Kwik E Mart & Sideshow You “Issues” Update

Hey there Hoppereenos!

Bouncing by for some quick updates on two questions we keep seeing over and over (we did post about them already). Sideshow You & Kwik-E-Mart.

sideshow you TSTO KrustylandKwik-E-Mart_Tapped_Out


Neither building is working the way it did normally. So to put these in one spot and help direct players to this one location instead of the multiple posts, here again is the information…

Kwik E Mart stopped paying rent when the Christmas 2014 Event started. You can ONLY use the Scratch-R feature right now. A call to EA will give you the run around. It is very specifically noted when I looked (and still noted as of this post) that they INTENTIONALLY disabled this feature. I will not go into more details then that. In other words, there may be an issue they found while testing the Event with this or a conflict with the game causing problems during the Event for it. Either way, don’t expect to collect any money on it until EA is able to put the function back. We will update you if/when that happens.

Sideshow You in Krustyland stopped allowing the ability to Pop Balloons. There is a link we have been sending everyone to in the EA Forums, but I want everyone to see this comment specifically (thanks burghbaby)…


Short story long, BOTH buildings are disabled and will continue to be disabled until at least after the Christmas 2014 Event is over. So please do not worry about troubleshooting these two items. Your game is not broke. Contacting EA won’t really do much other than them tell you it is a “known issue”, but reach out to them if you really feel you haveΒ to.

Feel free to continue reporting it on the forums too if you’d like, otherwise…just sit tight until EA figures out just what exactly there are going to do with these two buildings to get them functioning again. Either way, we will let you know once a change happens. πŸ™‚


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  1. They both work now obviously what was the reason they did it
    Anyone know just curious

  2. Hmmm… Currently nothing else to do so I figures I’d keep busy by coming over here. So here goes.

    Just reading the post here and it makes me wonder if EA will compensate us for the loss to earn on these shops. I mean, that for every 24h in a day, I’m loosing a maximum of $7,200 (if I’ve got nothing else to do in life but to tap and wait and tap and wait every 3 minutes @200%). As for Sideshow You, for every 24 hours in a day, there are 3 games (1 every 8h). Now, without going into to much scientific calculations, every 300 games of baloon popping brings donuts. By playing once every 8h, I get to the donut baloon prize every 10 days. Now, I’m not sure as to how many days the glitch has been going on for, but that is a lot of Cash&Donuts that I’m missing on.

    Now, im done being smart here, and I thank you for reading down to here, of course, I’m sure EA will compensate us for the “inconvenience caused”. Also, not sure this comment was necessary but I had nothing else to do while my pizza is in the oven, getting ready for sacrifice.

    (Diiiing!!) – Got to go!

    • It would be nice if there was a payout but I’m not gonna hold my breath. I just hope the two are brought back for all of us.

    • You mean that you get to the donut baloon prize every 100 days.
      That are a lot less donuts…

    • That’s my thing. I know I was close to getting the doughnut payout from Sideshow You when the glitch hit. Plus, I would like the extra Krustyland tickets that I’m missing. It would be nice to get a little bit of something out of their glitches!

  3. I also for the past 4 days haven’t been able to log into the game. Sometimes it’s hours. It’s very annoying

  4. Thats so annoying. It would be one thing if the prizes and event were good, but I am so bored by the current event and its prizes. The only one that slightly interests me is the skin for Ralph. I don’t even normally store decorations out of season (I make little themed park areas), but most of this stuff is already going into storage. I would rather have normal functions back.

  5. I was able to access the game this morning – then kept getting server connection crashes that has kept me out of the game for hours – I tried all trouble-shooting tips and still crashing – not impressed 😑 – anybody else having the same issues?

  6. My elf canon has failed to fire for two days now. Glitch? It shows the prompt when it is ready, and it counts down the time OK, but nothing happens when you try to fire it, it just resets the timer.

  7. My game keeps crashing. Everytime I click the daily bonus, it shuts down. I’m so annoyed because I will miss getting bells. Lol. Anyway, have any you experiencing that as well?

  8. When I had major connectivity issues on Christmas I notified EA.
    As a sidenote I had mentioned that my Sideshow Me building was no longer offering the ability to ‘pop’ ballons.
    They said they were working on this.
    I appreciate this post and had I not thought that it was just an anomaly on my device, I would have notified TSTO addicts sooner to see if this was an across the board problem.
    I learned my lesson and an important childhood action to revisit…
    It’s called sharing.
    Thanks Bunny

  9. Don’t really care about the Kwik E Mart missing payment, but the missing balloons is costing us between 5 to 10 donuts! πŸ˜–

    Recently I’ve been able to wake up early and play Sideshow You 3 times a day, so I was getting 5 free every 10 days.

  10. I was hoping they were setting it up so you could buy stuff from your and your friends’ Kwik E Marts. Hence trying to retrieve items from the server, and that you get a dialogue in friends’ towns when tapping on it.

  11. And the same problem is with placing the rivers too

  12. What about the retirement castle and Springfield elementary? Those stopped paying out beginning of part 1 as well.

  13. I am not able to build new roads or delete roads, my game freezes when I try to do both. Please help me! This has been going on for a few weeks now

    • Sounds like you may have something else going on. Possibly TOO much in your town causing a memory drain. Try some troubleshooting for issues on crashing and lagging in the game.

      Store items away. Store NPCs away. Keep characters on indoor tasks as much as possible.

      Keep room on your device for the game (3-4GB). Stay connected to a good strong signal, WiFi is usually best. Kill any other apps running on your device before you launch TSTO and make sure it is the ONLY One running.

  14. I’ve lost everything! Well, not everything, but the last several hours of tapping. It failed to save, then it failed to save again, then it failed to save one more time. I’ve visited all of my neighbors twice, and now I’m going to have to do it a third time. All of the progress on my assigned tasks, elf zapping, cannon firing… Ugh. πŸ™

    Every time it fails to save, EA should give us ten donuts to speed up the tasks that we were working on. Just build it into the code. Thanks. πŸ™‚

  15. Since one of the most recent updates ice noticed that Moe’s Tavern also isn’t paying out. I can still send people there to drink and collect the money from these tasks when done, but Moe’s itself isn’t paying out, just like the Kwik E Mart. Is it just me, or are others finding this too?

  16. I really do miss popping balloons! Looking forward to having it back :p

  17. Three is also another glaring glitch I’ve noticed that’s Part of the Christmas Event!
    When you go to the screen to visit other towns, there are three stats showing you what your Neighbors have collected, but so far only Bells Collected show, the other two that are supposed to,show Bottled Elvs and Gears Collected in all 100 of my friends towns still show 0.
    And I know Bunny and Wooke should have more than 0 Bottled Elves 0 gears showing, and it’s been this way since the event started.

    Any word on this?

    • I think it is intentional. Not a glitch. But if it is supposed to show… they have so much more going on right now, I am more concerned on items actually broke and things actually not working then an “image not showing” glitch. Lol. Gaming houses are usually the same mind set too. Images eventually get fixed…but…they will NOT be priority.

  18. Is it just me that had problems with the Kwik-E-Mart for months before they stopped it paying out? I keep getting a siren kind of noise, then a black box saying ‘retrieving items…’, then after a good minute or two it tells me there was a problem, after which I may or may not get to scratch the card. It started ages ago & it’s really annoying, especially if I accidentally tap it when I’m going for something else!

  19. This seems to be a pretty buggy update overall. I miss my balloons, and I’ve had a new bug pop up where I went to fire my cannon, no animation took place, no elves were deducted, but now the cannon says it won’t be ready to fire again for 3 hours (my current wait time). Hopefully this is just an annoying one time bug, as an inability to fire elves will really make this update hard to complete.

  20. I was wondering if anyone has nuke their town? I’ve been playing for almost 2yrs & have had so many new items. I’m scared to do it & lose anything I have purchased or won in that time. I’m not sure if should store it or start over. I want to do this when the Xmas event ends & before valentines starts. Thanks.

  21. Bunny, thanks for reading my mind! I’ve had a problem with the sideshow bob balloon game for a couple of weeks now and was finally going to post a comment to see if I was the only when when, boom, the first article on the page is directly addressing the issue. Thanks for all your hard work and providing us tap addicts our fix, it’s much appreciated.

    Keep it up and happy new year!

    • Lol. I had linked another few posts to the issue and to the Forums a while back, but people keep asking. So, secluded the two to just here. πŸ˜‰

  22. What about the Zutroy-glitch, are there any updates on that one? I’m sorry if it has been posted before. My boyfriend got the pop up that he was in his game, but Zutroy himself is nowhere to be found. Not even through the census from Town Hall.

  23. I still think it’s worth contacting EA about these and other issue’s (like the Server down times). I contacted EA for both the Sideshow You and Server issue’s. In both cases I was compensated with 15 doughnuts (30 total!). I contacted EA via the “Contact EA” button on the EA Help site (with a request for an e-mail response) in regards to the Sideshow You issue. And I called EA for the server issue’s. The guy I talked to in regards to the server issue’s was going to give me 10 doughnuts, but felt so bad that I had to sit on hold for so long that he gave me 5 extra doughnuts. So I think it’s worth complaining to EA if you want to get a few extra doughnuts.

    Your results may vary from mine. I make no guarantee’s you will get 30 doughnuts too.

  24. I’m more concerned woth the fact its gonna take up to 14 days for Google to refund my money for donuts I didn’t receive and how EA never made an attempt to contact me

    • Not sure what that has to do with these two buildings, maybe more appropriate comment for the Glitch page, but same response from me…contact them. They ONLY contact you via email and usually to tell you the case is closing or an update on it. So…stay on them.

      • I was just saying why stress off the maybe $1000 in in game currency a day when people spent real life money floating in limbo.

        • And I am pointing out that we have specific posts for specific topics of information. It is NOT blowing off the other issue. Just allowing each one to get it’s focus. It is how our site here works. We like to keep the content about the post, otherwise what is the point of us spending time on details and information if there is no structure to it? The other post is set up with SPECIFIC info on the issue you are discussing and other players are there commenting on their results. So…all the SAME issue and it helps out each other as it is focused on it. You can learn from what others are doing and their results be keeping that kind of focus.

          Would you prefer EA to talk to you in a room full of 1000 other people? Or one on one as your issue may have nothing to do with the 1000 of others? I get you are upset and want an issue handled, but don’t down play our work on our site and the time and effort we do put into it.

          If you want an issue taken care of, take it out on EA…not our site. That is unfair. If they are falling through, contact them. Stay on top of them until it is resolved. Don’t yell at us. We can’t fix it. Don’t take your anger out on those trying to help. πŸ™‚

    • You should have done the “call me” option for the issue. That is what I did and I received both my donuts plus a bonus for the trouble. I also wrote in for the server issue and received a bonus as well. Now to decide if I want to get more and report this issue was well. I mean, free donuts are free donuts.

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