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10/5 In-Game Update: Patches Galore! (Hideaway Bonus % & Monster Timer FIXED)

NOTE: it looks like the has FINALLY hit the UK Kindle stores…

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Just a quick note…a short while ago EA released a server side patch in our games.  This patch..RESTORES THE BONUS % FOR THE BEACH HIDEAWAYS!  Yes, now it’s back to paying the 20% per hideaway (if fully upgraded).

This patch has also, it appears, corrected the Monster Timer Glitch.  Thank goodness because it was getting old!

I’m checking to see if anything else change, those were the two I noticed right away.

So thank you EA for fixing the issues quickly.  Although it’s frustrating they were there to begin with….

But in the end…I guess my angry socks worked 😉


In Game Update!! Matt Groening??!! Episode Tie-In

UPDATE BUNNY 11/7: Seems EA is staying pretty tight lipped lately on when items are coming and going. They will not provide a solid answer of whether the Writer’s Building w/Matt is Limited. My suggestion, buy it now just in case.


Hey there tappereenos. So just like EA teased, we have a new lil update to our game in the middle of this fun event. It brings…the Creator? 😉


More Details Coming…


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9/24 In Game Update: Season 26 Premiere Episode Tie-In (Updated and Complete)

Hey there hoppereenos. New stuff hit our games. I’m still going through all the details and will update as more info is verified.


Krusty will autostart it…

More details below the fold (full walkthrough as well)… WARNING DIALOG SPOILERS BELOW

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Weekend Update: August 31st to September 6th

“My friend, you would not tell with such high zest
To children ardent for some desperate glory,
The old Lie: Dulce et decorum est
Pro patria mori.”

~ Wilfred Owen, Dulce Et Decorum Est, 1917

With all the TSTO War going on, it brings to mind some of the great war poetry I’ve read in my life (quite a bit during my last semester of college).  I thought I’d start this Weekend Update with a little culture.  I highly recommend Mr. Owen’s stuff and will save you from any more of my thoughts about real war.

Moving back to why you’re probably here… the Weekend Update… Wookiee here and this was the last week at TSTO Addicts.

weekend update wookiee

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In Game Update: New Decorations and MORE!

Hey there Hoppereenos. Looks like EA gave us quite a lil surprise. They decided today would be a fun day to release our troops. No idea why. We are looking into it though. Outside of that, a lot of cool new decorations were just introduced. We will be breaking them down for you, so stay tuned as we gather all the information.

More to come.2014-09-04 11.03.21

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Diary of a Wookiee: Getting Medieval on Springfield

Oi Oi Oi!  How are all my favorite vikings, mages, elf lords, goblins, orcs and hobbits doing?  Anyone geeking out with me right now?

So unless you’ve been living in a bunker for fear of the unknown, you know that a Clash of Clans (CoC) Parody is upon us in TSTO.  While I’ve read mixed reviews about this new event, I give EA an A+ for doing something no one was expecting. As far as requests from tappers go, I don’t think I ever saw someone say they should bring elements of a strategy game to TSTO.  Admittedly I don’t hang around too much on other forums (who has the time?) but I’d remember seeing that because my first response would have been “Oh dear Jebus, please no!”

2014-08-19 12.35.00
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8/21 In Game Update: What Did it Do?

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

We just received a mini in-game update….and you guys have a million questions about it.  What’s it for?  What’d it do?  What’s different?

2014-08-21 17.27.08

Right now it appears it’s just  a patch for the update (perhaps repairing some of the glitches we talked about here).  There’s nothing major that’s different in the game itself…but we’ll dig a bit and see if we can find any changes, beyond glitch repair!

UPDATE: Here I am so proud of myself that I found a difference only to see many of our wonderful readers have reported the same thing much earlier lol. Here’s the change… All the event skins have been added to the Clash of Clones character list.

clash of clones character list

That’s it for now.  Chime in if you see anything else.  YOU ADDICTS SO TOTALLY ROCK!  TTFN… Wookiee out!


IN Game Update: Episode Tie-In Days of Future Future (Updated & Complete)

Good morning Tappers. Get your fingers ready. We got a lil update in our games. Homer kicks it off.

update 492014

Well it’s not Whacking Day and it’s 1 day before the “other game” (Update Clarification the “other game” is the Family Guy Game which is released tomorrow.  We have a full site dedicated to it (FamilyGuyAddicts.com) BUT when we first told you guys about the new site I PROMISED I wouldn’t talk about it on TSTO Addicts again…since it’s such a polarizing topic.  However, looks like some people are confused by that reference just wanted to clarify it 🙂 ) is released BUT it’s an in-game update nonetheless!  I’ve got to tell you, when I looked at the upcoming episodes of The Simpsons THIS is one I had marked as a possible Episode Tie-In (and one I was hoping for!).  So let’s take a look at the goodies this new update brings…

As always for our friends who don’t like to know what’s in the update before they play it details are below the fold…so SPOILERS AHEAD!

UPDATE: There was a HOTFIX/Patch to the Game about 5:30PM EST…to see more CLICK HERE!

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In Game Update- Hot Fix

Another Update just hit our devices. Looks like EA is on top of those glitching issues. I am combing through the new files as we speak to see if I notice any other changes.


So far, your FP’s should be back to normal. (In other words you can see them adding up…but may still see the “MAXED” listed.)

More to come as I see it. For complete Level 39 information, check out Alissa’s post from when it originally hit.

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Are the odds now in your favor? Wheel update.

Hey howdy hey tapaholics!

If you haven’t noticed it yet, there was a minor in-game update today.  The big news is that the odds of the Holiday Wheel have changed.  Here’s the details.

Wheel Odds

I like pie charts.   Mmmmmmmm…. pie.  I think they show stats quite nicely.  Anywho, for people that like the raw data, here it is.

Snowmen Odds Up to 14% (previously 13.48%)
Christmas Skin Odds Down to 14% (previously 20.22%
Mr. Plow/Plow King Skins Up to 9% (previously 5.05%)
Ice God Up to 6% (previously 2.25%)
Helter Shelter Up to 5% (previously 2.25%)
Snow Monster Up to 5% (previously 1.68%)
Clausco Up to 5% (previously 1.56%)

Basically means that the odds for getting the better prizes is a little better but it still is a crap shoot whether you’ll hit that last prize you want.

The good news is that this is proof that EA has heard the uproar from many tappers and actually does care.  4 more days to go.  I sincerely hope the wheel spins your way.

TTFN… Wookiee out!

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