Episode Reminder: Simpsorama

Hey there Hoppereenos. Just bouncin on by to remind you to check out the New Simpsons Episode Sunday. This one should be good as they will be crossing over with Futurama too.

Simpsorama Promo Image

For fun, here is the couch gag for the new Simpsorama Episode. Looks like Homer is enjoying himself. Lol.

Other locations (like Entertainment Weekly) also have a sneak peek of the Episode.

So set your devices to record it and stay tuned here for a recap on it. 🙂

What do YOU think will happen in the Episode? Any characters you are excited to see come into Springfield? Let us know below.


20 responses to “Episode Reminder: Simpsorama

  1. Best Simpsons episode ever…. helps that I’m a futurama fanatic also. For those that don’t agree, you can “bite my shiny metal a**”.

  2. Futurama was the best show ever and I’m so psyched their gonna be on the Simpsons tonight! I really hope tsto either makes a Futurama land where we can create their world (like Krustyland), or EA should just start a Futurama game of its own. I LOVE the Simpsons, but Futurama was such a smarter and way funnier show all around!!

  3. How “adult” will this episode be????
    Never sure if I should let my 11 year old watch or not..

  4. Are we really getting a futurama add on?

  5. I really want Zoidberg, I’d use all my donuts for him!

  6. Those fry tubes must be a clue………..

  7. I am grateful to all of the people who help me.

  8. Ok, so now we know Marge’s and Bart’s Birthday. Cool.

  9. OH my I was just visiting my neighboreenos and got UBO, he looks great! My favorite skin is this one so far. I hope everyone gets the chance to get this one but I was up all the time to make sure I got it, NAP TIME

  10. Random question does anyone here play Xbox 360 ****

    I play world of tanks mostly but also am a boss at mine craft

    Meaning I can pretty much help you
    Make anything or recreate anything if I see it done a few times via youtube.

    Cause some if those elivators and doors like the fallout themed doors are tricky to make.

    But yeah also for tanks inuse all german and Russian in world of tanks.

    Can’t wait for this Sunday futurama crossover gonna be awesome.

  11. Let’s just hope that some charachters are free. Good ones.

    Cause yeah I broke the bank.
    N yeah scruffy might be cool but I’ll take fry over say him anyday. Also bender and maybe captain branigan n maybe kip.

  12. what time and channel? I really can not believe the dvr and all your look at devices are not set to the same Bart time same Bart channel. MEH

  13. Who am I excited for? FUTURAMA!!!! All of them! Loved that show and was sad to see it go. It’ll be nice to see it back for an episode.

    Still hoping TSTO installs a Futurama destination (like KrustyLand)

  14. This may not be the exact place to leave this, but I thought I’d offer a head’s up. TSTO is not compatible with Android 5 Lollipop just yet, so if your device wants you to upgrade, hold off until TSTO updates as well. It wont load at all on my new Nexus 9; fortunately, I kept my current tablet. (The new OS has started rolling out to a small number of devices this week and more should be seeing it over the next little while)

  15. Holy Christmas!!!
    I don’t usually indulge in spoilers, but seeing that couch gag was a guilty pleasure: )
    I can’t wait for the episode!

  16. What’s next? Simpsons + Bugs Bunny?

    Can’t wait for Simpsorama tomorrow! What time and channel?

  17. I am afraid full playable characters of Bender and Leela would be instant buys burning through all my remaining sprinklies. Ugh >_<

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