Where Did THAT Come From – Bonestorm Santa

Hey there holiday tappers! Howzit? So TSTO is officially in White Christmas mode and the snow is a’falling. I don’t know about you but I love my town covered in snow. As a Southern California resident, I like the snow I can oooh and aaah over without being cold or shoveling it. Of course with a brand new event comes brand new stuff to chat about. My favorite part is of course re-watching Simpsons episodes and then sharing with you just where THAT comes from. For this edition, let’s take a look at Bonestorm Santa.

Bone Storm Santa

Once you acquire 10,800 presents in the game (the seventh Part 1 prize), Bonestorm Santa joins your town as a Non-Playable Character (NPC). But what the heck does a super macho Santa have to do with your Springfield? Well, to answer that question we head into the “glory” days of the Simpsons to “Marge Be Not Proud” (S7:E11).

It seems the EA designers liked commercials and shows within the show for content this year and Bonestorm Santa is no exception. For anyone unacquainted, this episode is a Christmas episode and revolves around Bart getting caught shoplifting and disappointing Marge pretty badly. Marge stops coddling Bart as much but it of course it all ends well in the end beacuse that’s the hallmark of the show… heart. I really think it’s a great episode to watch.

But… there’s a point to all this, right Wookiee? Of course dear reader. The point is in answering why Bart would shoplift in the first place? To get the Bonestorm video game of course! Bart discovers the game during a commercial while watching Krusty.

Krusty Kinda Kristmas

The commercial is super intense. Bored kids play a video game and Bonestorm Santa comes crashing in through the wall complete with snarling reindeer. Santa bazookas the Bonestorm game into their gaming console and we see a very bloody video game that resembles a certain Mortal Kombat game kids like me were crazy about in the 90s.

Bonestorm Santa

“You want excitement? Shove this up your stocking!”

“So tell your folks: ‘Buy me Bonestorm or go to Hell!'”

Bonestorm Santa 2

I must say that Bart did try to get Marge to get him the game but saying “buy me Bonestorm or go to hell” probably wasn’t the best strategy. Doesn’t help that Milhouse has the game but won’t share. Stupid Thrillho! When Bart can’t buy it or rent it for himself at the Android’s Dungeon and witnesses another spoiled kid getting two copies at the Try-N-Save so he doesn’t have to share, what’s a delinquent kid to do?

Bonestorm Santa 3

Shoplifting is bad but it did bring us store detective Don Brodka so not a complete loss, right? That’s about it my friends. Another NPC from a commercial/video game for Christmas 2014. Hope y’all are getting lots of FBI surveillance in your towns and getting lots of presents. Stay classy and Happy Festivus!

TTFN… Wookiee out!

Bone Storm Santa 1

BONUS: You can also find Santa’s Workshop and the Simpsons snowpeople in this episode.

22 responses to “Where Did THAT Come From – Bonestorm Santa

  1. *Thrillhouse, not Thrillho

  2. I just wished they had released Lee Carvallo for his putting challenge instead.

  3. Hi just a quick question in my main world I seem to have a problem with Feds! I noticed I hadn’t had any for near on 24 hours so I synchronized game few times etc when into my second world and when I tried to put Feds in my main town it said that town was overrun so went back to my main world cleared three Feds and IT said my town was safe again I know we can have up to 20 Feds in a town so I’m not entirely sure I’m getting Feds to generate I have near on 100 friends and a couple who I know have said my town is always saying its full when I know it’s not has anyone come across this?

    • Interesting…it could be a glitch. When you cleared the 3 were you able to put more into your town? You’ll have to play around with it and see if it says it’s overrun again etc.

      If it continues I’d contact EA and let them know what’s going on. I know I have a few neighbors that always say they’re overrun, but I always see Feds running everywhere in their towns.

    • The same thing happened to me last weekend and I contacted EA. The person who assisted me said I would have to call back during the week. I was Fed-less for 18 hours when they suddenly started to show again. I called on Monday to let them know about it but since it had already resolved itself, they couldn’t see it happening. If you need to contact them, it is much easier using the “call me” option during the week. Wish you luck!

  4. Just watched this ep earlier tonight because I wanted to see its origin (I had forgotten the details of that ep). Was able to do that because Roku just added the FXNow app, which means I can now watch every Simpsons episode ever whenever I want! 😀 😀

    Moderation had been very quiet tonight…I hope it’s because y’all decided to take some time to have a personal life and not because something’s wrong. 😯

  5. Unlock Bonestorm Santa or go to Hell!

  6. Dont really like this NPC. I only took it out of storage for the quest but put it right back in after I got my 100 presents.

  7. Is there a limit to the number of presents you can get from friends’ towns in a day? I am just going through and my friends’ towns and realized my agents are not producing presents anymore… seem to recall experiencing this in the past with other events too…

  8. I have a question pertaining the Christmas event – what old content has returned (other than what was released on the first day)? I’m holding out home for the Elf Home, Elf ride, Mall, Skating Rink, and Costingtons, but I haven’t seen them yet. Have I missed them?

  9. ” that’s the hallmark of the show… heart.”. Really? You think “heart” is the hallmark of the show? Have I been watching a different family for the past 25+ years? I seriously think Mr. Groening would have a different answer for that, especially for the early years.

  10. Is anyone able to access the game today? I can’t on either my tablet nor my phone. Do any of the tsto members know what’s going on?

  11. So did EA’s servers crash again? Haven’t been able to get on for about an hour.

  12. Do you know of any glitches? I can’t log onto Simpson world.

  13. 2015 xmas better bring us Don Brodka, if not sooner…

  14. That episode was good, I love that FXX is showing Simpsons now.

    I actually have a problem; I can’t seem to ge into the game anymore. I get the Bart screen. I’ve reset my tablet, too, but still goes to the Bart screen. Anyone else having this issue?

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