What a Wookiee Wants… Halloween 2014

Did you hear that?  You’re just imagining things.  Let’s just get out of here.  Oh, my girsch!  Run!  We’ve got company!  Eat this!  Who are you?  You don’t have to do this!  Burn in hell!

Phew… that was intense.  If you haven’t figured it out, Halloween time is approaching in our beloved TSTO and in preparation, I’ve been watching one or two horror movies to get amped up.  In the spirit of upcoming in-game spookiness, I thought it’d be fun to pick some items I’d love to see for the next event.  (If you’re interested, my 2013 list is here.)

TSTO Halloween 5

To start off, let’s look at buildings.  My biggest hope is for the return of previous items for newer tappers.

houseofevil_menufortunetellerandmaude_menuultrahouse 4000gooking homer skyscrapergingerbreadhouse 10000goopumpkinhouse 100goo200px-First_Church_of_Lard_Lad_Tapped_Outtwirl n hurl 6500 goo

Of course, in the new building department, I’d love to see the mansion from “The Shinning”.  ALL WORK AND NO PLAY MAKES WOOKIEE A DULL FUZZBALL.

TSTO Halloween 9

Previous Halloween events featured zombies and gremlins but I’d really love to see Springfield filled with Killer Dolphins.  If that was eliminated by King Snorky last year, how about killing Homer clones or maybe even having crows fly all over Springfield a la Hitchcock’s The Birds?  My little Ewok even suggested honoring the “Island of Dr. Hibbert” segment of Treehouse of Horror XIII and turn all of our characters into their animal versions.  I’ve heard this idea before and it’s still genius.

TSTO Halloween 2


Something that would bring me immense joy would be classic horror movie characters in Springfield.  What could be better than Dracula, Frankenstein, Wolfman, the Mummy, etc. running through our towns.  I wrote about a bunch of their appearances previously.  Alas, we’ll probably see the Tweenlight character Edmund instead.  Is it too much to hope for Cthulhu in our towns?

TSTO Halloween 7


Hopefully this year also includes some rad skins for characters.  Here are some images of costumes I’d love to see.

TSTO Halloween TSTO Halloween 6


Each of those could be fun but Rigellian Maggie to me is a must (with Clockwork Orange Bart as a close second).  It’d be the perfect Halloween present to add Maggie FINALLY into the game.  Besides all those, EA could also show some love to Comic Book Guy.  I’d probably roar in happiness if we saw The Collector, Clobber Girl, Stretch Dude and of course Lucy Lawless.

TSTO Halloween 8

So much goodness we should be seeing soon.  Until then, it’s time to hide all my pens in the house so I don’t sign any shady deals in order to have enough sprinklies for this event.  EA should have a bunch of returning and new items headed our way to frighten and amaze all of us.

TSTO Halloween 3


Got anything specific you really want to see this Halloween?  What returning item do you really crave?  Got any awesome plans for your Springfield?  Sound off with your thought and stay classy as usual.  Until next time…  TTFN… Wookiee out!

TSTO Halloween 4

62 responses to “What a Wookiee Wants… Halloween 2014

  1. I think is a glitch that rigellian Maggie is not in this event!!!

  2. Jeff helpenstill

    How do I know if I am on track with collecting probs? I’m around 1300, I feel like I won’t make all the prizes of the first set in 11 days

  3. Alohaaaaa!! I am so excited abt the Halloween TSTO !! Just to cute and awesome!! A little problem tho after all our Castles!! Some of us need more land ( even tho u gave us some bit to long ago) and eventually, everyone is going to want to expand some more! I am to the place where buildings have to be put onto parking areas and wherever! I have a lot of items in my inventory , but can’t use them because need more room!! Really appreciate that we were given more land, but could sure use more!! Have lots of $$’s and wouldn’t mind spending on more property to keep “interested” in the game! No Land, no expansion!! Mahalo very Much!! 🙂

  4. Personally I would like to see a doughnut-headed Homer skin, with pieces missing from him eating himself.

  5. What if they didn’t do a Halloween event? Can you imagine the riots?

  6. I really want the bad dream house! I loved the animation when it was clicked on with Stonecutter’s.

  7. Sure would be the perfect time to bring old Grimey back from the dead.

  8. All really great ideas, especially the “Island of Dr. Hibbert” idea, I thought of that one myself too. This isn’t as exciting as new characters, character skins, buildings, and decorations, but I’d like to see a Halloween skin for the houses much like they do during the Christmas events. That would make it easier to Halloween-ify our towns as opposed to placing 100 jack-o lanterns, ha.

  9. I would like to see the return of witch marge. I dont know how I missed that one last year.

  10. christophermiche

    I’d like to see Maggie as a playable character.

  11. The grand pumpkin, that would be cool.

  12. The new charters I will have are
    Homer’s clones

    New skins
    Bart the fly
    Homer the blob
    Groundskeeper Willie (Treehouse of Horror VI)

  13. Werewolf Flanders & Freddie Willie would be epic. This is my 1st Halloween so would love to see the previous items return especially zombies , kang & kodo’s + new stuff like Bob Dole & Clin-Ton skins for Kang & Kodo’s , stuff I mentioned before like the shinning mansion & the giant advertising signs, plus the time travel toaster with some electricity animation , the gypsy that cursed homer, lunch lady doris with the bloody apron & egg beaters chasing uter & jimbo as a quest. Finally inside out skins for the simps with a dancing quest on the outdoor stage blood squrting & all (introducing Maggie) AND all the other great idea’s everyone else mentioned 🙂

  14. What I want from Halloween 2014:
    Lots of sweets 🙂

  15. I want to see hilgo?.. Bart’s “good twin” homer and marge kept locked in the attick and fed fish heads to..have the signs come to life lard lad boy jakes computers walking around destroying the town. I am disgusted that until this post I never realized Maggie’s not in the game lmao

  16. I sure hope we can purchase the cemetaries (Springfield and Pet) for us new players. My Springfield needs them. I’d also love to have the House of Evil and especially the Twirl and Hurl. This will be my first TSTO Halloween event! I sure hope it is as good as the past years. I am so looking forward to this!!! Please bring back Kang and Kodos too!

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