Goodbye Phase 2, Hello Phase 3: Long Protein Strings Are Here!

FYI Make SURE you update your game in the App Store (I know it’s on Google Play, not sure on the others…please let me know).  This Update will ensure you have the PROPER Version of Phase 3 (you should be earning 5 Protein Strings/squish…if you’re only earning 3 Update)

Update 8:45am EDT: UltraHouse 2 is back as well…i’ve updated it below.  Also, for those wondering…you can still craft prizes from the Probes Prize box.  So if you missed out on those they’ll still be there as well.

Also…wondering if you’re the only one who can craft another Hover-Copter?  You’re not.  Apparently it’s going around.  If you look in your Ray Gun Prize box it may show that you didn’t win it, even if you did.  Mine’s showing no Hover-Copter…but it’s still in my Springfield.  So yes…you can craft another one.  BUT I wouldn’t.  1. you don’t know if it’ll be able to be placed in your Springfield and 2. why spend the items on that when there is new stuff to craft?

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

The switch has happened…Ray Guns are gone & Protein Strings have arrived!  We’ll be working through the details of the new phase and have any changes up for you soon…but the basic principle remains the same.

2014-10-31 10.28.29

Squish Regillians, stop/send Grem-Aliens, shoot down UFOs & earn Treat Bags to earn enough Protein Strings to earn all the Protein String Prizes!



Kang will kick off Phase 3 with a 24hr quest.  So make sure he’s free.  You will also need Lisa for the quest.

Protein String Prizes include….

diet signDiet Sign-
4th Prize 6,000 Protein Strings

unlock_mrburns_uboUBO- Final Prize.  Requires 14,900 Protein Strings.

Of course there will be Gold & Silver Treat Bags to win as well!

2014-10-31 10.29.09

There’s a HUGE increase in the value of each Protein String.  But the amount required for each prize is significantly higher  .  For each squish in your own town you’ll earn 5 Protein Strings.  (Grem-Aliens still earn at the same rate)

As far as the changes to Make-A-Thing…

2014-10-31 10.28.24

If you didn’t win all of the Ray Gun Prizes, you can now craft them at Make-A-Thing!

ico_thoh2014_crafting_bulldozersaurus Bulldozer-Sauras- 500 Gummy Bears, 300 Pumpkins & 500 Rotten Eggs

ico_thoh2014_crafting_hovercopter Hover-Copter500 Chocolate Bars, 200 Broken Fences & 500 Candy Corn.

Hugo, the Great Pumpkin, Spooky House, Pumpkin House, Test Subject & Spooky Wall are all still there for you to craft.

In addition there’s new stuff to craft!

2014-10-31 10.28.40

ico_thoh2014_crafting_rigellianqueenThe Rigellian Queen- 400 Broken Fences, 400 Rotten Eggs & 300 Gummy Bears

ico_thoh2014_crafting_rigelliantribalhutThe Rigellian Tribal Hut- Will unlock once you’ve crafted the queen and complete her questline to Part 2. This will cost 300 Candy Corns, 50 Chocolate Bars, and 50 Pumpkins…increasing in cost for Candy and chocolate each new one. Each hut will spawn 3 Rigellians every 24 hours.

The Rigellian Shrub is Also Now Available ( 50 Broken Fences, 25 Candy Corn & 20 Pumpkins)…but remember you can win this for FREE in the bags. My advice is..don’t craft it.

You can also now craft Gold Treat Bags!  (50 Fences and 50 Rotten Eggs)

If you saved Treat Bags to open during phase two, they WILL contain Protein Strings!  So you’ll get a nice head start on them 🙂

Premium Items….

As I suspected…the items from last week are gone and new (old) ones have arrived!

Now you can purchase Ultrahouse 2, Burns Monster, the Super Collider & Black Hole AND the Ghost Zapper….all for donuts!  (should I buy is coming on these..but I’d pass on the monster, Buy the Collider, Pass on the Zapper, iffy on the Ultrahouse..that’s just me.  Full Pros and Cons coming)


If I’m missing any please let me know.  My C game is very limited…it’s only Level 11 purposely..but it’s the only game I don’t have everything in.  

So my friends, that about covers the quick rundown for Phase 3 and the Protein Strings.  Happy squishing!

What do YOU think of the Phase  Changes?  Are you happy to be collecting a new item?  Are you excited for the new prizes?  How about the new 5 per squish rate?  Sound o3ff in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!

224 responses to “Goodbye Phase 2, Hello Phase 3: Long Protein Strings Are Here!

  1. So I unlocked the Grand Pumpkin and it went straight into the dialogue to unlock the ability to build pumpkin houses. My wife unlocked Grand Pumpkin too but hers didn’t unlock the houses?? Anyone else have this problem?

    • I think it depends on where in questline you are.

      • We were in the same spot for that quest line. That’s what was weird. I don’t know. It’s a shame there wasn’t any “trade with other player” options for treats though. That would have been great.

  2. I just managed to get UBO and placed him in my Springfield but now I can’t seem to find him. Even closed the app and restarted but I still can’t see him. Is this a glitch? Hope he will appear soon

  3. Can you put the Tiki Hut on the beach? That seems like it would be the most natural looking site for it…

  4. The event is almost over & i have yet to craft the pumpkin house or the grand pumpkin.

  5. Is the Rigellian Queen a playable character like Hugo is? I couldn’t find the information.

  6. I’m curious if there is going to be a grace period where we can craft the ubo if we just happen to not get the amount of long protein strings we need.

    Or is ea just gonna go oops n pull the plug the same day after those prizes are pretty much done.

    It wouldn’t make much sense to allow for the first two to be allowed to be created in the make a thing shop and not the 3rd phase ones as well.
    Hopefully I’m wrong and ea has for seen this.

    • Far as I know, this is your one shot at him.

    • Bunny’s probably right, and you should certainly operate under that assumption, but I do remember noticing that, in the message that announced the start of Phase 3, it did same something like “This event will end on November 12….probably….” or some kind of modifier like that, which implied that they might choose to extend it later. I remember thinking at the time that it was interesting wording, and hoping that it meant that, if a lot of folks were behind as of Nov. 12, there might still be some hope for them (me)….

  7. I just got the supercollider but there is no black hole. Just a building that gets $150 every 8 hours with no quests associated with it. Am I missing something???

    • Did you go back to your inventory to place it too? They are two separate items. 🙂

      • Ok thanks, found it, but it doesn’t seem to do anything. Is it supposed to? Does it at least raise money received from jobs or anything? I’m kind of disappointed, I thought it would do something cool, but it doesn’t even respond when I click on it, just a building and a black dot…

  8. I apologize if this was already covered… I have gotten a fair amount of new friends today and when I go to squish I do not receive protein strings, only money. Is there something I am missing here?

  9. Re: crafting the hut…I keep seeing on comments that to craft the rigellian hut they need fences…my hut uses candy corn, chocolate, and pumpkins to craft. Is my game glitching?

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