Tapped Out Premium Walkthroughs: The Shadow Knight

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Well Clash of Clones is almost  over and EA gave us a great way to count down till the end…a nifty timer on a popup with a knight that looks a lot like Bart.

How great is… not now Bunny I’m talking to the readers.  What?  What do you mean that’s not what today’s update was for?  What?  A premium skin and decoration?  FOR 200 DONUTS?!  What the hellllllll-o there readers!  So I guess we got ourselves a new little skin and decoration update for the not so little price of 200 donuts!

In all seriousness we got ourselves a little Clash of Clones shopping update today.  A Shadow Knight skin for Bart and his throne, you can read all about both on our rundown post here.  Think what you want about the price of the combo, and we’ll have a full Should I Buy up on it soon, BUT it does come with a really hilarious questline.  So for those players who are thinking about buying him, or those that are saying “No way man!” I bring you the full dialogue walkthrough for The Shadow Knight and his Metagaming experience!

1 really quick note…be REALLY careful around the popup box.  As many of you are reporting that, even though your confirm donut spend is set, you’re accidentally tapping to fast and purchasing him without really wanting to.  So watch those itchy tapping fingers! 🙂

Bart Shadow Knight Senseless Killing 1 Shadow Knights Throne

Metagaming Pt. 1
Shadow Knight starts

Milhouse: I’m not sure it’d be possible for anyone to taste anything of yours.  You’re just an avatar from a videogame, remember?
Shadow Knight: UGH! THIS AGAIN?!
Bart as Shadow Knight: Look, I’ve been thinking — what if we just admit that this is all a videogame?  That’s how we got that barbarian guy in here.
Barbarian: Smithers and me am talking marriage.  Does Homer still do that?
Bart as the Shadow Knight: Man, I forgot how far that story went off the rails.
Milhouse: But even though we’re in a videogame, you’re still from a videogame inside us.
Bart as Shadow Knight: Exactly!  So we’re both from videogames.  I’m just on the wrong server, or got a computer virus, or telnet-url-imdb-something….
Milhouse: Sorry Bart, but Earthland Realms isn’t another game — it’s a game within the game.  It can’t be real in our world because we’ve already defined it as fake.
Bart as the Shadow Knight: You’re supposed to call me Shadow Knight.
Place Shadow Knight’s Throne– You’ll find it in your inventory
Make Shadow Knight Question His Existence- 10hrs, Earns $525, 135xp

Metagaming Pt. 2
Shadow Knight starts

Milhouse: Still wrestling with your existence, Shadow Knight?
Bart as the Shadow Knight: It just seems so unfair.  My mom was a witch.  Homer’s been a million things.  Even Ned Flanders got to be the devil, with kick-ass flames shooting out him!
Milhouse: I know, pretty much anyone can be anything…as long as they come from a parallel universe.
Bart as the Shadow Knight: But isn’t Earthland Realms a parallel universe?
Milhouse: Please, a universe can’t be parallel to the universe that contains it.  It’s the first rule of store-telling.  You, my friend, are fictional.
Bart as the Shadow Knight: That’s it!  That can be my explanation! I’m a fictional character that came to life in the real world…just like in one of those several movies where that happens!
Milhouse: Do you really want to do that story?
Bart as the Shadow Knight: No.  I just want to go on a killing spree.  I saw it in my task list.
Make Shadow Knight Continue to Question His Existence– 24hrs, Earns $1,000, 225xp

Metagaming Pt. 3
Shadow Knight starts

Bart as the Shadow Knight: *weary sigh*
Milhouse: Where are you going, Shadow Knight?
Bart as the Shadow Knight: To kill myself by jumping off a bridge.  I just have to find a road square placed over a water square.
Milhouse: Don’t do that.  Just because the logic of your existence is in doubt, doesn’t mean you can’t have a little fun.
Bart as the Shadow Knight: I’m just a game within a game.  What could I do that’d be fun?
Milhouse: Play a game?
Reach Level 13 and Build Android’s Dungeon-
Make Shadow Knight Play “Swords and Slaughter”-
1hr, Earns $105, 26xp

Metagaming Pt. 4
Shadow Knight starts

Bart as the Shadow Knight: Did you see my berserker ranger kill that army of orcs?  God, it was awesome!
Milhouse: I just didn’t understand how a medieval knight could have lock-on targeting, or a heads-up-display, or carry so many throwing axes….
Bart as the Shadow Knight: Who cares?  It reminded me of the cardinal rules of videogames — things don’t have to make sense as long as they’re fun!
Milhouse: I don’t know.  I like how in Assassin’s Creed they spend the first two hours of the game explaining how you interface and abilities are from a near-future technology allowing you to replay your ancestors past encoded in the DNA of– *getting stabbed noise*
Bart as the Shadow Knight: No.  What was fun about that game was what’s fun about every game…killing people!
Make Shadow Knight Go on a Killing Spree- 12hrs, Earns $600, 150xp

So there you have it my friends, the complete 5 part walkthrough for the Shadow Knight!

And hey even if you didn’t make the purchase at least the countdown clock will help you countdown till the end of CoC…win-win! 🙂

What do YOU think of the Shadow Knight?  Did you make the purchase?  Will you be?  Are you ready for CoC to be over or do you wish you had more time?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!

20 responses to “Tapped Out Premium Walkthroughs: The Shadow Knight

  1. I bought it, but I still don’t have the character, just the throne. Am I missing something? I don’t have the skin or anything for Bart and nothing popped up when I bought it.

  2. I bought it but I still don’t have the character or anything. I just have the throne. Is there something I’m missing?

  3. Expensive, I think too expensive…but I think the character and the throne are pretty neat, so I threw some money away and got it. What a sucker, ha. I get some weird satisfaction out of watching him run around waving his flaming sword around. Only time I spent real money on a skin, but it is a really cool skin.

  4. I tried so hard not to buy it…. It didn’t work…

  5. *** I’m abousta sleep for work and I get paid tomorrow so I’m just thinking about accidently buying it but **** farming blue and white houses gets boring lol but that’s all you get? I wish Bart would be able to kill everyone as Shadownignt and maybe even fly like bartman on nes but I guess that’s too much to ask lol.

  6. Ah, darn I spent my donuts on Duff Brewery. Took me ages to save them up.

  7. Totally accidentally tapped this purchase. 200 donuts vanished. Not sure why confirm donut spend didn’t apply to this item. D’oh!

  8. Bart’s skins are expensive!!!! Kamp Krusty 250 – Shadow Knight – 200….AYE CARUMBA!!!!! Gotta love the randomness of these skins though.

  9. jeancaruso@hotmail.com

    grrr, picked up it, just got the chair, no skin and now when I go to another springflied, I get kicked out of the game!

    • Oh no! One might have nothing to do with the other. As far as the skin goes…search your inventory (towards the end) the chair and skin are separated in the inventory.

      As far as getting kicked out…try a hard close and see if that helps. If not try contacting EA and let them know what’s going on.

  10. Passing on this one, it’s just too expensive (just like the solid gold mansion was).
    Side note: there’s always an event countdown timer at the bottom of the popup that explains the event (if you tap the ? symbol next to the limited time currency).

  11. 200 donuts for a 4 part quest? It needs to be ten times that… The quest story lines are consistently too short.

  12. No Shadow Knight for me 200 donuts is a bit steep. I’m looking forward to the next event. I’ve done enough attacking!

  13. Impulse buy… and yes, I got the skin. Too cool not to.

    • This was my logic in buying it as well. Haven’t seen anything in this game yet quite as badass as Shadow Knight, and I put the throne in my castle.

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