Sunday Night Open Thread

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

How are my favorite Addicted Tappers this evening?  Everyone enjoying their weekend?  Who’s Ready For Turkey Time? (at least in the US)

Anyway enough rambling from me….it IS Sunday and you know what that means, right?  No, no it’s not time to stuff the Turkey….still a few more days before that happens!  Nope nope it’s time for another Sunday Night Open Thread!

Here’s where you can talk about anything you want to talk about…TSTO Related, Simpson’s Related or ANYTHING.  Just no Add me requests…those should go here.  We’ll give you a few suggestions (like most Sunday’s you can talk about the current episode of the Simpsons) but for the most part you’re free to talk about ANYTHING your little Tapping Fingers desire…just keep it PG.

So…here is your Sunday Night Open Thread.  Thanksgiving hit our Tapping Devices this week…what do you think of the new content?  The Simpsons is all new this week…and with an episode tie-in, are you excited to check it out?  After all, King Toot is finally revealed!  Sunday Night Football tonight features the Cowboys v Giants..who do YOU think will win?  How did your team do this week?  The Holidays are approaching…how are you getting ready to celebrate?

So chat about The Simpsons, Thanksgiving, Update fun, NFL, holidays or anything else you can think of!  Can’t wait to chat with you all!  You know we  LOVE hearing from you!

Have Fun!  And happy Sunday!


88 responses to “Sunday Night Open Thread

  1. By the way also, thank you to the creators of tstoaddicts it has been massive help and I go on here daily 🙂 thank you soo much and hope you had a great thanksgiving 🙂

  2. Hi, I’m not quite sure where to post this but to rdkshah73 I did not meant to tag you and it was a mis-click, I’m very sorry

  3. This message is to janis810, and really anyone else I added and then removed from the vandalize free/add me page. I received your request so thought I should explain. After having the new nbrs from the no tag list for a few days, I found myself freaking out every time I went to someones town. So afraid I would accidentally tag a building. Mind you, I don’t find it easy to accidentally tag since I play on an ipad. Anyway, long story short I couldn’t take the pressure and removed all of my new nbrs from that list. It made me sad because I felt many of you would be great nbrs, but man is that no vandalize/add friends page intense and I just don’t need any tension from a game.

    My mistake for sure to not really think that through before going there. I hope you understand..:)

  4. To all my neighbors, I’m sorry I haven’t been visiting you as of late. Since the Thanksgiving update, I can’t get into my game. EA figures it must be a problem on my end as they were unable to fix the issue. I went out and bought a new router, and a new tablet, thinking that would solve the probs. Nope. Wasted nearly 500 bucks to have the same issues. Wasn’t until today that I’ve finally found people experiencing the same problems. So, I’m gonna wait and see if after the thanksgiving event is over, I can log back on. If not, I’m gonna be really upset. Lots of time and google play cards down the drain. Here’s to hoping I see you guys soon.


    • Oh Dust. So pleased you got on to let us know, dear neighbour. You most certainly have been missed. We will be waiting for you to return in glory! Hope all is righted your end very quickly, dear friend. Take care and try to not stress too much….hah!….like that is possible, yeah?
      Cheers neighbour, Julie.

      • Hi, Julie! I managed to fix my issue, and am back! Yay! 🙂 As soon as I was able to sign in, I went straight to your town first. Thank you for the kind words, it was a bit stressful, but alas, I’m able to get this thanksgiving challenge going! I hope your hands feeling better, and am looking forward to your visits! Take care and talk to you soon! 🙂


  5. Hi 2all my great neighbours….

    I SURVIVED!!!! 🎉🎉🎊🎊🎈🎈🎈Lol. Boy oh boy do I hurt but! 😣

    I was at the hospital for 4 1/2 hours and had the op by means of a local blocking anaesthetic…so was awake to pester the doc the whole time! 😜

    The anaesthetist said he’s seen the surgeon perform the actual procedure in seven minutes so I was intrigued….well I was so PERFECTLY behaved, he did mine in (drumroll please)……FOUR minutes! We are all suitably impressed. Now I have my hand bandaged with padding by the truckload and cannot remove it for 3 days, so will be here until Friday now. I look like I’m ready to go a couple of rounds with Mike Tyson…just hope he doesn’t see my left hook coming!! Ha ha ha ha yeah….right. Lol

    It was fine till the local started to wear off…but my darling daughter and her equally wonderful man are spoiling me big time….my hand may just need to hurt a wee while longer so I can lap up all this fussing! Heh heh. 😉

    So I will go in and clear my towns, but please excuse my not visiting you for a few days, but hopefully I’ll be back in full swing by weekend.
    Thank all of you for your wonderful comments of encouragement. I really appreciate it.💝

    Big hugs to all…Julie….oh….Louisa had to work tonight, so I had to write you all myself. Lol…but she did make me pizza!!! Cheers.

    • Oh I should have checked before I posted!…it’s the padded bandage I can’t remove…not my hand! Ha ha ho ho here hee hee hee!

      • Good to see you back, glad everything went okay with the operation and I hope you’ll soon be able to tap away as much as you want…


    • Julie!!!! You’ve made it……so very happy! I gave my son the heads up about your surgery also, all good.
      Wasn’t sure you tapped in my town or a family member, don’t worry about tapping. You take care of that hand and get better, that’s more important. Bunny was forwarding my email address to you, once you’re up to it drop me a line and then I’ll have your address as well.
      I can’t believe you stayed awake for your surgery but if it only took 4 minutes it doesn’t seem worth it to be put under. They didn’t give me that option when they did my shoulder/bicep repair, that took almost three hours and I’m sure I would have been bored. LOL

      Off to bed, take care and sending you a big hug….and 💐💐💐

    • Julie, so glad u have one hand done. Now u know what to expect for the second hand.. Unbelievable how fast the doctor was for your surgery. I was afraid if u were awake when they did it, that u would be making the doctor laugh so he would have a hard time. So glad all went well. I really appreciate u letting us know when u were back home. It is nice that your daughter is helping u. Take care and keep us informed as u heal. Your good buddy, Mary Jo

      • Oh Mary Jo…I DID make them laugh! I didn’t mean to, but they knew I wanted to see what they were doing so they deliberately put the surgical sheets up about an inch higher than my eyes and I knew if I tried to look over it, I would move my hand! They knew I was trying to look without moving and thought it a great joke! When he finished suturing, I said, are you going to let me see before you wrap it up? And that is when they all burst out laughing aloud! They’d been watching me the whole time the wretches! Lol
        Even the orderlies were in on the joke! How mean is that to not let a nurse see what they are doing to her! Lol.
        Should be going home tomorrow all going well…have hurt my hand a few times just forgetting I can’t use it but still automatically doing so….I peered under the padded wrapping today and I see I have bled so will keep my eye on that now. Just hope i havent popped any stitches…doesn’t feel as sore today, so hopefully all good there.

        Val, dear, I can’t get onto my emails from my iPad cos I have no idea what my password is! Lol. So once I get home I will send you an email from the old PC. It is me visiting you, but it’s rather sparodically I’m afraid..the panodol are wiping me out! You can imagine how hard a time my kids are giving me about drugs when I wipe out on panadol! Lol. Actually I think it might also be the releases of tension and the stress leading up to the op and my poor body is just making up for it all by making me have ninety granny…I mean POWER naps a day! 😉

        Dust….welcome back!! Knew there was something amiss when you disappeared like that! I felt so bad at seeing the graffiti in your town! Why do people do that? Anyhow dear neighbour….great to have you back here!

        Well I’m away for another wee kip! Lol must be the sea air that’s doing it to me! Hahahahaha
        Cheers everyone, Julie

  6. I don’t like graffiti. I have training walls, so I’m good, but I still don’t like graffiti. Especially when I’ve gone out of my way to only accept people who pledge not to do it.

    I DO like chocolate…and burritos.(Thanks, etamni) Not necessarily in that order, but still. Mmmmmm.

    I grew up in the barrio. Not a fan of tagging. I kinda wanna flog the people that do, and steal all of their left socks…allegedly… 😛

    But really….tagging is poo. Don’t do it. Crack is whack!!

  7. Sandra Shill,
    As my neighboreeno cowsaysmeow so eloquently put it ‘It annoys the crap out of me’.
    For me it’s not about making money on those buildings as I make enough elsewhere. When I first started playing I found myself getting really annoyed when my righteousness rating would drop due to vandals, this of course was before I found this amazing site in which I learned about the training walls. Shameless plug to Bunny, Wookie and Alissa- Awesomeness!!!
    I find it’s a personal choice and for me I enjoy my game so much more since I’ve gone graffiti free.

  8. Ok — how many of us moved King Toots next door to Moe’s after watching the episode?? 🙂

    • Mine has always been there – for some reason, it’s one of the few features of the “real” Springfield that I have always adhered to. I think I should probably add a dumpster to that area now, though. 😀

    • I gave it some thought. I was tempted to do so, but because of the size differences between the two buildings, I can’t do it easily due to the allocated land and roads already established in that area. They are close by though, just around the block. I always had a dumpster next to Moe’s so at least I’m canon on that aspect.

  9. Just some food for thought regarding vandalism and the Righteousness rating. I’m a player who loves seeing my buildings tagged (in fact, at various times, I have had all of my taggable buildings grouped together in the centre of my town so that a visitor could easily tag three of them at once without having to do any scrolling), and I also love tagging my neighbours’ buildings if I see them when I’m working my way through my neighbours. Does this affect my Righteousness rating? Darn right it does – a couple of times a month it suddenly drops all the way down to one star, and then gradually (or sometimes suddenly) it works its way back up to five stars.

    When it’s down to one star, my bonus multiplier drops by 0.5%. How much does that affect me in terms of earnings? Well, I earn somewhere between $1M and $1.5M per week; 0.5% of that is somewhere between $5000 and $7500 per week. Over a full year, that’s somewhere between $250,000 and $400,000, or not even enough for a typical new building at the higher levels. If you look at it on an even smaller scale, I earn roughly $140K to $200K per day, so a loss of 0.5% of my earnings is between $700 and $1000 per day. That’s about one less ivory backscratcher a day, if this game had ivory backscratchers in it. 😀

    For some context, I’m a 100% freemium player. I’ve never spent any money on donuts, and consequently I don’t have a lot of items that give me crazy multiplier bonuses. I also have one training wall in my entire town. I don’t remember how much they cost, but I can’t imagine that buying dozens of them just to boost my Righteousness rating would be very cost effective. It’s easier for me to just tag, be tagged, and clean up the graffiti whenever I see it. 🙂

    All that said, if graffiti bothers you, then hey, no problem! Do whatever you have to do to keep your town looking and functioning the way you want it. And probably be thankful that I’m not one of your neighbours, because I would just wreak havoc on your plans. 😉

    • Well said!

    • Agree completely!

    • Well, Jeff, I for one am grateful u r not one of my neighbors. I guess that is why there is two sites for finding friends. Glad u have figured everything out for yourself and seem to be enjoying the game. To each his own. Mary Jo

      • I’m with you Mary Jo, those of us who don’t like it just don’t, period. Doesn’t have to have any connection with righteousness, stars, or multipliers. I like that there are two friend request threads on these boards. However there seem to be some who don’t recognize the difference. If you don’t mind tagging, that’s great, more power to you. Just make sure you post your friend requests (and get your friends’ ids) from the correct board!

  10. I can’t believe this is the last Sunday Night Open Thread before Thanksgiving. Where did this year go? Weren’t we all just talking about the 4th of July? It seems so at least. With Thanksgiving chomping on our doorsteps, I am planning on putting together a little Thanksgiving Parade in my Springfield. I got a bunch of the balloons being offered in this event (I still have to get one or two others though). I’m disappointed I cannot move the Itchy & Scratchy balloons from my Krustyland into Springfield for my parade. Yet I have seen these same balloons in one of my neighbor’s Springfield. I’m assuming they were possibly offered another time in which they were abled to be placed in Springfield or my neighbor’s balloons have been hacked somehow. I’m not sure what I will do with these balloons after Thanksgiving is over. Some of them make sense placing at certain businesses as promotional attractions, but others like Stampy will be hard to place somewhere where it would make sense or hide after Thanksgiving. If they didn’t give bonuses, I would just store them in inventory until next year.

  11. I’m confused. If somebody doesn’t want graffiti on buildings, why don’t they just store the buildings from their town? Inventory buildings cannot get graffiti on them.

    • Because they are main buildings with main characters. Storing them would pull those characters out of the game, create havoc with tasks, and just be useless.

  12. Julie, I am sorry u had a ghastly month, but glad u have Jamie taken care of and can concentrate on healing. It will be nice when u aren’t in pain all the time. Don’t worry about the email, we seem to have a period of time in between. It just makes it that much sweeter when it happens. Just take care of yourself and all will be well. Mary Jo

  13. I couldn’t think of anything constructive to add tonight, so instead I just posted this burrito. :burrito:

  14. I don’t have a problem with neighbors vandalizing at all. It doesn’t affect my righteousness as I have lots of training walls hidden in my town. I have a neighbor that visits regularly and that neighbor always vandalizes my town whenever possible. It’s part of the game that’s why it’s there in the first place. I only delete neighbors when they haven’t played in months and there’s no house for me to tap at all after numerous visits.

  15. Noticing a lot of comments about graffiti. Graffiti doesn’t bother me I’m happy my neighbors visit. I love this game and this website just remember graffiti is part of Bart and have fun. ****

  16. Anyone else buy Guitar Central? Took a chance that we would get a character or something out of it. Anyone finish the quest line yet?

  17. I don’t mind the vandalism. I don’t take it personally and I am rather appreciative that my neighbors routinely visit my town. The ones that do vandalize me I consider to be my best neighbors.

  18. Safi, Hi Neighboreeno!
    My rules on Graffiti is last option! I will tap brown houses and Kwik E Marts or check out KL before graffiti! But also as Bunny stated, those training walls keep the rightous rating from falling so my town can be hit as often as one pleases!
    On the deleting neighbors, i give 1 to 2 weeks then make the call. If i make a mistake then i try to request that tapper again!

    • I don’t graffiti either as long as there are other things to tap. I don’t mind if my buildings are graffitied because I have enough training walls hidden in my town so that it doesn’t affect my ratings. But I don’t know if that is also true for friends, so I will opt to find other things to tap for FP without risking their ratings with graffiti.

      I don’t delete neighbors, but if they stop playing for a few weeks, I will simply hide them so they no longer appear with my other neighbors. Then every so often I will check up on them in the friend list menu (I’ll check all that I have hidden) to see if they started playing again. If they have, I will un-hide them and start visiting again, if they haven’t started playing again, I’ll just keep them hidden.

      • Thanks for the great suggestion. I don’t know why that never occurred to me before now, but after reading your post, I just hid a whole group of neighbors who have haven’t played in weeks. And like you, I’ll check on them every now and then. Hate to lose old neighbors. I would like to see your parade. I attempted one in my Springfield, but to make the pavement look like road, I had to have the parade on a crooked road, so it looks a little off.

        • I saw your parade before seeing your message here. It is fantastic. I love it. It’s great seeing others having a parade in their town. Mine is on the outskirts of the town because that is where I had the room, but I love how yours is right “in town.” Great job.

      • I saw your parade, and I am just blown away by it. The nerds look like drum majors keeping rhythm. It’s animated! I like the way your road runs parallel to the main road. The people in your parade seem to be in better step than the ones in mine. Thanks for the bright spot!

        • Thanks. I’m still tweaking my parade a bit. Yeah, the nerds came in real handy for this project. Now I’m trying to get characters that use benches to be parade spectators.

      • Good idea! I used my bench characters to sit at the Thanksgiving table. Roger smoking his cigar. Lots of fun. I’ll be at the lookout for your changes. Thanks.

  19. Planning on spending some 💲💲💲 on a Shop full of donuts. For those limited Thanksgiving premium stuff.

    Will purchase the Boat load of donuts later if a Christmas donut sale is at hand.

  20. I have checked on TV for the other Simpson episode and all it talks abt Homer with a Bass Guitar! Is that tonites episode have something to do with what happens at Moes? I’m a bit confused!!

  21. I’m watching a Simpsons episode with “Lego style people”! That dies not look like the Moes episode!! What’s with that??

  22. To my neighbor rockart23: your version of Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade is awesome!

  23. Once my buildings are graffitied, I leave them untapped.

    If we are in a social aspect of the game, friends points, etc., if someone doesn’t leave anything to tap except for buildings that can be graffitied, I might click it has a protest. Maybe they’ll get the hint.

    If I add someone who is really new, like level 12, it’s ok if they click all of there stuff. Happy to help them get started in the game. But I will drop someone who constantly leaves nothing to click during a social event. Much rather add people who want to help each other.

    • I’m confused by your post – on the one hand, you complain about people who don’t leave stuff for you to tap (understandable), but then you say you leave your graffitied buildings untappable. Aren’t those contradictory positions? (BTW, I think that not cleaning the graffiti off causes you to lose righteousness points, but I not 100% sure.)

      • My post was supposed to be a reply to Safi’s post below. She asked for responses.

        I leave about 50 buildings for neighbors to tap during events. Cleaning your town’s Graffitied buildings will lower your righteousness rating eventually, but it takes a few times. So if you just leave them untapped.

  24. Anyone else catch the B Sharps reference in tonight’s episode? 😀

  25. My Packers won again!!! 8/3 baby!!!

  26. To all neighbours of nonnajay and loftyjnr towns, please note I have surgery on my wrist tomorrow so I will not be as active as I normally am on here. I will sweet talk my daughter into tapping for me if necessary, but I will eventually get it done. I am unsure of how long I will be away from home but am taking my myPad with me so will be able to get on from time to time.
    I would appreciate the wonderful consideration I currently enjoy from my dear neighbours in as much, that if I don’t get on here for a bit, please just don’t tap at all in preference to tagging the buildings. If you wish to delete me for inactivity, then by all means do so, just don’t tag please…there’s no need for it.
    I will probably run out of buildings quickly in the nonnajay towns, but loftyjnr should be okay for taps for days!!! But all going well, I should be able to one handed tap and clear buildings and do return visits to neighbours…or I’ll get Louisa to do it for me!
    Mike is here to look after Jamie as he has year ten final exams this week, then Jamie will go up with his dad to Townsville for a few weeks over the summer hols, so I will only have the cats and myself to worry about….and Tapped Out of course!
    Mary Jo, I’m sorry…I didn’t even look like getting an email away last night to you….will try during week and catch you up on my ghastly month!…and it has been ghastly!! Thank heavens for TSTO to keep my mind off things.
    Dear Val…may I have your email addie please…and any other neighbours who wish to write directly to me, are also welcome…I know the wonderful girls and guy working here will send on any emails to me from you so I can get your address that way. (Thanks again a million thanks, Alissa, Bunny and Wookie for your constant hard yards on here,)
    Well…I’d best stop procrastinating now and go get packed and on the road!! Now the op is in my face….I DONT WANNA DO ITTTTTTTT!!! Lol. Will get Louisa to pop on here tomorrow night our time and let you know if I stepped off the planet or survived to hassle you all again at a later date! Lol
    Cheers to all, Julie.

    • Take care darlin. Hope yah heal fast. 😉

    • Julie, take care of yourself. I’m not going anywhere and don’t worry about being deleted….not going to happen. You have to take care of number one and that number one is YOU!

      My email address is *****

      Thinking of you tomorrow and wishing you a speedy recovery….you’ll be back to tapping in no time.

      Big hugs…..

    • Good luck with your surgery! Keep us posted on the healing process.We’ll miss you :0)

    • Hope all goes well, Julie! Take care.

    • Yur town is is safe with us. Speedy recovery my friend.

    • Good luck with the surgery. We will be here. Put yourself first. We all wish you a quick recovery.

    • I’m one of your nonnajay friends. Thank you for letting us know about the surgery. I wish you the best and a speedy recovery.

    • Good luck and take care of yourself Julie. I’ll be here waiting on you.

    • Julie….I sent my email address off to Bunny and she said she would be more than happy to send on to you. Email me anytime when you can and I’ll even send you a picture of a snow angel!

    • Susan C. (Suski33)

      Oh, Julie!

      I’m so glad I was checking out the “no vandals” thread and saw your note to check here. Please, oh please put your energy into healing. This game is no doubt a great diversion for so many of us, but it might be a good idea to take the long view here. May be better to take a real break now and really mend, to ensure more fun/less hassle down the road – just a thought. But considering what a wonderful and loyal neighbor you are, you should have absolutely no worries that your space will be held should you need to take some extra time.

      My thoughts are with ya’, amiga!😻

      ~ Susan C.

    • Good luck with the op, hope you have a speedy recovery

    • You are safe with me I can wait for you and you won’t be deleted. Good luck on your surgery take care of yourself.

    • I hope everything will be ok. Don’t worry about your towns, we’ll look after them! Take your time to recover and then back here!

    • Hi Julie,
      Everything will go fine and you will heal up better than ever!!! We will miss you but health is the most important thing, for without it we are nothing. We’ll see you when your back. *Big hug*.
      Hey Val & Atlantis,
      How’s the temp been for your guys? We were down to the -double digits last week so about to get going with our great north winter 🙂

      • Hi greeny! We’ve been getting dumped on for a couple of days now. Still snowing right now and it started yesterday. Temps are mild ( today +1 ) but that’s normal for this area, that’s why I love it here! Ski season is almost here, our mountain opens in three weeks. I can see the snow guns working on the front side at night, they make snow on three runs that are quite busy to give them a good base.

        Take care….glad to hear from you!

    • Hope all goes well 🙂

  27. I have a question for others about neighbour etiquette.

    In the past, when I was a hardcore addict checking in at least 16 times a day, I would drop inactive neighbours who had not checked in in at least 2 days. But now that I have a job and only check in 4-6 times a day, I’ve been far more lenient and now wait 5 days before dropping inactives who have not posted on Open Thread or vacation page.

    But my question actually pertains to neighbours who graffiti. I have definitely not graffitied a building in at least 5 months, since the start of the Stonecutters events (probably much longer but can say 5 months with 100% certitude.

    Even now, I still leave every other house and every other shop in my strip and every other building throughout my city untapped for neighbours to come by and tap. Yet every day, I have at least two neighbours who graffiti a building despite numerous buildings available to tap.

    Would you:
    A) drop these neighbours immediately
    B) drop these neighbours if it happens twice (or thrice for my patient neighbours)
    C) let these neighbours graffiti and just forget about it
    D) go to their towns and graffiti all three daily actions
    E) re-decorate your town so as to move the school, Moe’s, police station, and city hall to the least tapped area of your city

    Currently I’m doing choice C. But considering choice B and E.

    Your thoughts?

    • My thoughts…I loaded up on Training Walls and just don’t care. To stress too much about the game like that, it took MORE time for me to micro manage other players than it would to just play and enjoy and not care. Lol.

      If they haven’t played in 2-3 weeks, I will remove them. BUT that depends on what is going on. If there is a major event and they haven’t come back or progressed…I give them that extra time to see if they were just on vacation or burnt out and took a break. I know I personally can be a bad neighbor and hard to visit all, but I try to at least keep my town clear for taps and items available to tap.

      It honestly depends on how YOU play. How YOU want to manage your town.

    • Safi… all boils down to what you’ll put up with. I let accidents slide here and there when they happen because for the most part I have great neighbors. Today, I had a neighbor that’s been in my list for some time vandalize three buildings in one visit and I deleted him/her. I posted it so ppl know because that’s where I draw the line in the sand. Yes, accidents happen to all of us but this was a deliberate act and that I have no tolerance for.
      I delete neighbors that haven’t visited in 3-4 weeks. I have some neighbors that only visit every other day or third and I’m fine with this as we all have lives to live.
      Hope this helps….at the end of the day though it’s your call.

    • It’s part of the game so go with C, E and if it makes you feel better do D

      I personally don’t pay attention where I tap, at least there’s something left to tap and I can use my 3 actions.

    • Will someone please explain why it would possibly matter if they graffiti? A tap is a tap. You get the money and friend points no matter what you or your neighbors tap on. Also, if you didn’t specifically get all of your friends on the “i don’t graffiti” page, how are they supposed to know you’re uptight about the appearance of your town?

    • Assuming you have training walls (and I think even if you don’t, from my previous experience), getting graffitied is a *good* thing — it’s the only way you can earn money on those buildings! When I graffiti neighbors’ building, I consider that I’m doing a good thing for them. I don’t add friends from the “Do Not Graffiti” thread, so I consider it okay to graffiti them. (BTW – I try very hard to be a good neighbor… I’ll spend time looking for the more expensive buildings to tap, so I can reset their clocks, and I don’t tap on the TV and radio stations and the farm unless there’s nothing else left, because there’s no clock-reset benefit to those.)

    • I let people graffiti and don’t care. It really doesn’t seem worth the effort to me to monitor who’s graffiti-ing and who isn’t! I also let people go 4 weeks without playing before I delete them as friends. Only allowing 5 days could easily eliminate otherwise regular players who are on vacation, in hospital, moving house and temporarily without internet, etc.

    • Safi,
      I too have many, many, many hidden training walls. It helps knowing that if I do get tagged it’s not going to affect my star ratings. That being said I also have gone through a lot of friends trying to find one’s that don’t tag-I’m currently about 60-70% non tagging daily neighbours. I will give everyone a 1 tag break as I know accidents happen.
      I usually wait about 1-2 weeks before deletion of non-active players, I check the vacation thread first. But that depends on the player as well, if it’s a long term good neighbour that I know visits me everyday I will hold on as long as I can before deleting. I do play everyday and visit friends everyday so I am looking for the same in my neighbours.
      For those on my wait list I have started my housekeeping so in about a week or so I will be adding new players. If you choose to hold on great, I will be taking the first come first served idea. If you don’t want want to wait great too, I don’t take it personally.
      I think the most important thing is to play for yourself, have your town the way you want. 🙂

      • iamgreeny – If you have many training walls (which should protect your righteousness rating), then why wouldn’t you want to be vandalized? It’s the only way to earn money on those buildings! Is it an aesthetics thing?

    • Regarding vandalism, it annoys the crap out of me and I have gone out of my way to only get friends from the non-vandal post here. I’m still trying to raise money for land and aspirational items, so I want to keep my rating up, and the less I spend on training walls accomplishing that, the better. I do have a few of them, including several in plain view because I happen to like them, but I’d rather not go nuts trying to buy 50 billion of them. Anyway, I usually have a 3 strikes rule when it comes to graffiti, accidents do happen as I know all too well. I do have two friends I know IRL who sometimes vandalize and they’ll never be deleted, but they’re the only exceptions.

      As for deleting neighbors for other reasons, I prefer to do so in batches, but a neighbor who might be in danger never visits (not even once a week), and often has nothing to tap. The threshhold varies if there’s an event – Halloween saved a few people due to the nature of the tapping, but if that event had been more like Stonecutters, those same people on my radar now would probably be gone.

      • This is my reasoning as well…I am not a fan. The amount of money it makes is negligible compared to what you make on buildings that do earn money multiple times per day. In the early levels, every dollar counts, but at the highest levels it makes very little impact. I have a number of training walls around my town to protect me from those who are not honest (we post on the no-tag board for just this reason, yet there are still those who add friends from this board who have no intention of abiding by the rule) but this does not mean I want to admit neighbors who consistently tag. I understand that people do this for their neighbors as a way to help them out, and that’s extremely neighborly for someone who does not mind, but if you’ve gotten someone’s name from a no-tag board, please respect this.

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