And the Winners Are…..

Hey Howdy Hey Gift Grabbing Tappers!

The finalists have been announced, the votes have been tallied and we officially have our Addicts Show Us Your Lights Holiday Contest Winners!

First, we want to take a minute to thank everyone who entered and everyone who voted!  You guys truly are amazing and this contest, site & community wouldn’t be nearly as fun with out you & your participation.  So THANK YOU!!!

Now…enough rambling from me onto the winners…


Our 3rd Place Winner….winner of a Truckload of 300 Donuts (in the form of a $25 iTunes, Amazon or Google Play Gift Card)…
Entry #9 from Walking Dead Head


Our 2nd Place Winner….winner of a Store Full of 900 Donuts (in the form of a $50 iTunes, Amazon or Google Play Gift Card)…
Entry #8 from Susan


And our Grand Prize 1st Place Winner….Winner of a BOATLOAD of 2,400 donuts (in the form of a $100 iTunes, Amazon or Google Play Gift Card)…
Entry #2 from Chris W


If you’re one of the top 3 please email with your platform of choice (iTunes, Amazon or Google) & your country by Friday December 26th at 8am EST and we’ll get back to you with the gift card information. 

Note: we will not be sending gift card information today or tomorrow (12/25)…as we’ll be away with our families.  But, as long as you get the information to us…we’ll be sure to send it to you on Friday 12/26.

Here’s how the rest of the top 10 did:
10th Place- Entry #4
9th Place- Entry #3
8th Place- Entry #7
7th Place- Entry #5
6th Place- Entry #1
5th Place- Entry #6
4th Place– Entry #10

Congratulations to all our winners and everyone in our Top 10! All of your Christmas designs were amazing and we loved seeing all of your creativity! And thank you to EVERYONE who entered the Holiday Contest! We promise to have more contests in the near future, we honestly love seeing how creative each and every one of you are!

What did YOU think of the designs?  Thoughts on the winning ones?  Any designs inspire you?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!

19 responses to “And the Winners Are…..

  1. I will play tstao for the rest of my life. I spent hundreds of dollars and will continue to do so

  2. Walking Dead Head love what you did with the castle stuff will definately use this idea.

  3. Congratulations to all the winners

  4. Great job everyone!

    Here’s a burrito for your efforts: :burrito:

  5. Congrats to the winners! You all did a great job!

    A big Merry Christmas to the staff here at TSTOAddicts! Thanks for everything you do for us!

  6. I would’ve reversed the order of these 3. Still though, congrats to all the winners, they all look fantastic! Much better than I’d ever be capable of, haha.

  7. Thanks everyone that voted for all of us. I was definitely not confident with all the great entries in the contest, and honored to have done so well. Great job everyone!

  8. I’ve heard that for phase 2 we don’t tap Feds to get presents but we will have to collect lots of updog. Is this true? I m 1/2 way to getting 3 donuts

  9. Can’t believe I missed this contest (that’s work for you, you can’t check blogs) but what a nice prizes! Congrats to the Winners!

  10. Congrats to the winners and a happy xmas to all tappers have a good one , last bit of advice don’t let the problems of the game spoil your xmas as these are not tamagotchi (in other words they won’t die if u can’t or choose not to log in)I think my Springfield will be resting and enjoying a few days off I doubt anyone will be playing this tommorow!!!

  11. Good job winners!! Your entries were some of the best! 7th place isn’t that bad, I guess.

  12. Why? I mean, it wasn’t one of my top choices, but why did it bother you enough this want to make that comment?

  13. LOL – The two I had it narrowed down to came in first and second, with my favorite taking the grand prize! Although I thought the Santa head was amazing, there was something about not only the wonderful Christmas tree in the winning design, but the general neatness of that one that made it beautiful to look at and, for some reason, always made me smile when I looked at it. It was that involuntary smile that tipped the scales for me for that one.

    I was surprised, however, that the one with the hockey rink didn’t come in third, not because that’s what I would have chosen necessarily, but because I thought it engendered the most positive comments in the Comments section!

    But, as I said before, there were lots of great entries, and all 10 (plus at least one more small one that I was sorry to see didn’t make the top 10) of the creators of those should be quite proud! 🙂

  14. Those top 3 designs are amazing! Congrats to you all, you definitely deserve your prizes

  15. I liked entry #9 the best but am glad they placed. I’m always amazed by people’s ability to simulate 3D with the game. Good job to all contestants.

  16. Congratulations winners! I was thrilled to of been in the running with all these great designs. 5th place, not too shabby! Merry Christ All!

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