Where Did THAT Come From – Stomach Staples Center

“Holy G-force Batman… the blood’s rushing to my head!”

Back alley rhinoplasty? Tummy-tuck combo with calf implants on the side? French thighs? What the heck is going on in my beloved Springfield? Well my fellow tappereenos, looks like EA decided to go full L.A. culture on us and added a plastic surgery center to our games lol. I thought it only appropriate to let y’all know just where the new Thanksgiving Event building comes from. Let’s take a look at the origin of the Stomach Staples Center.

Stomach Staple Center

This building pays out $120 and 12 XP every 6 hrs for “Bypassing Duodena”. As a fan of the L.A. Kings, I love the joke combining an Los Angeles Building and the stereotype that everyone there gets plastic surgery. Very punny Simpsons writers, very punny.

This beaut of a building comes to us in “Large Marge” (S14:E4). Let’s just say this episode has to do with Marge getting an “upgrade”. As we do like to think of this as a family friendly site, I’ll leave the rest up to your remembrance or viewing of the episode. If you ever wanted to see Presidents Carter, George H. W. Bush and Clinton as the 3 stooges, this episode is for you. It also features El Homo and voice appearances by Adam West, Burt Ward and the Baha Men.

3 Stooges Presidents

Towards the beginning of the episode, Homer gets mistaken for a single man and Marge feels less than perfect after thinking Homer is flirting with single women Silly Marge, you should never feel that way, you’re a stone cold fox IMHO. After some terrible advice from Manjula, Marge decides she just needs some LIP-o-suction to make her attractive to Homer. As the receptionist calls it, a 10-minute suck & tuck. But where does one go for plastic surgery in Springfield? Easy peazy… the Stomach Staples Center.

Stomach Staples Center

If you know the episode, a “simple mistake” is made (aka the word of the day) and Marge’s maguppies become bazongas. As Lisa puts it, her “endowments are bigger than Harvard’s.”

And that really is it for the appearance by our new item. As a bonus for you all… this episode also shows Manjula a la her 8 hr task to “Look After the Octuplets” and has a appearance by Stampy at the Shoe Expo.

Manjula & Stampy

No matter what, this item was FREE and didn’t even make us wait longer than 6 seconds to enjoy it. Not too shabby at all. Keep on tapping in the free world my friends.

TTFN… Wookiee out!

19 responses to “Where Did THAT Come From – Stomach Staples Center

  1. I love it was free so I shouldn’t complain, buuutt I’m going to. I wish it did contribute to something, consumerism seems the most logical, but even vanity would work as well. As easy as it is to increase vanity, having it contribute to nothing makes me a tad sad.

  2. I never received this.. How come?

  3. Why no pictures of Marge with her “magumbos?” (Thanks Krusty !!!)

  4. I’m glad I have this building in my city 🙂 but my sister didn’t log in the day it was given. She asked me today if she is going to received it or not. Please help!

    • It should have been pulled from the games at this point. She can see if she’ll get it logging in, but if nothing pops up it was pulled.

  5. i missed it! seriously free???!!

  6. Is there a reason for the different names? It’s Stomach Staples Center in the episode and Stomach Staple Center in the game?

    • My guess is lazy programming. Weird that it shows as the Staples Center when you tap it to see the progress. I’d completely missed the sign being different on the actual building. Probably a case of a Kings fan seeing what they want to see lol. Good eye.

  7. Wondering if I haven’t gotten this building yet because mine is still in glitch mode with the “Host a peace feast” task that I have already completed?!

  8. Am I wrong in thinking this was the first insta-built building ever? I can’t remember if there has been a building that didn’t require a time countdown for it to be built.

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