Saturday: What’s in the Simpson’s Addict

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

It’s a new day in Springfield…and that means it’s time to find a new piece of Moe’s clothes!  In case you missed it, Thursday’s update introduced THOH Trivia, a new challenge where each day you’ll have to have Homer find a new article of Moe’s clothing in order to unlock an all new costume for Moe!

So, let’s take a look at what’s in the Attic today….


When you start up your game you’ll need Homer free to kick off day three.  He’ll start things off with this dialogue:

Clock-work in Progress Pt. 3
Homer starts

Homer: Are you kidding me? There’s still more to this outfit?  What else does he need? He’s already got a shirt and something to cover his thingie.  It’s like Moe’s Tommy freaking Hilfiger all of a sudden!
Squish Regillians to look for Moe’s Outfit- tap 1 or more Regillians until you find the next piece.
2014-10-18 14.22.16
Homer: Whoa, a cane with a sword hidden in it. Okay, this is cool!  It combines the deadliness of a musketeer with the coolness of a guy who has to walk with a cane
2014-10-18 14.22.36

Now if you head on over to the Simpson’s House and tap on it, you can check out what’s in the Attic:


So far we’ve collected the shirt, the Cod piece & the cane…only 1 more piece to go!

2014-10-18 14.30.21

Remember to check back tomorrow to collect the last piece!

Now, for those of you asking “What happens if I missed Collecting Yesterday, or the day before?” well…. you can still collect yesterday’s (or the day before) piece today!  (Along with Today’s piece)  So even if you missed collecting, still log onto TSTO and send Homer to look for clothes (ie squish Rigellians) …any items you may have missed will still pop out so it’s not too late!

So, what are you waiting for?  Go out and find Moe’s clothes!  Homer’s counting on you to help him get drunk again!

What do YOU think of the THOH Trivia?  Are you having fun?  Have you collected all the articles of clothing yet?  Did it come right out or did you have to squish a few Regillians?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!

27 responses to “Saturday: What’s in the Simpson’s Addict

  1. The question when you complete it is what the heck is shmoo ? Any ideas !

  2. Ok in order to get the question tap on the Simpsons house. It will say theres odd things in the attic. It will ask you what is shmoo or something like that.***** I think it said. And if guess correct the first time you get 10 donuts.

  3. I found the last item then it said to find out the correct answer tune in sunday. Its supposed to ask you a question and if you guess correctly the first time you get 10 donuts. The answers on wiki I cant remember what it was. But it didnt give me the question so I guess I got gliched. Its been gliching me alot and ive been losing tons of probes treat bags money and having to restart quests. Sent them message no replys.

  4. I collected everything now but accidentaly skipped what it said after i found the last peice. All i saw was “time in to the episode to find out!”

    I also see now that there’s a question when I click on the attic “what the heck is a shmoo?” And it gives three options.
    Got any help?

  5. What the heck is a shmoo? what is the answer?

  6. Has anyone got all of Moe’s clothes and answered the trivia question? “What the heck is a shmoo?”

  7. I just encountered a quiz, please help!!
    i need to get it right first time for the doughnuts,

    What is a shmoo?
    – pretentious modern art
    – swedish flat pack table
    – an anti-anti semiticnslur

  8. I received the quest for the third item, but after squishing over 500 Rigellians have yet to collect the item. I have done a complete restart/reinstall on my phone and still no item and the quest remains in the task book. Don’t want to miss out on the costume. Is anyone else stuck like this and, if so has anyone resolved it. I don’t want to have to contact EA, but that seems to be my next step.

    • I know you don’t want to, but outside basic troubleshooting…that really is the next step.

    • Is Homer free? Has he been free since you collected the second item? I can see a scenario where the dialogue from the second item needs to complete before you can find the third item. (Don’t know this to be the case; it’s just a possibility.)

    • I found that when I went to krustyland
      The diolog started..

    • Thanks you all for the advice. Homer was free and I received the task. In fact, the Quest (Clock-Work in Progress Pt. 3) is still in my task book. The good news is that I was able to get both items on Sunday and collect the costume! The quest is still in the task book, but but doesn’t seem to be disrupting play, and I am sure it will go away at the end of the event.

  9. With Artie having a task at Moe’s involving drinking milk, and with Moe getting a Clockwork costume…. makes me wonder if Artie is one of Moe’s droogs.

  10. Moe does dystopian so well

  11. I have found that Homer does not necessarily have to be free for the day’s item to come up – I’ll start squishing rigellians and find the item among them. Then when Homer becomes free, the dialogue pops up, and then the task is marked as Completed right away 🙂

  12. Looking forward to the clockwork orange outfit!!

  13. *Attic! Damn autocorrect!

  14. Also: “Saturday: What’s in the Simpson’s Addict.” Typo? or brilliant, phonetic pun?

  15. Basically reiterating… I was stressing having Homer in the DTD and then I won Hugo and needed him for that quest. When given the chance, you’re able to knock out these items consecutively, quick, and easy.

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