Probe Reminder…New Phase Starts Soon!

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Just a little reminder that in just about 5 hrs from now (0800GMT) the Probes will switch to Ray Guns.  And any Probe prizes you have yet to win will lock up and you will no longer be able to earn probes to win them.


So….if you’re not quite at the Donut Torture device, in the next few hours try to wrap up your squishing and see if you can earn those extra Probes to get there!

I know a lot of you have MANY questions regarding the phase change…so I’m going to try and tackle as many as I can below…

What time do the Probes change to Ray Guns?

Timer is set for 0800GMT (4am EDT).  So that’s when it should change.

I’m so close to winning the donut torture device, is there any way I can hold off updating till I get it?

No.  This is an automatic update configured with time coding.  So that means at 0800 GMT the probes will disappear and Ray Guns will roll in.  There’s no way to stop this…

I don’t have everything, did I completely miss my chance to get the Probe Prizes?

No.  The good news is with the introduction of the next phase the Probe prizes (Mutant Peacock and Donut Torture Device) will move to craftable  items (if you haven’t won them).  So you can get a second chance at earning them via the Make-A-Thing Workshop!

When will Suzanne the Witch leave?

She’s scheduled to leave at 0800 GMT tomorrow as well.  So…when the Probes leave so does Suzanne.

What about Devil Flanders, Witch Marge, Frog Prince, Freak Mobile, Bad Dream House, House of Evil etc?

The items that arrived in our games this morning are also available for a limited-time.  How long is that time?  I don’t know for sure.  My assumption is they’ll last 2 weeks, just like the cemeteries did.

Will we be seeing Gil soon?

You never know just when Gil will be making an appearance.  However, past on past donut sales…I don’t expect to see him until Christmas.  So if you’re holding off on buying an old premium item looking for Gil…do so at your own risk.  Especially since these items tend to disappear quickly.

I have all the Probe Prizes, should I hold off opening Treat Bags until the Ray Guns hit?

It’s not a bad idea.  I don’t know for sure those Treat Bags will contain Ray Guns…but if you already have all the prizes it can’t hurt 🙂

Will the Pumpkin House and Hugo still be Craftable Tomorrow?

They should be.  It doesn’t look like they have a timer linked to them…but with EA you just never know.

What’s the answer to the episode tie-in for free donuts?

You can check out the answer on this post 🙂

So my friends, that should cover all the basics for finishing out the Probes and ushering in the Ray Guns!

To sum up…Probes ending at 0800GMT (4am EDT) on 10/20…so get all the last ones you can!  When they end (and there is no delaying the end of them) Ray Guns will arrive with a whole new set of prizes.  However, you’ll still be able to craft Probe Prizes you might have missed via Make-A-Thing!  Oh and if you’re looking to add Suzanne the Witch…do so before 0800GMT or you’ll miss out! 🙂

What did YOU think of Phase 1?  Did you succeed in getting the Donut Torture Device?  Are you ready to move onto Phase 2?  What premium items have you picked up so far?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!

93 responses to “Probe Reminder…New Phase Starts Soon!

  1. I have crafted hugo and done up to the good son part 4. Part 5 is not triggering. I have had all characters free at multiple times and no good son 5 dialogue is coming up.

  2. missed the torture device by that much

    at least they let you craft it later & not just lock you out. If they completely locked us out I’d be mad.

    • I got it but it was close. I was on last night 2 hours before phase 1 ended squishing aliens one at a time, as they appeared, to get to the 8050. I’m a very strict freemium player and have not bought one donut; at least Halloween has been somewhat doable thus far — unlike Easter which was hopeless.

  3. Have a question, but haven’t found it in other threads: Do the Facebook friends add up to the 100 limit of origin?

  4. Hello! I got the Donut Torture Device with four days left before the reset so I was pleased. I was able to squeeze in Homer’s time on the device before the Hugo storyline needed him too. I received a prestige bonus about once per day but made the mistake of opening my treat bags yesterday afternoon giving me more probes. Then I shot down a UFO in a friend’s town and got 50 probes! I ended up with about 500 probes that went to waste so I’ve learned that lesson for the next reset. Here’s my question: I have enough stuff to build the spooky house but I’m short a few items (pumpkins and candy bars) on the Grand Pumpkin. Should I build the spooky house now and put off the Grand Pumpkin a little longer or wait and get the Grand Pumpkin done first? Thanks!

    • Hard to say. Do you want any pumpkin houses? If so, you may want to get Grand Pumpkin so you have those unlocked to collect towards. It is all in customizing your town to what YOU want it to be. 😉

  5. I didn’t get the torture device. I’d craft it if it gave out donuts. Besides, the next part of the quest-line, “The whole truth”, there is a 36 hour quest and I hope it will generate as much as the donut device. Also, you have to do that 36 hour quest twice. 🙁

  6. I didn’t earn the torture device; I thought I’d buy the additional crafting supplies I needed to make one. But now the crafting supplies have been removed from my store!

  7. Disappointed. I was 400 probes away from the donut torture device.

    • At least you’ll still have the opportunity to Craft it at Make-A-Thing! 🙂

      If you missed the mark this time around, I’d honestly suggest altering your strategy so you don’t miss it again. Try going in ever 6-8 hrs and clearing ALL the aliens you see. Do this at least 3 times a day to get the most out of it 🙂

      • Me too. Missed the DTD by 50 probes in both my towns. I log in 4 times a day or more to squish so totally bummed! I see i can still craft it but it takes so long to gather the required candies and i still need to get the spooky house and grand pumpkin. I am still needing one type of candy to wrap them up so I doubt I’ll be getting everything this time unless i spend donuts.

  8. Still no ray guns when I visit my friends’ towns, aren’t they available yet? – I’m getting them in My Springfield though.
    Have done a hard close on my iPad.

  9. I had trouble starting late, connecting to the servers, and the egg/probe glitch, AND getting stuck late at work in the last few hours of this phase…I still made it! If I set my iPad alarm to wake me in the wee small hours so I could clear my Springfield and send the kids off for more trick or treating, and reach the target with a small comfort margin, does that make me obsessed, or merely determined? Should I care? Probably not.

  10. Whew…
    I don’t know what happened. I became unlucky and then very lucky. I was making my nightly neighbour rounds when on neighbour 31 of 100 I stopped receiving probes when I squished the adorable little rigellians (I love how their eye gets really big before they pop! lol). Somehow the gods and luck was with me and as I stared at my phone chanting “come on! Hurry up dudes!”, with 2minutes 39seconds left on my prize counter the last rigellian I needed finally arrived in my Springfield and I didn’t have to spend any of my valuable donuts for the Donut Torture Device! I was really nervous! Was that a glitch that I stopped receiving probes from my neighbors before the event was up?

  11. 2 RAYGUNS per squashed alien instead of 3 items this time?

  12. Phase 2 has started :-). All probes disappeared & counter started at zero. Ray guns are worth 2 points. I took a chance & saved all my treat bags they did have ray guns in so gave me a good start.

  13. Add me SiouxsieSmoo

    Just changed over at 9am GMT here in UK.

    Saved treat bags now hold Ray guns 🙂

  14. switched over to ray guns. the tables when you visit friends get reset again. so back to 0 for me while some of my friends have hit few hundred already!?!

    other than that… so far so good. yet to tap on my kids who went trick or treating though (1h more) to see if they correctly give out guns

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