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Hey there Hoppereenos, just bouncing by with a lil update of sorts. I was able to speak with EA today on the phone in regards to all the crashing happening after the update hit. It seems this is a known bug they are still working on and it is impacting many players on all platforms. Seemed to just increase for many Android with the “patch”.

Addict Tech Support

For now all they can do is credit you for any lost items during the crash and continue to report the players impacted to their tech department. They are working on a perm fix and keep sending patches to do so.

So if you lost items, donuts, elixr, w/e due to the constant crashes…contact EA and let them know so you can get credit for the items. (I always suggest a phone call response if the option is there.).

Hang in there in the meantime while they work on a fix.



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  1. Other than day and time what determines the contact methods available? I’ve been unsuccessfully emailing ea for about 2 weeks now and am ready to lose it because last time I went to reply to an email they sent me I got an auto reply saying I was emailing an address that is not actively monitored – even though this was the address I was messaging all along and getting responses. I went back to the website and logged in only to see my unresolved case had been closed. I resumed it, or reopened it , whatever they call it , on Thursday and have yet to hear back. Obviously tomorrow is Sunday but Monday I’m going to try and contact them again. Any advice on how to get someone either on the phone or via chat?

    • Mon thru fri 9 to 5 PST is a good time frame for calls.

      If closed, open a new one. Ask for a supervisor. Keep on them.

      • Is there anything I can say to make it more likely to get the option to call or chat? It seems like I only ever get the email option.

      • I completely understand that someone will only be available during regular business hours. My question is if there is something other than day and time that could affect whether or not chat or call comes up as a contact option. Is there anything I can say to make it more likely I’ll get those options or are they always there m-f 9-5 pst? It just seems email is my only option even when I open, not resume or reply, a case even during those time frames.

        • It may be the questions you ask. Try different options to see what triggers certain options. Also, I notice out of the U.S. may not get other options at times.

  2. Sorry… Someone else posted while I was typing.

  3. Wasn’t sure where to post this since I’m not sure if these are glitches or EA is altering building sizes on purpose. This is very aggravating. If I could see a point I would let this go like when they shrunk the Helter Shelter. That was a minor annoyance. Increasing the size of Madame Choa’s though? Having to rearrange a lot of buildings because of this is getting on my nerves. Any idea why EA is doing this? Thanks for your time and any thoughts.

  4. On my game the Madame Cho’s building has been enlarged. I had it between 2 other buildings and noticed something odd. When I moved it I noticed that it didn’t fit where it has been for months. Not a big deal but strange.

  5. My game has told me that I have 2 Cheater 20s in my inventory. They were permanently locked. But I used my others, got more that are unlocked in the inventory. ?????

  6. Thanks for the update. Very helpful. I’m so tired of the content crashing.

  7. I have a theory about the constant crashes on Android devices… and it’s not a pleasant thought: I believe it’s nothing more than a shortage of available RAM on the mobile device.

    I’m a level 44 freemium player, and I have a moderately busy Springfield — I have virtually all of the land (all but three units, including the newest plots), and virtually everything you could have acquired for free since August 31, 2013 (when I started playing).

    I’m playing on a Motorola RAZR MAXX HD, which has approximately 1GB of RAM (but its effective RAM is closer to 800 MB). It is running Android KitKat 4.4.2.

    Unfortunately, the Verizon bloatware on the OS consumes nearly 3/4 of the device RAM immediately after a reboot. So, I’ve carefully eliminated/disabled LOTS of native apps, and lowered the base RAM utilization to around 2/3 (leaving just over 275 MB free). To get to that level, I also had to ditch the mobile Facebook app, Voxer, and Yahoo! mail (all notorious for chewing up large chunks of RAM). I also rolled back the Google+ update, which REALLY destroyed the device’s performance!

    Sadly the device just keeps crashing when trying to play TSTO. Visiting neighbors is supremely frustrating, as it causes the bulk of the failures. So, I continually send my crash reports to EA, hoping they can find a way to make it work eventually.

    As a result, I’ve switched to playing on BlueStacks on my Surface Pro 3 tablet (i7/512)… and the crashes are MUCH less frequent.

    I’m curious to hear the community’s thoughts on this… how’s your Android device RAM? Could a lack of available RAM be the real problem?

    I might just nuke my town until I upgrade my phone in mid-December, but I’ll wait to see what others say.

    • I agree with you memory on devices is an issue but this last one was a programming issue around android

      • Try rolling back Google+… their latest version broke a LOT of other Android apps and native functions. Many of the OS instabilities I was chasing were caused by that stupid thing… I spent DAYS figuring that out!

  8. I finly got it to work lost 90 donuts thought just glad to be back in the game

  9. Mine won’t do anything on my android. Tried deleteing and reloading like I always have to do after every update but now it won’t even reload….just downloads and then gives me one error screen after another. I tried every fix on your website and contacted EA and told them I have tried every suggestion. They responded by telling me to try all the stuff I’ve already tried. Don’t think they even read my complaint. Lots of people have this…don’t know what to do. Bummed out….hate missing almost all of the raiding update.

    • Reply back to EA and let them know you did. Having had game issues, the same thing happened to me. After the reply, they should forward your case to someone who can help.

  10. Just about ready to quite the game because of the last in-store update causing major crashes on my galaxy tab3 5 times more often than previous crashes. Couldn’t play because of crashes every 2 minutes. Then Level 44 finally hit and corrected alot!! Wow, they need me to look at their major buggy code!

  11. I kept ATTEMPTING to Find the alleged/illusive Level Update (with the Suspected Digitizer bunny instead of dishonest johnny ) — since before 8 AM PST — FINALLY my machine ‘glitched’ upon re-opening after 2PM — and, NOW i am 44ed with the Computer Store/exAutoRepair being constructed. SO Far no glitches ! (Do i DARE say that aloud ? 😉 But what i wanna report : my XP ‘requirement’ was set at more than $2 Million ! THAT was from buying/selling Bloodmobiles for Doughnuts — repeated cycling thru quota-levels kept raising them seriously higher ! For my ‘new’ Level 44 sure enuff, i was Back Down to a reasonable amount : my goal slightly less than $500K ! Since, i have cycled thru about 60 MORE Bloodmobiles, so my Current Target is approaching $1 M again — but Now I Know that i can Expect it to re-set in the future ! May be a Long Time from now, i realize. Meanwhile, all CoC challenges met, just kerp leveling up characters/castles ‘for Bragging Rights’ … To me ? EA has Way Out Done Themselves on THIS entire plotline — it Just Keeps Getting Added To ! Wonderful ! That, plus — seemingly the Intent IS that we All Achieve the ‘entire set’ of Freemiums for this cycle !!! (I have been a TSTOer since almost the beginning — this HAS Been the ‘best quest’ EVER in my not so HO…

  12. @Bunny–a bit off topic, but since you were lucky enough to get an early glimpse of The Simpsons inspired MAC line—it’s out! Nail stickers and lip color & gloss and false eyelashes!! Oh My! Can’t wait to receive! 💅💄💕💕🎀

  13. Interestingly I’ve gone from level 43 to level 4! I’ll give it an hour in case it fixes itself.

    • Uh oh. Make sure you put in a request with EA right away. Do it right now…and if they give you the phone option set up for a call (and do it quickly before they close for the night).

  14. Can’t open the game at all since it crashed just after the level 44 update 🙁

  15. Thanks, Bunny. I was about to head over here to confirm I wasn’t the only one having issues, and, boom, your post hit my inbox! Ironically, the game won’t load at all on my Galaxy S2 phone, but I can get in on my much older Transformer tablet. Although it is rooted and upgraded to KitKat, which is perhaps making a difference.

  16. I have spent more time watching the loading screen than playing the game – had to give even trying to visit neighbors. : P

  17. level 44, yo.

  18. Hey Guys. Thought my game had crashed…..again. Then I reloaded and got level 44 update!! So cool on a Friday night. One word – WOOHOO!!!

  19. Matthew b Lawler

    The new level is here!!!!!!

  20. Level44 is here just hit UK thanks donor my glitch is fixed and I have honest Johns computer shop no me either

  21. I just got an update giving me 2 new friend prizes to work towards. Also it leveled me up to 42.

  22. I can play the game fine right up until I visit neighbours then the game boots me.
    I’m not loosing anything other than money but its still annoying.
    Re-installed but no change. Anyone having similar problems?

  23. Maybe Honest John’s Computers can fix it. Level 44 is here!

  24. I just got an update, and it was for the level 44.

  25. I can play the game fine right up until I go to visit neighbours then it just boots me.
    I’m not losing as such because I can still get on my town. Its just a pain. Anyone else have something similar?

  26. When I tap link to EAir says my account is at risk of being hacked? Is this part of the joke or what?

    How do I report my game crashing safely…….

  27. My game does this thing where after I hit the button to log on, it won’t even load. That just started late this morning. Earlier today, it would load all the way just fine, and THEN just quit after about 5 minutes. Now it won’t load at all. Hopefully it’s the game and not my device.

  28. Thanks bunny I downloaded the update thinking it was level 44. 😀
    I will email EA though as if I don’t get tsto back soon I may need to talk to Her indoors.

  29. Glad a fix Is coming.

    Getting really fed up with “Unfortunately Simpsons Tapped out has stopped!” Message.

    Been playing since Whacking Day and never had so many forced app closures!

  30. At least they didn’t drop the new level on us in the middle of all this.

    Never been so glad not to get an update! 🙂

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