Nerds R Us: Nerds For Sale

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

First, my apologies for not getting this out sooner.  I was attempting to catch up on some sleep…I should know better right?

Anyway…looks like EA gave us some more things to purchase before the end of CoC…NERDS!  (Shhh no one tell Bunny)  I know some of you have been mentioning you wished you could keep a few nerds….or was that just Bunny…anyway, now here’s your chance!

Clash of Clones Nerds

More details below…

Homer and the Barbarian will get things started with a little dialogue (this should auto-start for you):

Barbarian: Nerds am confusing.  Why they make costumes and fake fight?
Homer: Fake fight? What are you talking about?!  We killed thousands of them in the last few weeks.
Barbarian: Yeah, but THEY think it just fake fight
Homer: *chuckles* You wouldn’t think if from the definition…but nerds are really stupid.   Too bad they’ll be gone soon.
Barbarian: Gone?!  Where am be wenting will go them?
Homer: I dunno — probably to do something sci-fi-y.  Nerds lose interest fast.  They’re crazy about swords and raiding now, but in a few days it’ll be lasers and skintight spacesuits.
Barbarian: They desert?  No!  Me stop that!
Homer: How?  Are you going to chain them up like animals so they can’t leave?
Barbarian: Me was just going to cut off legs but that idea good too.  Save me from having to sharpen sword.

At this point the nerds will be available in the store for purchase….

So looks like you can buy the variety of nerds we’ve been seeing in Springfield throughout the last few weeks, in both red and blue colors.  Most are premium but there is 1 freemium nerd (well 2 because it’s available in both red and blue).

They’re all DECORATIONS.  They won’t walk around your town (they’re chained up) but they do have animation to them (they’ll fight like they do when they’re attacking a house).  The other cool thing is these can be placed in Krustyland (at least the in-game cash one can.  I haven’t tested the others yet)!  So you can purchase them and move them to scare visitors of Krustyland…or just make them laugh and their nerdness!  (You MUST buy them in Springfield first, store them and then go to Krustyland and place them from your inventory)

Here’s the breakdown of what you can get:

Blue Nerd Knight Blue Knight Nerd- 35 Donuts.  Earns 1.75% Bonus on all Cash and XP
Red Nerd Knight Red Knight Nerd- 45 Donuts.  Adds 2.25% bonus to all cash and XP
Blue Nerd Warrior Blue Warrior Nerd- 45 Donuts.  Adds 2.25% bonus to all cash and XP.
Red Nerd Warrior Red Warrior Nerd- 40 Donuts. Adds 2.00% bonus to all cash and XP
Blue Nerd Mage Blue Mage Nerd– $35,000.  Improves Obedience.
Red Nerd Mage Red Mage Nerd- $50,000.  Improves Obedience.
Blue nerd Rogue Blue Rogue Nerd- 40 Donuts.  Adds 2.00% bonus to all cash and XP
Red Nerd Rogue Red Rogue Nerd- 35 Donuts.  Adds 1.75% bonus to all cash and XP.

So that’s in for this little update…if you’re like me you’re a little underwhelmed by this one.  I was really hoping for more elixir items…although I’m sure Bunny will be adding a few nerds to her collection…. 😉

What do YOU think of today’s little update?  Did you buy and nerds?  Where did you place them?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!



That is all.

105 responses to “Nerds R Us: Nerds For Sale

  1. I wanted to buy some nerds before the update but I cant find them in my store. Any idea why? Also some of my items I stored disappeared

  2. I bought a bunch of the freemium nerds and noticed my XP shot up. Anyone do the calculation on the xp farming potential? Seems like they might give a good payout – like the ballons in Krustyland.

  3. No need to apologise for delays. It doesn’t help when the release was triggered at 8am GMT, I definitely got it at just after 9am (although not long until we’re back on GMT)
    Will be buying the in-game cash nerds but I’m saving my donuts for Halloween.

  4. Question: For the ones sold for donuts (premium decorations) that add percentages to earnings and XP. If you move them to Krustyland, do they still earn percentages in Springfield or will that now be percentages for Krustyland tickets and XP?

    I wish they hadn’t made these available so late in the event and so close to the Halloween event. I could use a few for the renaissance faire area I intend regard the castles area in my Springfield.

    Being that these nerds can used Krustyland (though I haven’t tried yet), I think it adds credence to the belief that perhaps the castles and related items from this event will eventually be available to be placed in Krustyland. If so, I may move Boxingham Castle and possibly the Recycle Castle there and keep the Barbarian one for my ‘renaissance faire’ in Springfield.

  5. I hate this update so much. I have more elixir than I care to spend, but nothing to spend it on! And then they release this stupid update which sells stuff in cash not elixir. I don’t know why I just don’t stop playing this game once and for all.

  6. EA should have done this much earlier in the event before everybody was just tired of it.

  7. I noticed that it’s possible to place multiple chained nerds without needing to go to build menu repeatedly. Unfortunately, this does not apply for any other item – I’m not offered to build another wall or mill or whatever else after I place the item in my town. Even worse, now every time when I open the list of items, it scrolls to the beginning towards this knight offer 🙁
    If that special knight offer remains till the end of event, how am I supposed to spend my three hundred thousand of elixir now – by placing one wall, then opening menu and scrolling to the end every single time ???
    The usability of user interface in this game is ridiculously terrible across all areas – sometimes I wonder if it’s intentionally so…

    • I guess it is because the nerds use cash instead of elixir… When I saw your message I was worried — I’ve got 700,000 elixir to spend. I went to test out buying items and found an okay way to do it. If you go to the list of items to buy just for the event (i.e., click on the trophy, then the helmet) it will start at the castle parts. That way at least when buying castle parts (which will be where most of the purchases are) no scrolling is needed. Of course you do still have to click through several menus to buy each in individual wall…

      • Another curious thing is that you don’t get XP from the purchase. You don’t get XP placing from inventory either. In order to get XP you have to buy one and then place it in your Springfield. You can then continue placing (if you have more in inventory) to get XP from all of them. That means all of the hundreds of walls, etc. must be placed then repacked in order to get XP from them.

  8. Question for anyone or all: what are you using all this excess purple elixir on? I thought it odd they were using in game cash for these blue/red mages. More than handful of carts of hay and windmills seems like too much. I have around 200 unused castle walls in storage and still tens of thousand elixir. Using it on tents has occurred to me to create some homeless encampment in Springfield, but I mean really come on.

    • Yepp, all you can do is transfer it into XP I guess. Payout ain’t really good though. I get 301 XP for the guillotine.

    • I used my elixir to level up boxingham to level 32 and recycle to 28. I’m really happy with that many walls for each. I have 100 extra barbarian walls and about 15 tents. Otherwise just one each of the other decorations. I don’t know what to use the last bit of my elixir on either, I’m hoping today’s max nerds comes with another mini update!

    • I did use mine to buy tents and created an awesome tent town (about 100 tents and 4 property grids so far). I’m also buying windmills now so I can make something (farm?) with them.

    • I used the extra elixir to buy the following:
      Tents for the a camp ground behind my Fort Sensible
      Two story outhouses for the beach, the playground and the park.
      Hay cart for Cletus’ farm.
      Also brought extra stocks, guillotines, and castle walls for the upcoming Halloween event.

  9. I bought the two in-game cash nerds, they’re currently in the backyard of Calmwood guarding the easter float, which is also where I keep my easter banner, a guillotine, an outhouse, last year’s metal xmas tree, and assorted walls/fences. I’m purposely keeping the land behind it vacant as I expect I’ll get more random items that don’t really have a spot that’s good for them…I might get another pair to put in KL, depends on how much $ I’m able to grind between now and the end of the event since level 45 took away my money cushion.

    I’m definitely passing on the nerds for donuts, even if I think a couple of them are nifty – the only CoC item I bought for donuts during this event was the chicken coop (bok bok!) and I’m keeping it that way because I need Kang and Kodos who better make an appearance over the next few weeks. This will be my first TSTO Halloween, and I firmly believe it’s not a proper Simpsons Halloween without them.

  10. When you upgrade premium castles I see the first reward is another wall. Is that it, or do they change the more you upgrade? Does it ever offer that 4th tower?

  11. I wish we could please everything from this event in krustyland because Disney world and other theme parks have awesome attractions like castles and such

  12. It would be awesome if all these chained-up nerds turned into chained-up zombies for whatever Halloween event is planned. Just saying… 🙂 Bought the cash ones, but saving my donuts…

  13. Hey do you know if we get anything for upgrading the characters in the castle past a certain point. I expect nothin but maybe theres a chance, they let you upgrade homer so much. Maybe surprise item?

    • Nope, just the thrill up upgrading…

    • I think, I’m into the 85th upgrade with Homer! As it says at the base of his character, it’s for Bragging Rights!! I was hoping for something getting into those Higher Levels myself! With us Addicts being on here and “neglecting”, LOL, our other responsibilities, you’d think we would be “Gifted” with Donuts, possibly?? And not just our time, there is a bit of Cash Flow out of our pockets to keep this Addiction taken care of plus the Arts Department who r having a fun time putting these games together, which they should also be given Kudos for their Imaginations!! Mahalo and Alohaaaa!! 🙂

  14. Well, not a great update, but I could remove some walls. The bonus the items offer are not high enoug. I still prefer Jet-Bikes. 😀
    However, the update was better than yesterday. So with each day some improvement maybe? *pray*

    • Come on Halloween!

    • I think the nerds are pretty dope. If Halloween wasn’t just around the corner I’d buy a bunch of em and throw em in the park and have em larping 24/7 it’d look pretty cool.

    • I hope Halloween doesn’t do the spinning wheel thing I love being able to obtain each item. This update was amazing at first but quickly flamed out the only issue I had was it just lasted to long. I would have liked a few weeks of a break between it and Halloween just to focus on grinding for cash, figure out what I’m gonna do with these castles long term…

  15. They’re useful for “obedience” … maybe I can replace a few of my walls. Did anyone notice the giant chocolate tower gives as much star rating as ONE Kwiky Mart. Seems a bit paltry – I was hoping to get rid of at least 5 of them.

  16. This is the never ending event, can’t stand it anymore.. make it stop.. it the worst even so far…

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