Where Did THAT Come From & Details: Moon Bounce

In our silly lil game, we sometimes see things pop in that we have no clue as to their Origin. They seem familiar, but we just can’t pinpoint from where. So that is why we decided to make a fun lil reminder out of it. To let you know just Where did THAT Come From?

Moon Bounce

This post I will be going over the Origin of Moon Bounce. Why is fun lil bouncy house in our game? Where did it appear in an episode? Did it play any important part? Let’s dive into the Simpsons TV Series to find out more.

Season 13, Episode 11: The Bart Wants What It Wants
Homer has decided to take off with the Olympic Torch as he is tired of them cutting into his TV time. Marge eventually gets the Torch back from him and tosses it to the cop in the chopper following them. Homer is bored now though, but no worries…there is a Annual Fair. At the Springfield Preparatory School. This upsets Lisa as they told her Springfield never had any Private Schools. Homer explains that her knowing about it would make her want to go to it.

The Prep School has many fun things to do at the Fair, like the Moonbounce. Too bad Homer decided to take it over…and pop it of course. Moonbounce


A fun lil Bouncy House for kids in an episode that put friend against friend for a girl has now made its way into our game. Have you sent any kids on tasks to bounce there and get some $$ & XP? Did the Golden Ticket confuse you?

Speaking of, how about we take the time now to actually look into just exactly what the Moon Bounce is when it comes to our silly lil games.

This lil bouncey house bounced into our games with the Level 46 Update and seemed to confuse people all around. I think it was more due to the questline involved with it was so super short, if you tapped away it was gone.  After completing Mrs. Muntz main questline for Level 46, Bart and Willie will take you on a QUICK side quest for the Moon Bounce. This consists of TWO items. Buy and place the Moon Bounce. Then send Willie to bounce in it. THAT IS IT! No more. All done. Finished. Lol. (Yes, his quest still remains there locked, but waiting on EA to correct that. Only kids can  bounce once it is done.)  Once the questline completes, a Golden Ticket appears on top of it. This turns the Moon Bounce now into a $$$ & XP generating interactive building. What does that mean? Well very similar to the Dog Race Tracks, Channel 6, The Drive In, and KBBL…you have the option to use random Characters you have acquired during game play or just an option to select any task, and when it is complete you get to collect the payout. That’s about it. Just another random option to utilize a building you may just store away if it did nothing.

So since this one is interactive, what kids CAN use the Moon Bounce as a 4 hour task?

Character Cost Length Payout
Bart $50 4hrs $225, 45xp
Dolph $50 4hrs $225, 45xp
Greta $50 4hrs $310, 70xp
Jimbo $50 4hrs $310, 70xp
Kearney $50 4hrs $310, 70xp
Lisa $50 4hrs $225, 45xp
Martin $50 4hrs $225, 45xp
Milhouse $50 4hrs $225, 45xp
Nelson $50 4hrs $225, 45xp
Ralph $50 4hrs $225, 45xp
Rod $50 4hrs $225, 45xp
Sherri & Terri $50 4hrs $570, 140xp
Todd $50 4hrs $225, 45xp
Uter $50 4hrs $310, 70xp

As you can see, the Premium kids and the Twins will earn you more than the others. So it is up to you if you want to send them here for a 4hr task or send them on something else in their task list. The choice is up to you.

There you go. A bit of a background and hopefully a bit of help to understand the Moon Bounce. Did this help you? Let us know.


25 responses to “Where Did THAT Come From & Details: Moon Bounce

  1. This is way old but I just got the moon bounce so thought I’d comment here.

    Yes, it’s technically the same payout as any other 4 hour task, except that your bonus multiplier works on the entire $225, not just the $175, so it’s a little more. Not a crazy amount more, but some!

  2. Not sure if my comment posted before so here goes again. I have an issue with the first quest in the Moon Bounce and no matter how many times I send Willy it doesn’t seems to work. I mean the quest isn’t completed and I have it stuck in my list on the left.. Does anyone else have the same problem?

  3. I have an issue with my Moon Bounce. The very first quest with Willy hurting other kids doesn’t seem to work no matter how many times I send Willy to it. Does anyone else have the same issue?

  4. Thank you fir posting info on moonbounce!

  5. I only wish we could send more than 1 kid at a time into the Moon Bounce. It would be funny if we could send every kid you have into it and then send Willie. At that point we could watch the Moon Bounce deflate. lol

  6. It’s good to know I’m not the only one who wishes that Moon Bounce was animated while in use. It would be great to see it, well…………. bouncing around. It would give me a chuckle. I’d also like to be able to bounce more than one kid at a time.

  7. I don’t understand how everyone can be so scandalised by the Moonbounce. It is good to keep in mind that EA didn’t HAVE to give us the Moonbounce. It is better to have something that you can choose not to use than to have nothing at all. I, personally, do not use it. But I appreciate that EA gave me the option of having it in my town. Cheers for the posts, too, Addicts Team.

  8. Funny. I was thinking it was from the episode with Nelson’s birthday party, where his mother has all sorts of rides and attractions because of a carnival injury.

  9. It’s pretty useless to me except that it gives Ralph a 4 hour task. Money earned is no different from any other 4 hour task when the cost of the task is applied. There’s no animation except for a very brief bounce when you tap it after a task is completed. That animation would be better if it was active throughout the duration of the task instead. Makes me wonder if it’s a glitch. Finally the yellow ticket floating above it when it’s not in use is distracting/annoying.

    I had been keeping it in storage. I recently took it out to give Ralph a 4 hour task and left it out, but I’ll probably be placing it back in storage soon. It’s a fun idea, but not very well executed.

  10. “This turns the Moon Bounce now into a $$$ & XP generating interactive building. ”

    Unless I’m doing the math wrong, how do you make money off of this??
    Normal 4 hour task is $175.

    I like having my townspeople grouped up and this would be cool if I could put all of the kids in at once.

    • You send them on a task. You make money. Same as Channel 6. It just provides another way of doing it outside the usual ones.

      • Help me walk through this:
        Bart in the bouncy house returns $225 and you pay $50 to get him in. That’s a net of $175.

        Bart’s regular 4 hour task is $175.
        That’s the same.

        • I know that. So…it STILL makes you money and XP. The same as any other task would. It just offers a different way of doing it. (Not to mention it gives ALL the kids a 4 hr task.) So…it is a $$$ & XP generating building. Same as Channel 6. Similar with Drive-In and KBBL. Select something, win something.

      • Soapbox Socrates

        Seems like, being a moon bounce (*cough* spacewalk) … You should at least be able to send ALL kids in at the same ‘time’… Or at the very least up to , right? …would be another good point for others like poor ol’ Teeny to be able to use as well…but I digress.

  11. Kind of dissapointing there isn’t any “bounce” animation.

  12. I wish some animation occurred when a kid is in there. Like a bouncing motion. I also like that Ralph now has a 4 hour task too.

  13. Does anybody else want more music in the game? I’d love it if, when you sent the B-Sharps to sing, you could hear Baby on Board. At least when you were around the ampitheater.

  14. I hate the ticket (I’ve started betting on the dogs just because my OCD can’t leave that building untapped.) It makes me want to send someone but the payout is the exact same after you factor in the cost, so it’s just an annoying building. I don’t store very much but this one is g-o-n-e.

  15. I must have missed that episode – I thought it was from the episode “Catch ‘Em If You Can” where Marge and Homer ride a bounce house over the Niagra Falls and, uh, “snuggle” while they’re in there — I thought it was a weird choice for the game writers to include it but then again there are a lot of bawdy sex jokes in this game so it wouldn’t have been totally out of character.

  16. I have no time for 4h tasks. My first thought was that each time you let one kid bounce, it will take longer for that kid the next time and the earnings will raise a bit. I don’t know where this thought came from, maybe I couldn’t believe that it will stay at a 4h task, or maybe the kid will bounce higher and higher each time 😉
    Well that wasn’t the case and the ticket was annoying similar to the dollar signs while wildly tapping along the buildings, so it ended up in the inventory.

    Also I have to add that it was mildly misplaced in a event when you wanted the kids to do other tasks (trick or treat), nevertheless it is a level 46 thing

  17. I like it simply for the fact that it gives Ralph something to do for 4hrs> if only some of the other unique characters had A 4HR, like Number1 or Mindy etc.

  18. At first glance, I thought the Moon Bounce was from Season 15, Episode 18 where Marge and Homer did their whoopie while in the Niagara Falls, it was a different one. LMAO!

    Guess every now and then things get mixed up with the show’s long history. Hahaha

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