In-Game Update: Level 44 has arrived (Updated and Complete)

Updated 9:30pm EDT:  Now includes information about Squidport Bloaters and the Bonsai Tree.  

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Level 44 has hit our tapping devices!  (nothing like a late in the day update to throw EVERYONE off!)

2014-09-05 20.04.39

More as we go through it all…but for now know that it should auto start for you and you’ll be prompted to build Honest John’s Computers.

New character/building, New premium building/character, new friendship prizes and more!

We’ll be back as soon as we go through it all!


More details below the fold…WARNING Mild Spoilers Ahead!


honest johnsHonest John’s Computers- Starting price is $1,058,000  (Earns $90, 10xp/4hrs). 24hr build.  (4×11)

Once unlocked you’ll find….

unlock_databaseDatabase– Part of the kids character collection.

New Decoration:

plumtree_menuPlum Tree– $325, Improves Tree-Hugging

New Building for Squidport!

bloaters_menuBloaters at the Squidport- $650,000, 24hr Build. Requires the Bloatation Device Quest to start (and Level 44).  Earns $150, 13xp/8hrs.  This will be prompted to build AFTER you’ve completed the entire Level 44 main questline (Turbo Tappin’ will be up soon).  And… FREE DONUTS at the end of this questline 🙂


thehappysumo_menuThe Happy Sumo- 100 Donuts, Instant Build.  Earns $90, 9xp/2hrs. (4×7)

Once unlocked you find….

unlock_akiraAkira- Part of the More Business Owners Character Collection.

bonsai_menu– Bonsai- 12 Donuts.  This will NOT be in your store until AFTER you’ve completed Bonsai Vivant Pt. 3, as part of the main questline.  You will also be given one for FREE during that part of the questline.  Then you’ll be given the option to purchase more (as many as you want) for 12 Donuts each.
You’ll also be able the “harvest” as many free (yes I said FREE) Bonsai trees as you’d like if you purchase Akira.  It’s part of his tasks.  More details on this later 🙂

New Friendship Prizes!

margetetherballMarge Tetherball– Complete Level 11.  4,000 FPs (or instant for 400 donuts) Animated.

unlock_mrteenyMr. Teeny- Complete Level 12. 5,000 FP (or 500 donuts for instant)  Part of the C List Celebrities Character Collection. Has 1 task (and you guessed it it’s a 12hr go for a walk with Krusty Task!)

Few more details I’m working through….BUT for the most part this is the nuts and bolts of the update.  Friendship prizes impact anyone who was previously maxed at Level 10…

Level 44 stuff will kick in AFTER you’ve at least built the Wheel in Krustyland for Level 43.

And Premium stuff should kick in about Level 15 (have to start Is There an Al Coholic Here questline)

What do YOU think of the new Level?  Were you surprised by 2 updates in 1 week?  Excited Mr. Teeny is FINALLY in the game on his own?  How about Database and Akira?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!

314 responses to “In-Game Update: Level 44 has arrived (Updated and Complete)

  1. How do I start the Bloatation device quest? It still hasn’t triggered for me.

  2. Should I finish some tasks in Krustyland before getting an level 44 update? I have princess already, tried to reinstall the app, but am I still level 43.

    • Yes. In order to advance on, you must first complete the prior level tasks to a certain point. That point varies each time. So just keep following the questline until you see the new content trigger. You also have to make sure you XP Level is at that level too.

      • I know how it works in general. Last few levels have not been connected to XP. All tasks in Krustyland are finished. I even got task from level 44, something about database, but I could not do it because I am still level 43.

  3. Oh boy! Such joy! I am So Excited that all Springfield Children have the opportunity to go to school! BTW: I am a retired teacher. Hehehe. That retired to take care go my grandson, he is 18 months, and I’ve been there since day one. LOVE THIS GAME!

  4. I haven’t built Krustyland yet, I was hoping to just ignore it 🙁 🙁 🙁

  5. I feel like EA is getting really lazy with the character voices. For the few voiced characters we get anymore, they all just make random noises. And it just seems incredibly lazy not to voice all characters (except maybe ones voiced by celebrity guests) since several of the voice clips in the game are ripped directly from the show itself!

  6. HI can someone tell me how to keep criminals and graffiti off my streets coz im down to half a star on tje righteousness meter (4-5 on all others) and its ruining my overall rating thanks

    • The main way to guarantee your righteousness rating stays up is to place training walls in your town. If you’re not to that point yet, avoid tasks that would be illegal in real life and instead send criminals to the lock-up i.e. snake, etc., clean graffiti immediately and tap Sideshow Bob when you see him.

      • I just placed 8 training walls and my score went up to 2 stars so thank you ,now just got to keep on top of the criminals!!

      • I noticed same thing today. From four stars to one overnight. Have training walls and keep graffiti down, send criminals to jail for 24hrs (have 3 there now). Will try keeping to real life legal tasks to see if that helps. I think lady justice helps as well as some other items that I have. Will look for more.

  7. The latest in-game update fixed the disappearing shields when visiting Krustyland, at least for me it did.

  8. just got an update on iphone! anyone else?

  9. Will the Bloaters building give a boost to GLUTTONY or CONSUMERISM?

    I am assuming that Honest John’s was the latter, as I think my CONSUMERISM level went up 1/2 a star… or maybe it was the additional KEM? … ?

  10. Does the bonsai tree give any % bonus benefits?

  11. Anyone else notice Madame chao’s getting bigger? Ruined where I had it placed!!

  12. I’m on level 44. Why isn’t Honest Johns Donuts available? I reinstalled the game and still don’t have it.

  13. Anyone have any idea whats to come of any dice we have accumulated once the event ends? They are selling for 9 donuts a pop so some sort of compensation for them would be nice.

  14. I posted this under the “built Krustyland, now what?” blog but noticed since the update towns folk showing up in neighbours KL’S but doing tasks ordinarily carried out in Springfield only, like Martin riding a bike, Ed swinging a baton etc. IN KRUSTYLANDS! I couldn’t get my characters to do these things in my KL though

  15. Is Akira worth it? What tasks does he do, missions start with him?

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