Troop Replenishment Saturday is Back!

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Saturday IS Troop Replenishment day!

2pm EDT is here and now many of you will be seeing this message on your Tapping Device informing you that a new wave of  Nerds are ready for battle in your Springfield!

Unlike last week…THIS week…the message is actually followed by maxed out troops! 🙂


And when you sign into Springfield you’ll see this message popup:

2014-08-23 18.11.29

Your troops have now been maxed out!  A little gift from EA…

What do YOU think of this addition?  Are you enjoying Clash of Clones so far?  How are your nerd troops holding up?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!

27 responses to “Troop Replenishment Saturday is Back!

  1. I can’t help but feel the event is a pointless “round robin.” Castles generate nerds so I send the nerds out to other towns and they generate elixir and gold. The elixir and gold build up so I can upgrade my castles to generate more nerds to send out . . . etc. Having accumulated all the prizes the excess gold simply gives more elixir (and not very much, really) so I guess what I’m getting at is, am I missing something? Is there any real reason to keep attacking other towns? I don’t have any interest in adding a medieval section or flavor to my town so I haven’t used any elixir for decorations. After the event, depending on how much cash and XP the castles generate I’m probably going to store them in my inventory and only leave out the premium prizes for the bonus percentage. If the event only fulfills itself then I might save myself mountains of time (and crashes!) and stop attacking. Heck, there’s still a whole month of this!

    • Main goal is to earn your prizes and help your neighbors earn theirs. The upgrades are just for something to do after a certain point. We have posts describing what the levels do. If you don;t enjoy the decorations, not much to be done. The dialogue basically teased on the usefulness of upgrades. I’ll keep attacking my friends during the event to make sure I do my part to help them. I’m also earning those FPs for the prizes so there’s that too.

  2. While it is nice that the extra castle leveling up gives premium walls for Castle Recycle and Boxingham Palace, it would be nice if they threw in levels for a fourth tower too. Also a 100k gold dragon prize would put this event over the top and likely keep people tapping away through the event (in case anyone from EA is browsing). Let’s see the two-headed Patty/Selma or Mr. Burns dragon!
    Also for anyone who does not want to drop the donuts on the two-nicorn, if you spy one in a neighbors or invader’s town, you can click on it to see the nauseatingly funny animation.

  3. Of course after the event we will be able to tell what level our characters are on……Lisa arrows are pointier, Marge cloak is shinier Homer has more barbaruanist features and Bart has less holes in his trews.

    Except everyone will be at the same level so who do we compare with maybe a sperate blog for those addicts whom this is so important with posts on to flicker…… Or we can just forget about this when Halloween hits

  4. Hi. I have a question. How do you get friendly Nerds? (I saw them in another Springfield) They are just walking around like the normal characters and perform an animation if you tap on them. How do you get these? Is there a trick or a bug I can use?

    • Which ones? Do you have a screenshot?
      You might just be seeing the Nerds that just attacked buildings. They do roam from one to another. Especially if more than on sent to attack.

  5. I have been letting buildings be destroyed hoping to help out others. It seems not many do this… Is it worth it?

  6. I’m hoping based on how far you lvl up maybe you get diffrent outfits/skins

    • Only time will tell but I don’t think the current skins will change any.

      • Well it keeps saying “continue leveling up for a new outfit when the event is over” or something to that degree.

        • It does and then states your levels will be shown for bragging rights. I think the dialogue made it clear that leveling up beyond a certain point was “pointless”.

      • The game says something to the effect to keep leveling up for bragging rights and that your friends will see what level you’re character is at even after the event is over. So I wonder how will friends know what level the characters are at after the event? There’s no way of knowing it now *during* the event. Will there be a number placed on their Clash of Clones skin after this event?

    • Based on how long this event is lasting and the fact that most people are done or about done with a whole month left the only thing to do for the next month is level up I hope we get something. I’d prefer donuts for the halloween event, especially since I missed last years.

  7. I did last week and didn’t get the nerds I use nerds one at a time so it gets a bit tedious.but I get bigger result

  8. Would like to be abke to use the nerds I already have before having my nerds replenished or just don’t replenish them, I mean by now we shouldn’t even need the extra nerds

  9. Does anybody got a notication saying,’
    ‘the nerd horde has unlocked a treasure trove of items now available …..”
    Whats that mean ?

    • I did yesterday. I think it’s to notify inactive players of the stuff they added on Thursday.

      • if thats true, thats messed up cause I always play..
        I got the message twice today.
        I took a screenshot of a really weird bug that happened today, my fences disappear instead I got something else, but dont know how to share it

        • A lot of players don’t realize there are TSTO blogs with tons of info so it’s the only way EA can notify players. As for the other items, sounds like a texture glitch… happens in towns with lots of decorations. Can be anything from buildings changing to others, fountains pixellating or characters appearing instead of decorations. They’re harmless.

  10. Hi guys, just wondering if any you have an idea if the level you get your castles/characters to during this event will have any significance for after the event is over?
    I’ve got a feeling they probably won’t, but it would be cool if for example you got Homer Barbarian to level 50 or over, then after the event (when he starts earning cash for jobs) his tasks would then pay out more than a normal character.
    Just had a thought, it would be a good incentive to keep on raiding if this were true, instead of just raiding for the sake of “bragging rights”

    • We honestly have no way to tell what EA will do when the event is over. Based on past events, my guess would be the castles will generate cash. As for the levels, I think they’ll most likely not matter at all especially after seeing all the quest dialogue.

    • i saw a message saying that after the event, friends will be able to see what level your characters are

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