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Blogiversary Questionnaire: Ask The Addicts

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

We’re approaching the 1 year anniversary of TSTO Addicts (woo-hoo!!) and over the last year of blogging we’ve provided A LOT of information for the game itself, but not too much about us.  We’re always asking you guys about your thoughts on the game, and more about your lives (heck we asked you just about everything under the sun in the Blogiversary Poll Post)…and now is YOUR chance to return the favor!

Now is your chance to peak even MORE inside of our lives. What do YOU want to know about us?  Want to know about our tapping habits?  Our lives outside of the blog (we do have them!)?  Our family lives?  Our hobbies?  Our favorite color?  Anything you can think of ask away!

Feel free to post your questions here in the comments or email them to us (TSTOAddictsblog@gmail.com).  We will then go through and answer as many questions as we can in one post this week.  (so try to get your questions in by Thursday, 8/14, night)
So ask away and learn even MORE about your Addicts Team!

Turbo Tappin’ Level 27: Lenny & Carl

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Back with another Turbo Tappin’ TSTO walkthrough.  This time we’re going a little back in time for those on Level 43, but something perhaps new tappers are coming up on.  We’re Turbo Tappin’ Level 27 and Lenny & Carl!

For those of you who don’t know Turbo Tappin’ is our quick version of a walkthrough for the Level/Update/Character where we give you who starts the quest, the task and what you earn.  This way you have your quick guide on who to keep free and when.  This is great for our fellow Addicts who love to copy and paste the walkthrough into their device for quick reference.  You can check out more of our Turbo Tappin’ Walkthroughs here.

So let’s get to Tappin’ on Level 27!  Rev. Lovejoy gets things going for us this time…

turbotappin level27

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Addicts Want to Know: Gil Results and A New Poll About Updates….

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Last week we asked you guys if you took Gil up on his offer..and you guys loved giving your opinion!   Now, we’ll get to the results of the Gil poll shortly, but first I want to know when YOU think the next update will hit!

Many of you have been asking in the comments when the next update will hit.  Of course we don’t have a crystal ball, and only EA knows when they’ll drop the next update…so all we can give you is our best guess.  So we want to know what YOUR best guess is….because it’s always fun to speculate! 🙂

Make sure you let us know why you picked what you did in the comments below 🙂

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