Candy Time!

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Candy time is back!   For a this weekend (it looks like this ends Monday 11/10 at 0800GMT) you can purchase Candy (and nails) from the store!  Of course to do so you’ll have to spend donuts, but they’re actually priced fairly well.  (At least in my opinion anyway…)

Here’s what you can get:


It looks like all the prizes from the Gold and Silver Treat bags can be purchased…which is great if you’re struggling to collect Pumpkins or Chocolates!  🙂

Remember…this will disappear on 11/10 at 0800GMT (4 am EDT)…since the event is coming to a close, this will be the LAST chance to get them.

What do YOU think of the candy for sale?  Have you purchased any?  What items are you currently saving to craft?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!

51 responses to “Candy Time!

  1. Opinion time… Should I make another spooky house, pumpkin house, regilian hut (in this case fourth) or a second hover copter? I already have at least one of everything you can craft so just trying to use all my candy, though the thousands of gummi bears will apparently just sit there until they take over the world…

  2. Has anyone attempted to craft & place a second hovercopter? I know most people weren’t impressed with it but I wouldn’t mind having two. But don’t want to waste my candy on something I can’t put in my town – would get a few more huts instead.

  3. I like the way EA has rolled out this event in waves. However, i think they designed this in such a way that it is almost forces people to buy candy or spent donuts. I am a freemium player and i have been going out about every 4 hours to squish and hit my friends every 24 hours since the event started and with each wave i have missed the last prize and it looks like i will again this time. I have an A and a B town and it is the same on both of them. Very disappointing.

    • Yay! EA didn’t force an update overnight and I was able to get the last of the protein strands for the UBO minutes ago! Finally!

  4. It looks like I’m going to somehow manage to craft everything by some Miricle! I just need about 25 pumpkins and 35 chocolates to make the rigellian hut and I’ll have gotten everything! Freemium too and no help from donuts! Yaaay!

  5. Would be cool if there was a “candy exchange” like someone suggested. Could be like the (dare I say it) basket exchange from Easter. (There were some good things in that event! Still bitter that I didn’t win Shari or the Blocko Store 😭)

  6. i waited until the “get it now” price for the items i wanted was in a decent range, and used my donuts there. i felt that was better than getting candy that would likely have no use later (presumably).

    i’ve gone up many levels since the start of this event, so i sort of can’t wait for it to be over now as my kids have a lot of tasks building up! i’d stop sending them trick or treating but still need the protein strings.

  7. I also missed the goal for the donut torture device. I’m 80 donuts shy of buying it (unless I magically get 160 chocolate bars in the next two days). Are folks who have it happy with it? I don’t have many donuts to spare, so am wondering if it’s worth it.

    • Hi Milo! I received the torture devices in time and I personally am very happy with it. It has one task with Homer and it takes about 36 hours to complete. The animation with Homer is hilarious too. So far, I don’t think there is (or know of) any other benefits to your Springfield in general. I don’t think it gives you any xp, bonuses or boosts any ratings at all, so if I were you and didn’t receive the donut torture device for free, I propably wouldn’t spent 80 donuts on it. But as a reminder, the device will propably be sold as a premium item in the next years Halloween event, so it will certainly cost more than 80 donuts. I am a freemium player only, so it takes alot of time to receive donuts, so of course I’m a bit wary to where I spent them, but if you have the donuts to spare, and have nothing else you’d like to spend the donuts on, then why not purchase the device. 😀 Also, even though you spent donuts to buy the device, it will take your crafting items with it, so better make sure you dont have anything else you want to craft with those fences etc. Hope this helps with your decision! – Rose

    • Well, most folks found it amusing – it seemed to score high in the “entertainment value” category – but, on the negative side, it’s kinda big, if you’re low on space, that could be a problem. (To get a sense of its size, check it out in one of your Friendvilles.) I probably would have moved mine into inventory by now, except it contributed Obedience points on the CoM, and pushed me into another half star. It does have one task for Homer (that’s where the amusement comes from), but that task is a day and a half long. Personally, I don’t think I would have paid donuts for it, but I’m sure others have.

    • Adding to my previous reply, it would also be better to wait till the final event day to decide, since the price will lower with every treat, so don’t rush! 😉 – Rose

  8. Count me amongst those in need of fences. :/ I was really hoping to be able to buy a chunk of what I needed over the weekend…

  9. I’m selling off my candy for half price of what EA is charging. So, send me your donuts and I’ll send you my candy!

    👻 (Okay – I was fantasizing there….but wouldn’t it be great if it worked that way?)

  10. Grrrrrrrrrr

    Would like to get a few more:
    Spooky walls
    Rigellian Shrubs
    but will probably have just enough candy corn for just 1 item
    Not sure I could pull the trigger to spent 18 donuts to get candy corn.

  11. Do you guys think there will be any surprise items to craft before the end? Or am I safe to craft my 2nd spooky house and rigellian hut respectively?

  12. i am only 400 Potion strings away for getting UBO! and with 2 days to spare..i hope that the prizes after getting the 14900 strings will be donuts and not gift bags

  13. hey guys,

    This is a bit random but I accidentally deleted my honest johns computers (with Database) and i can’t buy it back, i don’t know how to contact EA Games to ask them if i can have it back, i wouldn’t mind paying for it again but it simply doesn’t show up, if any one can help me get it back or give me a contact to EA to e-mail them directly that wold be great,

    have a good night and i hope to hear with some help 🙁 xx

  14. Somehow I fell short of the goal for the donut torture device, so I am only going to wind up with enough chocolates to get either that or the grand pumpkin. Which do you think I should get? Tough decision..

    • Do you want one that makes Homer eat donuts? Or one that Milhouse hangs out Charlie Brown style?

      • Yeah, that’s what it comes down to, I guess. I’m a big Charlie Brown fan, so I think I have to go with the pumpkin. On the other hand, that’s really a seasonal thing. On the other other hand, Homer’s donut eating takes a day and a half. Ugh!! Hahaha. Desicions, decisions…

  15. Still need a 100 chocolate bars… Not even trying for queen but I would like that pumpkin…

  16. Will we be able to trade in unused candy for something…?? I really want the tribal hut but i don’t want to buy 100 choc bars and 100 pumpkins if I only need 50 of each….

  17. Do you think the supercollider will be gone on Monday? It’s a toss up between the mutant rabbit, and the collider-black hole combo for me. I won’t be getting both.

  18. I would love to know if anyone actually spends donuts to buy nails (and, if so, why?????)!

    • LOL – I’d like to know that as well. I hope we get some kind of nailed-board statue at the end – maybe as a memorial for the unknown squished soldier. (I am also hoping we can buy a few permanent squishes for our towns, like the Nerds at the end of CoC. I’ll miss those guys.)

    • And has anybody purchased gummy bears either (I can’t vouch for others obviously, but got over a thousand of them).

    • Better question:
      Anyone ever spend donuts to speed up the brown house??

      • Yes, but it was an accident. I was furiously trying to tap a grem-alien and hit the house, the speedup, and the confirm donut spend all in the blink of an eye. 😳

      • Yes and I’m still bitter!! No way to find a bright side to that except for the fact that I learned about that oh so useful “confirm donut spend” setting before any further damage had been done. :/

  19. Since the candy has been available for purchase, I’m guessing that there will be opportunity to exchange excess treats or reuse them for something else as the event reaches the end, correct? I don’t see anything else I would craft that requires gummy bears. I would love to squash the 1000 or so I have into one giant gummy bear (it could be an NPC). Or place them in my Springfield as a decoration! 😎

    • Wishing there was more to use the gummy bears on too! Have way too many! Will most likely deplete everything else on gold bags, spooky walls, and bushes. Haven’t had to buy anything with donuts.

  20. Once again no candy fences

  21. To be honest, all I need is fences and eggs, why EA won’t sell them?
    I have almos 2,000 gummy bears, 600 chocolate bars 400 candy corn and 500 pumpkins.

    • Same here. Actually fences are my main need :-/ EA has a cruel sense of humor making fences desired in this event. Is this my punishment for complaining about too many fences at Easter?

  22. Is there a thanksgiving update?

  23. Do you think it is possible to get 116 rotten eggs in time remaining of this event? I really want the Queen! I will most likely get the rest of the ingrdients for the Rigellian Queen (only 32 fences) by the last day but I think I am a baguette for getting the eggs in time. I saw on the UFO drops post that they don’t get found that way and I was hoping that they were going to be on sale today. I also need 87 chocolate for the Pumpkin and it will probably be a struggle to get that too. Surprisingly, I have more than enough pumpkins and gummy bears. I thought that I would have to buy a few bears from the store but, woo hoo, I got them. I have given up on the Spooky House, too many fences. Even if fences were avaliable from the store, I wouldn’t delve into my ‘SuperAtomicSuperCollider Fund’ for them. I am only twelve from it!
    Anyway, I rambled on a lot there. You will be getting tired and starting to read sentances over and over. You will be getting tired and starting to read sentances over and over. Do you think I will get the 116 eggs in time? Sorry for the LONG post- I think I am developing a trend here. Sorry again and thanks for reading. Byeeeeeeee

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