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Where Did THAT Come From – Sponsored Church (AND A BUDDHIST BONUS)

Hey there holiday tappers! Howzit? So TSTO is officially in White Christmas mode and the snow is a’falling. I don’t know about you but I love my town covered in snow. As a Southern California resident, I like the snow I can oooh and aaah over without being cold or shoveling it. Of course with a brand new event comes brand new stuff to chat about. My favorite part is of course re-watching Simpsons episodes and then sharing with you just where THAT comes from. For this edition, let’s take a look at the Sponsored Church.

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Math Of Earning Presents

Hey there Grumples.

Here we are another new Event and here you all are panicking you just can’t make it or get enough of items to complete the requirements. Well, as usual, here is some Math to help you out and see how YOU can make it by just playing the TSTO Christmas Event.


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Santa Daily Tasks, Elf Tunnels Tunnels 10

Now hopefully you all are back in your games now. Some of you may have to log back in again. In case you missed all the fun…SEE HERE! 😉

Hey All You Merry Grumples! 😛

Here we are again with the Elf Tunnels aka Santa Daily Tasks.

Santa 1
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Oh Bart!!!


So of course EA don’t want me to sleep,  so what do they do? CRASH IT ALL!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!

Come on EA. I got a flight. PLEASE FIX!!! 😉


So by now you ALL know it’s down. Bart all over. Games randomly logged out all over. Tears. Phones hitting walls and floors. Loud screams. Hair pulling. And that’s just at my place. Lol.

We’ll I’m hoping this is something simple and they come back up soon. Cuz you can’t even get in the help desk or forums. So hang in there. I’m sure the red lights at TSTO central are going nuts right now.

I’m sure y’all will have to log back in again when it comes back. I’ve been having to all day.


Looks like we may be slowly coming back again. Give it time to fully restore. Contact them if you must but know there still may be issues on the support side of things.

Again…this is a S L O W process while they try to get millions back on. So don’t all rush it or it’ll just crash again. Give then time to fully fix it. Try in a few hours even.  It will be a trickle effect. Not everyone will get right back on. Patience (yah right)  😉