Where Did THAT Come From – House of Evil & Krusty Doll

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So I’m sure you noticed I’ve been gone for a while. Suffice to say studying 3 history classes and anthropology with the added duties of surviving the zambie apocalypse kept this walking carpet pretty dang busy during all the Halloween festivities. As penance, I told the lady Addicts as soon as I was back that I’d knock out a few Where Did THAT Come From posts from the Halloween event. As a bonus, I was playing it just the same as all of you and boy howdy was it a doozy. Overall fun but I’m veering from my duties. With no more digression, here’s a Halloween origin for you. This post focuses on the House of Evil and Krusty Doll.


Both items were brought back this Halloween from as far back as Halloween 2012. I know everybody didn’t get these but I still like to let y’all know where things come from. This item comes from Season 4, Episode 5: Treehouse of Horror III. The segment is titled “Clown Without Pity”.  We’ll let Lisa set this one up: “It’s the story of a boy and his doll. A doll from Hell!”

It’s Bart’s birthday and Homer of course forgot to get him a present. The only place to find a perfect object for our favorite spiky-haired devil is the House of Evil.  Anyone besides me think of Gremlins when they see this scene?

House of Evil


The shopkeeper describes the store best: “We sell forbidden objects from places men fear to tread. We also sell frozen yogurt, which I call frogurt!”

Homer finds the perfect gift. A talking Krusty doll. Sure it’s cursed but it comes with a free cursed frogurt with potassium benzoate toppings. Sounds like a bad deal but the real question is whether we’re talking Michael Jackson bad or bad bad lol.

The rest is hilarity with the doll attacking Homer and loving him some Malibu Stacey.  The whole “curse” was caused by a simple mis-alignment of the doll’s Evil/Good Switch.

Evil Krusty Doll

This continues to be one of my favorite TOH segments.  Hope you enjoyed the overview. I kept it short just because I really feel like this is one everybody should see.  Treehouse of Horror III not only includes this but also King Homer and Zombies.  There’s certainly good reason why some folks call the older seasons classics.  Happy Tapping as always, stay classy and I’ll be back with more later.

TTFN… Wookiee out!

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  2. We still quote this episode 😀 “The frogurt is also cursed”

  3. It’s a favorite Halloween episode of mine. 🙂

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