Episode Reminder: I Won’t Be Home For Christmas

Hey there Hoppereenos. Just bouncing by to remind you all that there is a New Simpsons Episode today. I Won’t Be Home For Christmas. I_Won't_Be_Home_For_Christmas_promo_4


This will include a silly couch gag and an episode tie in to our silly lil game. A tie in to a VERY popular kids show right now. Won’t they just let it go?


You can also see additional clips here from the episode.


What do YOU think is going to happen in the episode? Excited to see them spoof the popular movie Frozen? Let the speculations begin below in the comments.


21 responses to “Episode Reminder: I Won’t Be Home For Christmas

  1. That Intro to Couch gag segment was epic funny … especially our favorite School Bus Driver enjoying his candy cane (lol) 🙂

  2. Do you have any idea if they will continue the princess quest line for Martin? Because so far I had only one task for him in that costume, and it was marked as “Part 1”. Somehow I still expect at least a “Part 2″…

  3. Thanks for posting the clips. It will be ages before we get that episode in the UK. Will show them to my children later, DD loves Frozen!

  4. I like the episode. I thought it was a good one. I never saw ‘Frozen’ so the couch gag didn’t really have any real meaning or impact on me, but that’s okay. What I didn’t get was Martin in his Ice Princess dress. I thought this was a tie-in to this episode, but I don’t recall seeing Martin or his Ice Princess dress at all in this episode, unless I blinked somewhere in it.

  5. Michelle Valentin

    Where do i go to answer the episode question in game? Thanks

  6. The intro was the best part, the rest was forgettable

  7. Love the couch gag! I hope the rest of the episode lives up to the creativity they put into the opening sequence.

  8. Yes i am having the same problem, haven’t been able to connect all day 🙁

  9. I play on a Android device my game isn’t loading is anyone else having issues?

  10. Chalkboard text: “Reindeer meat does not taste like chicken.” Well, no. It tastes like venison, obviously. That’s kind of what the word venison means: meat from a deer.

  11. Thanks 4 the reminder! The DVR is set.

  12. Meh, the spoof was lame.
    Good opening though

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