Episode Reminder: “Opposites-A-Frack”

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

After a short 1 week hiatus…the Simpsons are back with an all new episode for us this Sunday!


Sunday night (11/02)…Opposites-A-Frack airs on FOX.  So just what do the Simpsons have in store for us this week?

Jane Fonda is a special guest this week!

Here’s the episode information released from FOX:
Lisa brings in Assemblywoman Maxine Lombard (guest voice Jane Fonda) to put a stop to Mr. Burns’ fracking operation, but is taken aback when the two political opponents find themselves attracted to one another..

Here’s the episode teaser for this week…

And here’s a look at some behind the scenes with Jane Fonda!

Be sure to tune in Sunday Night to see all the fun!

As always after the episode airs we’ll have a full episode recap!

Are YOU excited for the new episode?  What do you think will happen?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!

17 responses to “Episode Reminder: “Opposites-A-Frack”

  1. Where was Ling Bouvier?

  2. Was there a special reward revealed on tonight’s episode of the simpsons? I watched and not finding anything.

  3. Alissa, I will be sure to love the new episode! 🙂 And of topic but do you think I should contact EA about a problem in my game? When I tap my castles from clash of clones it says my wizard marge and goblin bart are at level 1 and that is impossible since I have a level 38 homer barb. Do you think I should contact EA because of this issue? Thanks in advance! 🙂

  4. The trailer is interesting. Can’t wait

  5. The new season starts on Sky today 6pm…….

  6. Happy Saturday!
    Quick question:
    Do the Rigellian Huts help Indolence?
    Thank you!

  7. As a Veteran of the US. Armed Forces, I will no be watching this particular episode. I am joining the Twitter organized boycott. Hanoi Jane Fonda gets ZERO SUPPORT FROM ME.

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