Where Did THAT Come From – Cabin Fever & Snowmen

In our silly lil game, we sometimes see things pop in that we have no clue as to their Origin. They seem familiar, but we just can’t pinpoint from where. So that is why we decided to make a fun lil reminder out of it. To let you know just Where did THAT Come From?

Burns Fever SnowmanFever Cabinico_xmas2014_prize_homerfeversnowman_md

This post I will be going over the Origin of the Fever Cabin aka Cabin Fever and Snowmen. Why is it in our games? What does it have to do with winter? Anything exciting happen there? Let’s dive into the Simpsons TV Series to find out more.

Season 8, Episode 12: Mountain of Madness
Mr. Burns if feeling kinda bored at work. Wants to do a little something to liven up the place. How about some kind of drill? Fire Drill it is. Of course all the employees miserably fail the Fire Drill. After 15 minutes no one made it out the door… until Homer runs out and locks everyone else inside.

Burns has had enough, so he decides on a Corporate Retreat in the mountains to learn about Team Work. So Homer tells the family he has to cancel their plans and instead takes them with him on the Retreat at Mt. Useful. He seems to be the only one that brought his family. He thought he was supposed to.

Smithers announces that everyone will be broken into teams and have to use maps to make their way to a cabin hidden in the woods. Burns announces the last team…gets fired. Burns and Smithers join in on the pairing up too. Even Zutroy is there to be paired up with Phong. Simpson gets paired up with Mr. Burns. WOOHOO!!

Homer and Burns trek through the snow, when Burns offers a chance to “cut the trip short”. Homer insists that they cheat after being convinced by Burns. Meanwhile Bart and Lisa have managed to join Smithers on his trek through the snow.

Homer and Burns are the first to the Cabin, of course. Burns fires up the electricity and turns on the Propane to get the place warmed up. While Bart and Lisa are really slowing down Smithers. Burns and Homer are cozy in the Cabin enjoying the snacks and drinks left there for everyone. Homer is teaching Burns how to be even lazier as they sit there waiting. They toast their Champagne glasses…which triggers an avalanche that completely covers the Cabin. Burns attempts to use the old telegraph machine in the Cabin to call for help. Unfortunately the other end of it is in the run down and forgotten Museum. Fever Cabin

Lenny and Carl then stumble on where the Cabin SHOULD be, but of course…nothing but snow around. So they move on not realizing layers underneath Burns and Homer are trying to tunnel out. They make it to the top of the snow, but their cheers start yet again another avalanche. Back in the Cabin they go. Every lil noise seems to bring more and more snow. Literally every word.

All the rest of the group find their way to ANOTHER Cabin thinking it is the same one they needed to go to, but no Mr. Burns. Something is definitely wrong. Back at the Cabin, Homer and Burns are passing time by making Snowmen…but something is missing. They staged off Cabin Fever for a few hours. What to do? Why take all their clothes off in freezing weather to put them on to the Snowmen. Seems logical. Not Cabin Fever at all. Not. At. All. Lol. Fever Cabin Snowmen

Burns starts to hallucinate the Snowmen are eyeballing them, judging them, making fun of them. Homer is a bit worried. He thought they were just Snowmen. Burns explains they want them to think that…then just when they don’t expect it…WHAP!! The two become more and more feverish in their thoughts. Paranoia takes over. They think the other will kill. More and more hallucinations. Burns promises to fight off Homer with his army of Snowmen. Homer with his Political Party, even Abe Lincoln is there, King Tut, and Gandhi.

The two start to brawl and fight all around the Cabin. Burns knocks Homer into the Propane tank lodged into the side of the Cabin. Burns strikes at him again, but misses and hits the tank. This ignites it and launches the Cabin out of the snow coverage and off down the mountainside. The Cabin comes to a stop right next to the Ranger Cabin where everyone else was held up in. Fever Cabin Ranger Cabin

In the end, the workers learned about teamwork…while Burns and Homer are completely nuts. But we already knew that.

So two items at the beginning of the Elf Tunnels and one at the End came right from the Simpsons TV Series and into our silly lil games. What do you think of the Snowmen? Find a home for them? Did you put them next to the Cabin? Add a few extra “trash” Propane tanks around it? Lol. Let us know.


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  1. The amount of land I have doesn’t allow for a “mountain” like I originally wanted for the cabin, but I surrounded the cabin in trees with propane tanks by the tank that comes with I it. Out in front of it I have the snowmen leading up to a small gap in the trees into my Christmas section. I think it’s cool. My Christmas section is kinda crowded, but when I expand it’ll grow into the little village I want.

  2. That’s funny, I,got the blue Snowman, but I never remember seeing the red Snowman, and it’s not in my inventory, I’ve been putting all the winter stuff in one area, was I,supposed to get Two Snowman? Or just a random color?

  3. This episode has my favorite quote from Mr. Burns. After Homer tells him he’s the richest guy he knows, way richer than Lenny, Mr. Burns responds “yes, but I’d trade it all for a little more.” Wouldn’t we all Monty, wouldn’t we all? 😀

  4. Is anyone else missing their daily reward? Yesterday I was in and out of the game every 1-2 hours then mid afternoon got a notification that I need to log in only have 1 hour left edits I miss my daily reward and logged in instantly and got nothing. Then today still no daily reward.

  5. That safety drill was priceless !!

  6. Is it ok to buy donuts right now since I see a lot of complaints about people not getting them and I don’t wanna miss out on Gil’s deal? Please help.

  7. Another server crash, things were fine this morning, but now I can’t get past the Bart screen. Are there propane tanks in the decorations? Must have missed that one, and not I can’t get in to my game to check it out.

  8. I remember that episode and just saw it again during the fx marathon.. I need to place my snowmen there.. But for some reason I placed the flaming tanks and it turned out perfect

  9. Is it ok to buy donuts right now since I see a lot of complaints about people not getting them and I don’t wanna miss out on Gil’s deal? Please help.

  10. I loved that episode! Haven’t seen it in ages!

    Hope the addicts team had a very merry Christmas!

  11. That’s cool. I couldn’t figure out why there weren’t more snowmen lol. Does the cabin only let off smoke? Because I think I have the perfect spot for it. And now I’ll also add a lot of tanks to it lol.

  12. I was struggling to remember the origin of the snowmen and the cabin! I now remember this episode rather clearly 🙂 Many thanks.

  13. Thanks! Now that I know that the ⛄️⛄️ are from the same episode, I’m definitely gonna see if I can make room for them near the cabin!

  14. What a jolly read this article was
    Thank you for publishing it
    May other Tappers admire the article With merriment
    Tis the season to tap tap tap those Elves n’ Bells
    Collect the Cog Wheels and enjoy Quest Prizes 🙂

  15. Right now, my snowmen are warming themselves by a fire in the Christmas area, but perhaps they will find their way to the fever cabin!

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