Sunday Night Open Thread

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

How are my favorite Addicted Tappers this evening?  Everyone enjoy their weekend?  Did you go to The Simpsons Live Show at the Hollywood Bowl?  Do anything fun and exciting?

Anyway enough rambling from me….it IS Sunday and you know what that means, right? No, it’s not time to eat questionable Fugu with Akira.  Nope it’s time for another Sunday Night Open Thread!  (this is very quickly becoming our favorite time of the week by the way!  You guys have some AWESOME things to say!)

Here’s where you can talk about anything you want to talk about…TSTO Related, Simpson’s Related or ANYTHING.  Just no Add me requests…those should go here.  We’ll give you a few suggestions (like most Sunday’s you can talk about the current episode of the Simpsons) but for the most part you’re free to talk about ANYTHING your little Tapping Fingers desire…just keep it PG.

So…here is your Sunday Night Open Thread.  Level 44 and Clash of Clones are in full swing.  With this week being 2 weeks since Level 44 hit, do you think something new will hit this week?   Yankees and Orioles are Sunday Night Baseball tonight.  And the 49ers and Bears are Sunday Night Football.  Which will you be watching?

So chat about the Simpsons, TSTO, update fun, MLB, NFL or anything else you can think of!  We can’t wait to chat with you all!

Have Fun!  And happy Sunday!


122 responses to “Sunday Night Open Thread

  1. ncrosebud, appreciate the apology. I didn’t see your post until after the fact otherwise I would have addressed the issue. As I posted today I’ve had an issue with tapping 6 neighbors and then an hour later it said I didn’t so I tapped again. Perhaps, that’s what happened with yours and I didn’t notice because I didn’t go back online. Weekends I have more time to check. I’ve put my big girl panties on and moved on… Wookie said…..Don’t stress about it! I’m happy you have great neighbors, sometimes they’re hard to find so Happy Tapping……

    • I am willing to try again to be neighbors, if you want 🙂

      • Ncrosebud, I am glad to see u joining us on this site. Makes it easier to talk without taking up so much room when people r looking for friends and we r free to talk about anything our hearts desire. In time, maybe u and vpaton can be friends and will probably be the best for each other. I know I am happy to have both of u in my towns as a friend.. Mary Jo

      • Send me a request ncrosbud and I’ll add you, I’m deleting one more that I’ve given more than ample time to visit me and he’s chosen not too for some time.

  2. Morning ladies! Sunday morning and a beautiful Sunday morning it is! Hubby on the golf course and I’m going to enjoy a quiet day with a good book and latte on the deck. Company arrives this Friday for a few days and then I’m off on a girlie trip with friends for 9 glorious days. I’ll have to find time to visit towns but I’m sure it’ll be either bright and early or bedtime. I’ll be sure to post prior to my leaving so people know. I’ll be in Phoenix then San Diego, looking forward to the time away. We’ve had to cancel our winter vacation this year due to my husbands heart attack in March, he had a triple bypass and mitral valve replaced so this year we’ll stay home and resume our travels next year. We’ve had quite the year here. The day he was able to drive again he drove me three hours for my shoulder/bicep repair where I woke to find out it was far worse then the MRI showed. Hence the physio work still and pain……I think however I’m finally headed in the right direction, steroid injection seemed to help last Monday.
    Soooooo Juile and MaryJo… have a beautiful Sunday as well, Julie I think you’re ready for bed or in bed now and Monday around the bend.
    Look forward to reading your posts and glad we now have a new home to chat thanks to Bunny!
    Oh, I do have quite a few new neighbors and so far they’re all working out really well with daily visits and no vandalizing. Julie I also sent nerds into your town again. I was only sending in sporactically weeks ago then stopped and only sent to random. Alissa made a comment about most points by doing so and I was after points. I’ve been hitting up some neighbors with nerds now because I’m not in need of points anymore. I do let all my homes burn down except for castles, looks like many of us are doing the same. Sooooo, off I go in search of my lounger and settle in.
    Hugs to you both…..

  3. Hi Mary Jo,
    you are up late! Lol…yes, I think there is something in the glitches that have caused heartache for both Val and Rosebud. It IS a shame they didn’t work out as they are very similar in what they want for their towns. I don’t always see Val’s icons either, but I know she visits as she says, or she wouldn’t get so upset about them not showing up. I didn’t have any problems before this last update either…but it seemed okay today when I logged in. I wonder if Val sees any money for her visits?!?!? That would be interesting…maybe EA needs to be informed and see if they can address the problem, do you think?
    Oh Gawd!! Was greedy and decided to be lazy and buy fish and chips for dinner! OMG! Now my tumm is objecting to the oil!! I adore fish, but not the oil. I usually do my own fried fish and don’t get any oil problems like this…think they are trying to save $’s by not having the oil as hot as it should be! Probably saves them 100’s of $’s each year by doing that, but my poor tumm doesn’t appreciate it at all. Lol
    ANTACID!! Lol
    Got up this morning to one of those dern cats having caught a beautiful kingfisher bird! She played with the poor thing till it died, then walked off and left it in my lounge room! Dang cat! Killing to eat is one thing, but I hate the way cats love to play till the victim is dead, then walk off! Although Nermol is a sustainable farmer! We have geckos by the hundreds, and he catches them, eats their tails when they throw them to escape, and lets the gecko go to regrow its tail for another day! We always know which gecko has met our Nermol! Frankie is naughty, tho and just plays with them till they die! She has the most incredibly beautiful face but the heart of treachery! Lol
    I see the surgeon Tuesday week…30th…so hopefully will have clearer idea as to when the op will be. Will only get one wrist at a time done tho as I have limited help here, being so isolated, so I would like to have one hand to help myself with just in case I need it. Yes I do have a lot of aching pains in my wrists and hands…and nasty sharp little needles that shoot up my forearms, so I look forward to that all stopping. I also have a lot of swelling and bruising in both wrists and forearms which is really bad news, and I was informed last week that I will never regain the strength in my wrists and hands that I previously had, which is a worry for me, as I need that to live out here…I have no one to do heavy stuff for me, unless I wait for my kids to wander home once in a blue moon, so I have learned over time to just get in there and do ‘it’ whatever ‘it’ is. So I guess I’ll have to try things a different way. What is really upsetting is that I have been told I cannot go back to my knitting or crocheting, or embroidery for a long time, if at all due to the repetitive nature of it all. That STINKS!! I don’t mind that I can’t use the lawn mower!! Lol always wanted to live in a jungle. Heh heh.
    Well dear lady, I will away and go check these towns again before I put them to bed.
    Take care and big hugs to you…Agape! Julie.

    • Hello Julie, just left s long post and then saw yours as soon as I posted mine.
      It is quite sad about this issues with ncrosebud and for the life of me I can’t figure out why my handshakes never showed up? It’s left me feeling saddened about the whole thing but it is a game after all therefore I must let it go. What bothered me the most was she deleted me pronto without asking me anything but it is what it is.
      Please let me know if my handshakes aren’t showing up in your town, MaryJo could you also do the same? I think my time stamp is this evening to go back into your town. Perhaps 8:00 pm or so? I’d have to go look again at time. I visit everyday, I’ve split up times because visiting all at the same time is too much for my arm to tap.
      So, please let me know ladies if I’m not showing in your town. I would have been there last night around 8:00-8:30 pm. If im not showing then perhaps Wookie or the girls can help me out of EA will have to see what the issue is.

      • Val, I have never had a problem with seeing your handshakes. It does seem like there r a lot more from everyone. Keeps me busy. Lol. I know I clear off handshakes quite often, so not sure what is happening.

        Sounds like u r going to a have a great time traveling with your lady friends. I went on a cruise to Alaska with a dear friend of mine and had a blast. Alaska is so beautiful.

        Glad your husband is doing well after having a heart attack. That can be really scary. My husband has had one, but that was before I met him. He has a big long scar on his chest.

        Thinking it will be good when we get rid of those shields. Seems to be causing all kinds of problems for people, although I do like playing this event. I haven’t really worried about getting anymore coins after I received all the prizes. I have seen some with almost 200,000 coins. Maybe they like to see just how much they can get. To each his own.

        I seem to have some dishes calling my name before it is time to go a visiting all my awesome neighbors. Take care and look forward to our next chat.

        Mary Jo

    • Julie, I don’t have long right now to chat, but wanted to let u know that when I went to your son’s town, there wasn’t anything to tap on. I am sorry to say, it looked like all the cans were used. U know I wouldn’t have tapped on those anyways. I did turn my nerds loose and they r having fun. Didn’t want u to think I didn’t visit u tonight.

      Your friend, Mary Jo

    • Julie, sorry to take so long to get back to u. I am with u, love fish and chips when they r done right. There was one place that we used to get them, they were so yummy, but sad to say, they have gone out of business. Do the ones you’re getting always upset your tummy? Sounds like u don’t have a lot of choices.

      About cats. I have always loved cats. Every so often my parents would find me with a stray kitten that they would let me adopt. Because we couldn’t have animals in the house, as soon as they were old enough to mate, I would find them along the road dead. Back then they didn’t fix animals so they couldn’t have babies. I don’t like that they like to play with their prey either, but that just seems like how they r made. I have two young cats that eat off my front pouch that someone has dropped off. They r afraid, but if I took the time, I maybe able to catch them and have them fixed. Usually when I do that I want to bring them in. Lol. Don’t need anymore cats. I always have food and water out for any cats, because we do seem to have a lot who don’t have homes. People think cats don’t need anyone to take off them, but I disagree.

      The reason I have 2 iPads is because I didn’t want to share with Wendell. Lol. Yes and no. Lol. Because he gets confused so easily, he was messing up my Simpsons game. Also, wanted him to be able play when he wanted, but now the only time he plays is when we go to the doctors. Even then I have to help him get interested in playing.

      Should be interesting to see what happens to our towns when there aren’t any more shields. Hopefully, things will work out and we get rid of the glitches. I really miss going into my Krustyland.

      Well, think I have taken up enough room here, plus my little honey is getting up so need to take care of him, plus, one of my towns is ready for me to visit my friends. Yeah. I really do enjoy that.

      Oh, and sorry about your poor arms and wrists. I love to knit and crochet. Where I worked, there was a bunch of us ladies who would sit and do crafting on our lunch hours. I was surprised when people would come up to me and want to know if I would sell them the item I was making. Sold a lot of things and even had people putting in orders. I was amazed at how many people wanted my afghans and baby blankets. My heart goes out to u. I always said, I could be okay as long as I had my hands and eyes. Don’t really want to lose anything, but those two things would be the toughest.

      Be looking for your hallar back. Take care.

      Mary Jo

      • Julie, Wasn’t trying to toot my own horn about people buying from me. I think it was because people could actually see what it takes to make something and they would become involved. Thinking u probably made a lot of your gifts for family and friends, right? Have you noticed how much warmer they r compared to store bought? Think it is the love that goes into handmade items. Was thinking about that and didn’t want to seem like I was bragging. Just some good thing that happened in the past.

        Off to the store for somethings for my sweetie, before my next town needs to be visited. As u can see, my life revolves around this crazy game and my sweet man.

        Once more from your friend,

        Mary Jo

  4. Me again, my son said u don’t need 2 iPads to see this, just 2 different accts. Thinking this started with latest update. Mary Jo

    • Mary Jo….Chance needs to learn old woman talk! I understood you perfectly! Lol. I have a daughter who kabooberates, diskabooberates, and rekabooberates, and a grandson who constantly tells me about the thingy’s and I can never find those dang whatchamacallits, so why wouldn’t I understand you? Lol
      My problem is that I have the dollar signs when I sign in, not the handshakes, then we have a spit and fart, and they all appear…but by then I’ve usually been greedy and tapped some of the dollar signs and thereby miss who’s handshakes I wiped out. This only happens in my main town too…wonder if it’s anything to do with how much stuff we have in there?? I wouldn’t think our towns were over pixelated though.

      I do like to keep a list of the visitors because so many will just give the handshakes, while others throw in their nerds as well, and I repay them in kind, and use up my leftover nerds to play curry in strangers towns. I always welcome new neighbours with three handshakes and five nerds, and then go on their response to the future exchanges.

      I’m not worried about those who don’t send in their nerds to me, so long as they visit and leave a handshake, cos we do earn more points invading stranger towns rather than our friends, but I feel as neighbours, we should support each other and I get miffed when they stop the handshakes cos I stop the nerds when they don’t give theirs…now, Chance…that is old woman speak and I know your Mum understands every syllable! Lol

      Take care dear, cheers, Julie.

      • Julie, u always brighten my day. I love you for being such a sweetheart. Wasn’t sure about saying love, because I don’t swing that way, if u know what mean. It is hard to express myself without wondering if it will sound okay. I am glad u understand what I was saying about the money coming and going in my towns. There seemed to be a couple of my friends that I visited that has the same thing happening. Want to tell people to not be too hasty to respond because they could be making a mistake by tagging or deleting these. They have no way of knowing that there isn’t money to be had in their towns. These r people that always had plenty in the past. I think when I go into my town that has this problem, it seems to shake it loose and the money is back. It never stays away when I come back into my town. It has happened on all three of my big towns, but does not stay. Once fixed, it seems to stay fixed for a while.

        Anyway, u r something else. Have they told u when u r having your
        surgery on your arms? How r they doing? R they hurting u a lot? I hope not.

        Saw where u called me out for confusing poor Dee. Never thought I’d see my name in the headlines. Lol. Let me see, did u make it all caps? Guess I will learn who’s who from now on.

        Can’t believe that thing between ncrosebud and Vpaton. Would think they would make great friends for each other. Wonder if that was a glitch that made it where Vpaton’s handshakes and name did not show up. Must have been. Too bad. That hurts.

        Couldn’t believe it when house said Wendell’s town was awesome. How nice is that? Don’t think of myself as having the talent that u and so many other’s have to make a town that maybe stands out a little. Have to admit, it felt good.

        Well, it is getting late and I need to get my sweet man to bed. Thks for the laugh. And also, for being my friend.

        Mary Jo

  5. Hi guys, just wondering if anyone is having fun with disappearing icons, and doubling up of visitors? My handshakes don’t show up and I think no one has visited, and click off some dollars then there’s a cough and splutter, and a short intermission and then my town reappears with handshakes. Usually it all happens when I log in, but today it’s a good minute to minute n half afterwards, if not longer. Also, I had several neighbours visit me twice today although they only visited yesterday as well…strange happenings…is EA getting ready for the weird and wonderful Halloween?? Lol
    Also one of my neighbours has many MANY lemon trees!! (Like 20!!) I WANT!!!
    Were they once available to buy?
    Keep up your great work on here….we’d be lost without you guys!
    Cheers, Julie.

    • Not sure what’s causing your delay. Hopefully it’s just a one-time deal. Your friends can visit twice in a day if they play the 24 hr clock right. If I visit you and tap items just once, wait 23 hrs or so, visit the rest, I can resume my next day’s tapping in less than an hour. Hope that makes sense. As for the lemon tree, it is a unique item that is earned once through the mystery box. No honest way to get more than one.

      • Thanks Wookiee…I’m miffed about the lemon tree!! Lol thought I was going to be able to go into agriculture there for a bit….nice little fruit farm lemons, apples, oranges and plums! All we need now is for EA to find a mango tree in one of the episodes and then some pineapples, and I’m going to feel right at home! Lol
        Cheers, and thanks again…Julie.

    • Hi Julie, I am having my money coming and going in my towns. Just started happening. Only noticed it, I have 2 ipads, when I went in from 1 town, to another of my towns and there weren’t and dollars. And then back into the town without the dollars and there was the money. Wouldn’t know unless u have more then 1 iPad. Seems to be only with my big towns. Mary Jo

      • Hi again Julie, my son said I was not clear. I will try again. When I go into my town, there are money symbols all over my town. When I go into that town with another one of my towns, on different iPad, all the money symbols r gone. When I go back in the town that had the symbols gone, they r there and they r there when I go back in from the other town. All my big towns r having this happen. If u don’t understand what I am saying, I will just let it go. Lol. My son is telling me it very hard to explain where someone would know what I am saying. Mary Jo

  6. Morning MaryJo and Julie!

    It’s 7:30 am and Julie you’ve made me laugh already, read your post on add friends feed. I know the frustration, I did see your buildings tagged last night and was ruffled for you! It’s frustrating and I went through it yesterday as well. I’m deleting again today, I’ve have a large amount of ppl that come in and play but don’t visit, maybe because I start with a V and they get lazy. I do half at one time and other half later, breaks it up. I’m invading random towns MaryJo, that’s probably why my gold and elixir is so high. One nerd per building and I have 90, not going any higher it’s too much.

    Julie, MaryJo made a point about your iPad. I also have one too and every so often it acts up and with this new update it seems to be lagging and causing havoc. When you hold the power and home button at the same time and hold until it re boots I have found it sorts things out, however don’t do it all the time.

    MaryJo, I’m married with 3 sons and ( insert drum roll ) 6 grandchildren, all very small grandchildren. We live very close to our oldest son but the other two live about a 10 hour car ride from us, I wish it were different but their lives and businesses are there. The downside of being business owners is it’ll keep them there too. I run my oldest sons office here in his company but I have a great assistant and I’m finding I work less and less or remotely from home.

    Thank you for your friendship in here Julie and MaryJo, I look forward to your visits and our chats here.

    • Val, I am so glad that life has treated u well. Truly blessed with six grandchildren. They probably r at that fun age, although, all ages r fun for grandparents. I have 1 grandson who just graduated from high school. He is working in an office. R u the one in Florida, or is that Dee? And is she having health issues? There seems to be quite a number of nice people playing this game.

      Val, what is with u and ncrosebud? Would think u would be perfect neighbors for each other. Seems u both r on the same page, as far as a friend’s obligations. Thought she was talking to me, when she was talking to u, which blew my mind. Enough said, would like to see u two work it out, if that is what u want.

      Julie does have a way with words, doesn’t she? She alway seems to make me laugh. Have to love her. Looks like she has a great big heart, but don’t get on her bad side. Lol. I would love to give her a big hug. Probably has enough people around her to do that. I sure hope so.

      It tickles me to have u as a friend, also. Besides a fun game to play, it is nice to just talk to each other. This is a bonus for me.

      It is time to get in there and do some visiting. Until the next time, take care.

      Another friend of yours,

      Mary Jo

      • Hi MaryJo, I just saw the post that ncrosebud posted. I did visit her town and I did tap her buildings. I’m not sure if there was a glitch or issues but I wouldn’t go into a town and look around and leave without tapping. Makes no sense considering I’ve been putting my two cents in regarding people NOT tapping my town. I left her a message as I don’t appreciate being called out then deleted before I can address the issue. I’ll move on from this and if she sees this post she’ll perhaps realize her error but as I’ve said…” I’ve moved on” It takes up far too much energy for me to give it more airtime!

        Our grandchildren are quite young, they’re a joy to have around and we enjoy them so much.

      • Forgot to address where I’m from. I live in Canada in the province of British Columbia. We live in a ski town/city at the base of the mountain so we’re a hop/skip/jump to the chair lift…..

      • Vpaton, if it was a glitch, I apologize. I waited until the next day…maybe I didn’t wait long enough. Never saw you. Mary, vpaton and I are on the same page as far as game goes. I never come to this thread, but saw bunny’ s post and came here. I was going to send vpaton another FR, but she “has moved on” Guess I missed out on a great neighbor, but I have many great ones.

    • Firstly TO THE MODERATORS…… I can tell you guys for A FACT there were at least EIGHTEEN people reading your threads last night!!, I know this, cos they all logged in and tapped in my town in the hope I don’t delete them! Lol…so hang in there, MODERATORS…some people actually DO read the threads after all! Lol Your input is needed!!, carry on your excellent job!!
      Oh Val and Mary Jo…thank you for your friendship…it’s so great. Since my divorce I’ve really hidden away from life and people, so it’s wonderful to have someone to laugh and chat with….other than my grandson and the cats that is. Lol and let’s face it, you can only get so much sense out of a fifteen year old male and his crazy cats! Lol
      Val…I have four sons and just the one girl…and she was the baby….and with her having four big brothers, her poor partner knows if he upsets her, she’ll throw him into a headlock. I keep telling her I raised her to be a lady and she keeps telling me I failed! Lol my kids all live hours and hours away from me…Louisa is a three hour drive south, Mike is three hour drive north, Phillip and David about 18 hours south and Aaron about 29hours south so I don’t get to see them or their families often…but we talk by phone all the time and they keep me updated on the grandbabies with photos on the mobiles/cell phones. Thank heavens for technology!
      Thank you for the info about the iPad, girls,…Jamie keeps his eye on me with technology. I use the iPad for the game in front of my PC which I use for email, listening to music etc, and to the side I have the laptop which I use when we go away anywhere for a length of time….he thinks it is hilarious that I will be tapping away on here then get cranky when nothing happens when I tap the computer screen…it’s not touch apparently! Stupid computer! And I’m sorry, but WHY can’t you use the same mouse for both the PC AND the laptop? I don’t understand why you can Bluetooth this and that and wifi that, but the stupid mouse wants to get plugged into the machine you try to use it for! It’s all MAN made…if only we women ruled the world…things would be logical and practical! Lol way to win hearts, huh? Lol
      Val, I told Mary Jo about my son Aaron…if you go into you tube and type in Julia Bishop Sydney University and when the page opens go to the clip called ‘University of Sydney Action Group Protest Julia Bishop May 16th 2014’… will see my son in action as the manager of security at the uni. He comes into view about quarter way thru..he’s first up the stairs ahead of Julia Bishop and is head and shoulders over everyone…he’s a man mountain! His wife has put him on a diet since this thankfully but he is still a big man…after this footage, he went home and got on his hands and knees and crawled around the floor with his twelve month old daughter playing baby tag!
      My other sons are not as tall. Lol…but yeah,…when you see what my lads look like, then yes, Mary Jo…I know how to make these young men tremble!! Lol
      Must go get some dreaded housework done! Dang fairies only do when I show them how it’s done!
      Love and laughter to you both,
      Take care dears….Julie

  7. MaryJo, I shall come in here now to see how things are going in your life. Glad to hear your husband is making some progress and getting stronger every day.
    On another note, I’ve started to delete ppl that haven’t given me the curtesy of visiting my town even though they’re online daily. I didn’t track before and was shocked at the high number. Why friend someone if you’re not going to visit?

    • Hello Val, and Mary Jo,

      Isn’t it astonishing the number of neighbours who just aren’t neighbourly? I am going to purge my lists soon cos I’ve had enough of it as well…I got on my soapbox on the no tag thread, so hopefully they sit up and listen to plain vernacular! Lol.

      I felt a bit petty to start with, doing the lists, but I was just amazed at how many have got twice or three times the amount of elixir or coins than I have but have never responded to my nerds with their own, so I stopped sending my nerds to them…then I noticed the handshakes disappearing as if payback for not sending my nerds to make them rich and fat! It is gobsmacking at how many have so much and don’t visit. Don’t know what they will do when the new events start and they may have to rely on their neighbours’ to help them gain the points if EA doesn’t continue to allow us to raid stranger towns.

      Thank you for getting your grandson to make a snow angel for me Val. Lol. Tell him we’ll make him a dust one in return! Haha. It is so hot and dry here now…really bleak.

      I keep getting booted from my towns and I am now exhausted from sitting here tapping and getting booted, then tapping more, then booted again, and I feel like I’ve run a marathon while I have actually just sat and tapped one! Lol…took me over four hours of tapping and relogging on and tapping more…then logging back in again and again…so I am over these unfriendly ones who don’t give back in return. Oh why don’t I just admit it…..I’ve just become old and cantankerous! Lol probably a good thing I don’t own me a shotgun, huh? Lol

      Cheers dear friends, Julie.

      • Hi Julie,

        Did u try the hard reboot for your iPad? Not sure how to explain it. U hold the off button and the start button at the same time until, on mine, the apple comes on. Then let go until it is all the way back on. Not sure what the buttons r call. The one on the side plus the one on the front of iPad. Confused? Lol. Anyway, it fixed mine from doing that.

        I guess I am just fat, dumb, and happy. Not really paying attention to people coming and going. Hope u find the right people for u.

        Wanted to tell u that your daughter is really doing good on this game. It will be fun to watch her grow. I have two other towns like that, where they were small and could keep up.

        Hope u had a good day.

        Mary Jo

    • Vpaton, I haven’t really noticed. Wasn’t even reading the names. I know that sounds bad, but I was glad to see everyone and there would be names like yours and Julie’s that would catch my eye and glad to see. I only was concerned that everyone was able to get their money and xp’s. It is good to read the names now, but it seems like most everyone r visiting. Sorry u r having a problem. U have a really high number for gold. U have twice as much as I do. Lol. like to visit everyone everyday. That is the one thing I look forward to. As u know, it does take quite a while to do a 100 and I am finding so many that don’t have anything to tap on, or at least, not three things. There maybe some people who do not enjoy visiting or r short of time. I think what u r doing is good for u. U will find the right friends for u. I always enjoy seeing your name when I come to your town and I love to look around, after I have my money. Don’t want to get a can while I am gazing at things. As I stated, I let my castles burn, so I don’t have many nerds, but try to give to u and Julie. Do u have that small town? Thank you for inviting me. You r a sweet lady. I am glad that we can be friends and r able to talk.

      Julie is such a nice lady. She is so funny. It is good to know people like u and her.

      Are u doing well? Do u have any children? I have two. A son who is 47 and a daughter who is 42. They live close to me, which is nice.

      Well, it is after midnight here. Think I had better go to bed. Take care now. Look forward to talking with u again.

      Mary Jo

    • Val, I am sorry about not calling u by your name. Who is Dee? I am glad u knew I was talking to u. Lol. U and Julie r a force to be reckoned with. Lol. When u set your minds, people seem to jump. Lol. Even me.

      It is 4:20 a.m. here. Don’t know why I woke up wide awake. First thing I did was grab my iPad. Guess I will check in with The Simpsons.

      Take care and I am going to hold on to my seat, while u and Julie do your thing.

      Mary Jo

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