11/24 Thanksgiving-a-Roony!

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Phase 2 of Turkey Day is now active…as you may have seen when you finished the first part of the Thanksgiving Questline this pops up:

2014-11-24 02.58.48

And well…today is Monday November 24th…so what’s in store today?

A new questline will start up once you enter your game… Gear Up For Savings! This should auto-start.

For now it’s just 1 part and a task for Homer.

This task has been added to the Turbo Tappin’ Thanksgiving rundown post..

What do YOU think of the slow Thanksgiving roll-out?  Thoughts on the short task for today?  Did it trigger for you or were you still finishing the first part?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!

42 responses to “11/24 Thanksgiving-a-Roony!

  1. I think that EA has stepped up as far as keeping things going compared to say last year, when we had looong waits for new stuff
    The only problem is with all the stuff we really need room to put it!
    More Land Please, hopefully for Christmas, so there is room for
    everything that may be offered.Still love the game!!

  2. Homers free, why has this not started. I already took care of Flanders last week.

  3. You can get Bumblebee Man?
    Ai Yai Yai!!!

  4. Did anyone else notice that the game said “from Monday Nov 24th to Sunday December 1st” but December 1st is a Monday???

  5. Watched last night’s episode on the telly (funny episode), I checked in at 8am Pacific time an all I got was Homer and Marge speaking to each other about Black Friday, then Homer did a 2 hour quest and that was it! Are there other surprises for today, fellow tappers, is there a mini update later , or is this EA’s version of a surprise? (I am un impressed , but will change that status if there are new quests now vs later – as in tomorrow). Your thoughts, please (have a jolly one everybody)

  6. I found it a bit confusing that there was no popup at the end of Homer’s task saying “tune in tomorrow” or some other indication that the 2 hour task was all for today.

  7. I think the title of Homer’s quest (Gear Up For Savings Pt. 1) might indicate a visit from Gil this Friday? What do you think?

  8. It would be better if it was Thanksgiving Turkey Roll-out

  9. I thought there would be more today why so slow

  10. Love it!!! Gives a reasoning to my daily addiction!!!

  11. Was Homer’s 2 hour task the whole quest for today? I thought there would be more.

  12. I have part 2 of this quest, homer goes to church for 60m with 5 adult characters for 60m

  13. I currently have Homer locked in to a 24 hour task and don’t want to miss out on the beginning of the plot line. Is there anyway to free him from a task w/out using donuts since we can’t hide him or the Simpson house? Thanks

    • Meant store, not hide… thanks!

    • Unfortunately not when he’s on his 24hr task.

      My advice for the rest of the week is do not send Homer, Lisa & Flanders on long tasks for the duration of the week…so they’ll be free each morning. Since they’re the characters that have already played, and will continue to play, a part in Thanksgiving…

    • What I do is simply select the building the character may be in and move to storage, you can then just pop the building back on the map, you lose whatever progress you made in the 24hr task but at the same time you’ve freed him to crack on w the new one.

  14. Swiss Wavey has a point. Perhaps a new way of getting premium characters is in order such as rewarding long-time players by making certain premium characters available via in game $ but having them cost an insane amount more like some of the aspirational buildings. This would be an incentive for people to keep playing but would still make the content hard to get.

  15. How slow is the roll? Once a day? Just want to keep my other people busy. Idle hands.

  16. Has anyone else noticed that Sheraton Flanders has a loft job attend a piece festival meal that requires a festival table yet I cannot find the festival table anywhere for sale in the game am I looking in the wrong spot

  17. Homer is currently busy for 14 hours, do i have to do the hiding today or will it be okay to do it tomorrow???

  18. Homer has finished hiding in the basement, now looking forward to tomorrow’s task 🙂

  19. I finished part one and the new task triggered. Homer is hiding from black friday in the basement for a couple hours. The slow roll out of the Thanksgiving theme is nice and easy to keep up with, I like it.

  20. “Gear up for savings” has begun for me with Homer and Marge talking about ‘Black Friday.’ Could this be a sign or clue that Gil may be coming to the game on Friday with some donut deals? Or am I reading too much into things too early?

  21. I’m interested to see what this week brings. Starting to lose interest in the game – mainly as all the new, interesting items seem to be very expensive premium stuff. I enjoyed all the recent squishing but most of the top prizes demanded daily, regular play – miss one day and you were out of sync and needing to spend donuts to get where you wanted. I just feel that EA focus now is to squeeze as much money as possible out of the existing players before the game dies a death.

    • The game will need a shot in the arm fairly soon methinks. The characters and buildings being brought in now are hardly central to the programme so people might start to lose interest fairly quickly unless something is done.
      It seems a bit daft to have Springfields with Princess Penelope and Freddy Quimby but no Prof Frink, Dr Nick, Barney, Disco Stu, Duffman, Moleman, etc. alas this is the lot for the freemium player.
      I understand that people who buy donuts want/need/deserve special items and EA should support that as it is Premium players that fund the game’s development, but I wonder if they’ve gone too far as the game runs the risk of becoming too far removed from the programme’s central themes.
      I wonder if they’ll ever allow some of those premium characters to become available without spending donuts. Unlikely, I suppose, but I do wonder what will be coming in, say, a year from now…

      • While I normally get $350 trees or a small cash gift, my grandson has gotten the angel topiary, bumblebee man, another character I can’t remember along with donuts, etc. in the Mystery Box. But he finds money on the ground so he really doesn’t think too much of it… LOL

      • It’s possible you may see some of those premium characters released as prizes (or vice-versa) in the future. EA does seem to change things up occasionally and convert things. Barney, for example, was available for event currency during Christmas 2012 (when I got him), but is now premium. Kang, on the other hand, was a premium purchase during Halloween 2012 but was released as a prize in 2013 and I believe was just given this past Halloween. Homer’s Mr. Plow skin is another one that went freemium: premium in 2012, but available as a prize in 2013. So you never know. I suppose if we all play long enough, anything can happen. 🙂

      • Jubiedog, I fear I’ll be more like you than like your grandson, but at least there’s hope (although it’s the hope rather than the despair that slowly kills you!).

        Filledemusee, good to know, thanks for the info. I’ll need to learn to be patient 🙂

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