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It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas…

Hey there Hoppereenos. It is just about that time. Time where our towns start to get a lil sprinkle of white. The characters get all silly. Sparkly lights shine round the town.

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Where Did THAT Come From – Stomach Staples Center

“Holy G-force Batman… the blood’s rushing to my head!”

Back alley rhinoplasty? Tummy-tuck combo with calf implants on the side? French thighs? What the heck is going on in my beloved Springfield? Well my fellow tappereenos, looks like EA decided to go full L.A. culture on us and added a plastic surgery center to our games lol. I thought it only appropriate to let y’all know just where the new Thanksgiving Event building comes from. Let’s take a look at the origin of the Stomach Staples Center.

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Tappers 101- Vandalism, Tagging, Spray Paint

Bunny here. Putting on my glasses, getting out my pocket protector, and getting my magic fingers and thumbs ready to type those zeroes and ones. Basically…it’s Nerdy Time!!

For whatever various reasons, our game likes to frak with our minds and heads and nothing seems to quite go right. We panic. Throw our device. Scream. Yell. There may be many tears as well.  Just slowly take your thumbs/fingers off the device or you may crack the screen. Lol.  It’s ok. I am here to help. All of us are. Promise.

Sample 2

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Addicts Guidelines Overview

Hey there Hoppereenos. Just bouncing by to direct you to something that we felt needs to be looked at now and then. The Guidelines we at the Addicts set out to achieve across our sites and ask our awesome readers to follow as well. (Once again, much THANKS and appreciation to Wandering Caveman for the AWESOME pics!!)TSTO_Addicts_Alissa

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