Washington premium character from the list.

  22. originalmaverick

    When visiting a friend’s Springfield I’ve starting receiving notice if Sideshow Bob is in the area. Never seen it before so I’m assuming this is from the new update.

    • It has been there since as long as I have been playing…it just doesn’t always pop up. Now and then. Otherwise, he would just wander on by.

  23. And they still haven’t fixed Selma, her 2 hour quest is still above the 1 hour quest.

  24. Well it worked, there is now a New Glitch in the game!
    When you click the store to see all premium items under it’s tab, it’s blank except for the Gill deal.
    When you Click the Gill deal and then exit it, Gil has a message for you. Then all the. Premium items are back till you go to Krustyland or the a friends Town menu, then it’s blank again except for Gill.

  25. Gils special offer again πŸ™

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