The Kidz Aren’t Alright: Hugo

Do you hear that? Me either. It is so nice and quiet and… OH NO!! Spoke to soon! Here comes the kids! D’OH!!

In our silly lil games, there are some smaller sized characters roaming around that don’t seem to get as much attention as the adults.

“Won’t somebody think of the children??!!” Lol.

Well, we thought of the children, decided that the kids aren’t alright, figured it was time someone took them out of the time out chair, so we can give you an idea of what it’s like growing up in Springfield.

Bart Billboard Banner Kidz Aren't Alright

This week I will be giving you the Origin of the creepy twin brother of Bart, Hugo Simpson. Who really was the good kid? Why was he locked away? What is with the Fish Heads?

Hugo Simpson

Season 8, Episode 1: Treehouse of Horrors VII (The Thing and I)
Bart and Lisa are woken by the strange noises coming from the Attic. No, it’s not Wookiee…this time. Lol. The next morning they bring it to the attention of Homer and Marge. Homer laughs it off and tells the kids to not go into the Attic. Marge points out to Homer it is “time”. He grabs a bucket of Fish Heads and off he goes to the Attic. Bart and Lisa are now REALLY curious.

Later that night, Bart hears something in his vents and sees someone looking into his room. The next morning Homer again claims he has no idea what they’re going on about. He works hard to take care of his four….ummm…he means THREE kids.

While Homer and Marge are out, the kids make their way into the Attic. They catch a glimpse of someone breaking out of chains as they look around. A very dark and creepy person stands in front of them. So they of course run off screaming and hide in the coat closet. They come out just as Homer and Marge arrive home. The kids are panicked they saw something in the Attic. They go back to the Attic to check on it, but it has escaped. Marge calls Dr. Hibbert. Hugo is loose. Bart and Lisa hear this and ask who this Hugo person is. So Marge finally confesses.

Bart has a brother. A Twin Brother. At the birth of the Siamese Twins, Hibbert found that one of them was pure evil. It even tried biting the other all over. So Hibbert did the only thing he could do, separate the two of them. The good son was given to Marge, while the evil one had the only option to be locked in the Attic and be fed Fish Heads once a week. Bart still can’t believe it, but his scar shows different.

While everyone is out and Bart left home alone, he quickly finds out it is just him and Hugo. He takes Bart up to the Attic to sew them back together. He has been practicing by making a pigeon rat, so it can’t go wrong. Hibbert walks in just in time to stop Hugo. He tricks him into thinking he is looking in a mirror and knocks him out cold.

As they look on to the unconcious Hugo, Hibbert recalls how the Left Twin was evil…but then notices Hugo’s scar is on the wrong side. They made a huge mistake. BART was the evil twin, NOT Hugo. So they set everything right, by letting Hugo out with the family and leave Bart in the Attic…with a bucket of Fish Heads.


This poor lil kid was finally brought into our game with the TSTO Halloween 2014 Event. To Create him, you needed 300 Broken Fences, 300 Rotten Eggs, and 250 Candy Corn. He of course came complete with his own special tasks.

Hugo Walk Pigeon Rat 1ico_thoh2014_crafting_spookyhouseHugo Eat Fish Heads

Task Task Length Payout Location
Practice Stitching Things Together 1hr $70 & 17XP Simpsons
Eat Fish Heads 4hrs $175 & 45XP Outside
Clean His Room 8hrs $275 & 70XP Simpsons
Walk the Pigeon Rat 12hrs $420 & 100XP Outside
Nap at the Spooky House 16hrs $500 & 125XP Spooky House
Sleep in Simpson Attic 24hrs $600 & 150XP Simpsons


So there you have it. A troubled lil kid that was locked away by mistake due to Hibbert’s negligence is now in our games. Did you Create him yet? What do you think of his tasks? Think that he got the raw end of the deal? Let us know below.


25 responses to “The Kidz Aren’t Alright: Hugo

  1. kingofstillwater

    I’m glad I got hugo and the spooky house just before the event ended

  2. Off topic but I have a zillion gummi bears. Is anyone else having this issue or is it just me? )

  3. It’s sad that he can’t trick or treat and once his quest was completed he easily became one of my background characters that I tend not to think about. Hopefully EA does more with the character with the holidays since he is part of the Simpson’s family.

  4. I love Hugo too! I couldn’t wait to craft him. I too, wish he could trick or treat with the other kids. And as someone else mentioned it would e very cool if they incorporated Hugo into the next TDay or Xmas update. I usually have him on his 4 hr task or the 12 hr one, depending upon when I’ll be able to check my game next.

  5. CapCityGoofball

    Poor Hugo! Can’t trick or treat or go in the moonbounce!

  6. Just had a small update pop up, bug? Android

  7. Hugo is the best craft item yet. His 12 hour task is awesome to watch. One of my favorite THOH episodes.

  8. Hmm. I think that a Thanksgiving event comes when the event ends (Nov 12) or maybe Christmas update

  9. love Hugo especially the line that may be all his family are evil twins…..

  10. Really the best prize this Halloween had to offer in my opinion.
    It’s just fun watching him on his little task. This misunderstood little guy happily walking his pigeon rat.

  11. Poor guy has to be the saddest character in this game… Here’s hoping they’ll use him on Thanksgiving or Christmas in a special Simpsons family event so he can have a happy ending to his extremely sad quest line…

    As of right now though, he’s my favorite character, love having him roaming my town with his pidgeon rat, can’t wait to craft that spook house!

  12. I wish he could have Trick-Or-Treating task with PigeonRat

  13. I just saw the episode back 3/2 weeks ago. When Marge gave birth to them, Hibbert took the EVIL one (Bart) and left the GOOD one (Hugo)

    Im not gonna argue, but shouldn’t Hibbert pick Hugo?

  14. Does anyone know what they plan on giving us this month? Is there any way to find out?

    • More than likely a Thanksgiving update. Usually it’s smaller and only lasts a week or so & then Christmas starts up the first week of December.

  15. Just wondering, I know you guys are busy with your own real lives but is there going to be a should I buy post for the collider and black hole? I’ve been holding off til I see what all the hoopla is but don’t want too miss my chance to purchase it . I have just enough donuts for the drive in & black hole after buying witch Marge and Kodos.

  16. EA missed a great “sinister” story telling quest, instead they made a boring, short quest with an embarrassed Homer about eating fish heads, no Bart involved.

  17. He was the first thing I created, but I created the Rigellan Queen (so big!) and the Great Pumpkin instead of the Spooky House

  18. Bummer he can’t trick or treat. But he’s kinda freemium and makes money..

  19. Luv Hugo. REALLY luv pigeon rat.

  20. Poor little guy can’t even go trick or treating 🙁

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