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Addicts Blogiversary: All About YOU! 1 Year Later

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

In honor of our blogiversary we ask you guys last week to tell us a little more about yourselves.  We wanted to learn more about who you guys are & what your tapping habits are & we wanted you guys to learn more about each other! (we did this for our 6 month blogiversary too!) And, as always, you guys came through and we learned some interesting facts about you!

We were completely blown away by the number of responses we received to the poll & even more blown away by the stats!  So I’ve been tinkering away the last few days compiling all of the data and putting it all into fun graphics and charts & now the time has come to share those results with you!  So let’s break it all down shall we?

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The Little Blog That Could…By the Numbers One Year Later

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Today is the official 1 year anniversary of TSTO Addicts!  Woo-hoo!!!!

On numerous occasions I’ve told you how we’ve worked hard to make Addicts different.  To make it that place you want to keep coming back to.  We wanted to make it fun and make you laugh!  We didn’t start out as the biggest TSTO blog…but like I said we called ourselves “The Little Blog That Could”.  We knew we had something special and worked hard to build and grow the community!

We’re insanely proud of what we’ve accomplished in one year, but we’ve never lost that “The Little Blog That Could” mentality.  We haven’t changed our methods or our desire to be different.  To be a fun place for Tappers to come and hang out and to bring you the WHOLE story.  Not just walkthroughs and tech support but info ABOUT the game, where things came from, 2D/3D designs, contests involving readers….Tapped Out is a game, games are supposed to be fun right?!

So in honor of our 1 year Anniversary we wanted to share with you some of the numbers that have made up TSTO Addicts over the last year!  So let’s pop the champagne and check out the numbers!

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Woo-Hoo It’s Our 1 Year Blogiversary!



Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Today marks the official 1 year anniversary of when TSTO Addicts was officially launched!  And honestly we’re stoked about it!  We’re completely blown away by the AMAZING community of readers we have here at TSTO Addicts.  We absolutely love what we do and really appreciate all of YOU!

Of course we’re no strangers to celebrating an anniversary around here!  We celebrated our 1 month anniversary way back when, and more recently our 6th month anniversary back in February.  We’re always celebrating little milestones with each other and we LOVE to share the bigger ones with you guys!  After all YOU guys are the heart and soul of this community….and we wouldn’t have it any other way!  So, Bunny, Wookiee and I just wanted to take a moment and say thank you to our wonderful readers and share our thoughts on Addicts turning 1!  Continue reading