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Addicts How To: Buying Land

Hello hello Addictereenos!

I hope everyone is having as much fun possible with this very different Medieval Event we have going on in TSTO right now.  With new levels, there’s lots of new stuff that comes with it and this time… WE ACTUALLY GOT MORE LAND.  You asked and EA answered.

The last time EA gave us land was way back during Halloween 2013 and here at TSTO Addicts, we’ve been seeing quite a few questions about buying it.  Makes me think EA drug their programming feet so long we may have all forgotten how we bought land once upon a time.  Seeing a possible need for a quick tutorial, I figured I’d just pop in with a refresher for young and old tappers a like.  Click more if you need the help.

NOTE: There’s also an image of all the available land currently in the game tight at the start of the post if that’s your bag.

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Medieval 3D 101: Building a Castle

Battle Buddies ATTENTION!

Lmbo… I sure don’t miss military formations.  Anywho… with all the war going on in our towns, the history geek in me has been reminiscing about wars I enjoyed learning about.  Wasn’t it General Patton who said, “No tapper ever won a war by leaving dead buildings in his country. They won it by making the other poor dumb tapper rebuild in his country.”  I’m pretty sure that’s word for word lol.

During events, there’s lots and lots of facts and info to put out and Alissa and Bunny are true masters at compiling and producing those posts.  In the back office, I help as much as I can while spending more time than I should decorating in my town and copying their answers to comments.  While this may seem like an admission of sloth (don’t worry, they know), it does occassionally bear fruit for me to share.  This post is one example so without further words, I bring you a 3D tutorial for building a castle thingy in your town. Continue reading

Elixir vs. Gold

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

For the first time that I can remember an event has TWO types of currency associated with it!  The Clash of Clones Event uses both Elixir and Gold to advance in the event, so what’s the difference between each one?  What do they each do?  Let’s break it all down….

ico_stor_medievaltimes_duffcrate        Gold

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