11/29 Thanksgiving-a-Roony!

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Phase 7 of Turkey Day is now active…as you may have seen when you finished the first part of the Thanksgiving Questline this pops up:

2014-11-24 02.58.48

And well…today is Saturday November 29th…so what’s in store today?

In addition to the Gil deal…which is still going on….

Homer gets things started today… with something to build (it will be placed in your inventory for free)

Followed by a 16hr quest for Krusty.

For those that don’t like to know I’ll post the details of what today’s prize is below the fold….

WARNING Mild Spoiler ahead…

Today’s prize is….

The Stomach Staple Center!

Stomach Staple Center

This building is 6×9 in size, earns $120, 12xp/6hrs and is an instant build!

Homer will prompt you to build this.  At that point it can be found in your inventory & again it’s an instant build.  Once built Krusty will have a 16hr task to use the Staple Center.

And that’s it for today!

Remember…there’s 1 task released each day.  Some task award a “reward-a-roony” while others are just tasks.  So far no prizes have been awarded, but stay tuned tomorrow to see what’s in store for us then!  

What do YOU think of the slow Thanksgiving roll-out?  Thoughts on the short task for today?  Did it trigger for you or were you still finishing the first part?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!

146 responses to “11/29 Thanksgiving-a-Roony!

  1. I was able to get the stomach staple center, but not the cornucopia. How can I get that?

  2. Free Building! Yes!!

  3. I enjoyed the Thanksgiving event. I just started playing at the end of the Halloween event and I had no clue what the heck I was doing, so that was a wasted event on me. I liked that it was rolled out a little at a time, good for us newbies : ) I took advantage of Gil’s deals, but not all were available to me since I’m only level 24. Thank you all for this site, the walk through is a life saver when I’m lost. Can’t wait for the Christmas stuff–I want lights for my houses!!!

  4. I enjoyed it. Got a free building, the Flanders and Lisa skins (Only been playing for about 6 weeks :p ), and maybe I’ll even leave the feast table out once I have enough land area to build a proper park

    Only bought one thing from Gil, and that’s Otto because he’s like my favourite character. I would have bought him anyway, but Gil allowed me to buy him earlier than he’d normally unlock (+rebated :p )

  5. When can we expect the xmas update?

  6. Finished the hate Gil again task Sunday and the staple center task started. Glad that it worked a day later. Looking forward to Christmas update!

  7. So is that the end of the Thanksgiving bits? As of midday, UK time, today, 30th, I’ve got no more thanksgiving quests popping up.
    Do I need to keep anyone free just in case? ?

    On a side note, I loved the Gil rebate deals, managed to get lots of bits that I wanted at a better price. At least I think I got a good deal, not sure on the % saved.

    Not sure if i approved of the Thanksgiving quests ‘ daily reward’ teasing though, there didn’t seem many rewards given out.

    Hope that the whole team had a great holiday.:-)

    • Nope that’s it for the Thanksgiving update. 🙂

      • Well, I think it’s weird. I mean, the message said Sunday. Of course, it appears to have said Sunday December 1st, rather than Sunday, November 30, but why would the quests stop on Saturday?

        • It ran until Sunday. Didn’t imply Sunday would have quests too. It’s all in how you interpret it…and with EA you never know what the heck they’re thinking sometimes!

  8. Any info on the task for today? Still have Krusty at the Staple Center.

  9. If there’s going to be something everyday between Nov 24th and Dec 1st, where’s the thing for Nov 30th?

  10. Well, it’s almost 3:30 am Nov. 39th and I don’t have anyone except a few fringe charachters in my town doing a quest, but the next Turkey Day quest hasn’t started yet…
    Hare we go again…. (Sigh)

  11. Waaaait for it…..waaaaaait for it….. YAAAYY chrismas update!!!! Lol 😋

  12. What does this bulilding help contribute towards?

  13. Good day fellow tappers 🙂

    Hope you all survived Black Friday intact. I feel like Homer the past 30 hours as he “grumbles about Gil” (for me? I just hate having to deal with his pop up each time I log into game – please make it stop EA!).

    I did enjoy the Puritan Flanders / Native American Lisa having a peace meal (the Flanders / Simpsons family thanksgiving was a nice touch). I don’t understand why the other characters in Springfield were ignored (why were they all not given a thanksgiving meal quest?) and I guess by Monday (?) we will know if the cornucopia rewards us anything.

    If not for the free Building (Stomach Staple Clinic) , I’d call Thanksgiving 2014 an epic fail compared to 2013 (it has been underwhelming for me). I hope the rest of the weekend is amusing with over eating Springfielders seeking relief (and look forward to Xmas mischief soon).

    • Last year? All we got was a turkey. I personally like this one ten times better.

    • I made my own event. Placed the new table in line with the StoneCutters table and removed all roads except a few within the StoneCutters compound, and placed all the benches nearby as well. I had characters who could do so, sing the StoneCutters song, while Flanders and Lisa had their peace meal. Everybody else was given outside tasks that happen along any road (e.g. like skateboarding or having Marge take Maggie for a walk), or a bench (like having characters feed birds). This resulted in several characters sitting at a very long table eating and drinking, and everybody else milling around doing their own things — kind of like the Thanksgiving celebrations many families experience each year!

      The most challenging part was deciding who not to invite (like Stampy) and getting certain characters to visit that part of the map (e.g. the Sea Captiain didn’t want to head up to the very top of my map where I have the Stonecutter’s compound). Just like a real Thanksgiving celebration, getting certain characters to leave and go back to their regular haunts proved challenging as well, but nobody stayed the whole weekend unless they owned Stonecutter robes!

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