Elf Bell Prizes: Breaking Down the Elf Bottler

Hey Howdy Hey My Elfish Tappers!

Well….unless you’ve been partying a little too hard you know that Elves have taken over Springfield!  Elves work hard and party even harder…so much so that even Santa bailed on Springfield!  It’s your job to contain the Elves and send them back to the North Pole.  In doing so you’ll earn Elf Bells..which will give you some awesome prizes!

With this event EA is repeating a similar prize structure to what they did for Halloween, only more prizes, and releasing the event (and prizes) in stages.  For the second phase, which lasts until the event ends (Jan 14th), you can win 8 prizes by collecting Elf Bells.  The third prize awarded at 3,700 Bells is the Elf Bottler.

2014-12-27 05.55.38

Let’s take a closer look at this bottler and just what happens when you win it in your Springfield…


WARNING Mild Dialogue Spoilers Ahead

Once you’ve collected 3,700 Elf Bells the Elf Bottler will automatically be awarded to you and you’ll see this popup:

2014-12-27 06.01.24

Much like Friendship Prizes, if you’re visiting a neighbor when you hit the 3,700 Bell mark this message will still popup and your zapper will be waiting for you in your inventory once you get back to your Springfield.

Unlike the other prizes…the Elf Bottler will NOT be placed in your inventory.  Instead it’ll automatically appear in your game & you’ll see it in the top right corner of your screen:

2014-12-27 06.35.40

You don’t need to tap it to activate it…it’s already activated in your town.  Simply hold down on the screen and it’ll start up.

2014-12-27 06.35.45

You’ll see these bolts on your screen when active:


After you’ve won it some dialogue from Professor Frink will popup.  You will then be prompted with the task for it.  Here’s the full rundown:

Elf Bottler

Frink: Ga-hoy, it’s me again.  I’d like to help you with an amazing invention to speed up catching elves.
Wiggum: Thanks, labcoat, but I think we can handle this through old-fashioned police work: tasering.
Frink: But that’s what this is!  A giant taser tuned precisely to the metabolism of elves.
Wiggum: You’ve done it again, you fantastic brainoid! 
Catch Elves withe the Elf Bottler-

Completed Task Earns 100 Elf Bells and 10XP

So here’s the deal with the Elf Bottler:

-Designed to help you speed up catching elves.
-Hold down the screen to activate and keep your finger down as you move across your town to catch all the Elves.
-No conform-o-meter impact.

So that about covers all the details on this Elf Stunner!

What do YOU think of the Elf Bottler?  Are you enjoying using it or are you still tapping 1 at a time? Thoughts on the way the Event is set up this time around? Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!

52 responses to “Elf Bell Prizes: Breaking Down the Elf Bottler

  1. Don’t work I holding button down n cant move around the screen then shows message telling what its for

    I’d like to say that the bottler sucks, but it doesn’t, it zaps. And perhaps that is the problem. The previous collection tools have all been more of a vacuum based item and sucked things in. This one zaps…and there are gaps between the zaps, which means that I frequently go right over an elf without collecting it. I almost never use it.

  3. The link on how to bottle elves is really useless to most who KNOW, because the bottler does not work properly. Honestly. This was a uselessaddition to the game and it needs to end sooner than the 13th.

  4. I am not using the bottler because it takes too many tries to capture the elf. I find tapping each one works best for me. I wish it worked like other zappers I the past. I have a question about cogs…I earn two cogs but not with each captured elf. I can’t seem to figure out when I can expect them.

  5. how often do the elves appear

  6. I cannot get my ELF bottler to function

  7. Elf bottler not working

  8. I’m not happy with this. Doesn’t even show up half the time and when it does, just goes to the corner of the screen. doesn’t pick up anything.

  9. My Elf Bottler works on my Kindle but not at all on the Samsung Galaxy Note 4

  10. Anyone else running out of ‘bottled Elf’ to blast?

    • Yup! I’m thinking about offering to handle New York and New Jersey’s unwanted bottled elves. 😉

  11. I’m still tapping them one by one, because bottler misses so many. Really disepointed with this prize, was expecting it to make it easier to capture the elves, but it’s not really helping. I am however really liking this event, just not this particular prize.

  12. My elves aren’t increasing rapidly to keep pace iwth firing the cannon on my Moto G. My Kindle FIre HD and a generic Android tablet have no trouble keeping up, in fact, they have accumulated over 200 elves and I fire the cannon pretty much every time it is cooled dwn. Glitch???

  13. Just killing little elves with a *cough* reskin *cough* brings back Easter memories. Agghhh. Cogwheels Galore

  14. Meh…

    If this one worked as well as the bunny zapper from Easter 2014, I’d be really happy. But like others, I’m disappointed in the number of elves this zapper misses.

  15. I had a small ‘glitch’ happen. after I completed the second ‘O cannonbaum’ (or how ever it was spelled), the next level didn’t show up. Did this happen to anybody else.

    sorry for this being off topic from the post. I just had to put it somewhere.

  16. But etamni!
    I have little green poos & vomit all over my Springfield!!! Who’s gonna clean all that up? Willie refuses! Keeps waving a union contract around and cursing things I can’t understand! And you can’t walk anywhere in Moe’s Bar without slipping on your arse! Customers are having to crawl to the bathrooms! And not for the usual reasons!!
    The only upside is that Mr. Burns is looking into seeing if it can be used in the reactors as some sort of weird magical fuel… If we can find someone to gather it all up that is!
    Hmmmm…. I wonder if Lisa needs an environmental merrit badge… 😏

  17. The elf bottler is more trouble than its worth – really hard to use on my Samsung…. Hey, so I have a random question: is anyone else suddenly missing Todd Flanders?? He is nowhere to be found in my town or inventory, and cannot be located using town hall. I tried storing the putt putt to retrieve him with no luck – not even a warning that he may be stored as other buildings do with their characters. Rod is still hanging out though, currently playing bible blaster I believe…. Really bizarre, was just wondering if anyone else has this problem or suggestions to fix it… Thanks 🙂

  18. What you can do with the elf bottler is that you can tap on the screen and once you see the electricity you don’t have to keep tapping you can drag your finger and use the elf bottler everywhere. Also I saw the swear word too today and in was in the dialogue with professor frink talking about the elf bottler it might have been a small mistake or glitch.

  19. I have the same issue with this that I had with the bunny zapper back from Easter, it refuses to initiate it’s zapping a good amount of time and I have to keep trying to finally get it to kick in.

    To make matters worse, this seems to have a much smaller range than the Easter incarnation and only works if the sparks directly touch the elves. I remember the bunny zapper having a higher area of effect, but maybe I’m just remembering wrong since you had an extremely higher rate of bunnies than elves scattered in town.

  20. Ok I have a “Duhh” comment ! The elf bottled almost had me tearing out my hair. Kindle users pay attention —when you get the icon in the corner and tap it you will get the dialogue screen press “Ok ” now this is where I messed up before- DO NOT PUT YOUR FINGER BACK ON THE ICON IN THE TOP RIGHT CORNER — PUT ANYWHERE ELSE ON SCREEN. DUHH! Hope this helps other Amazon Kindle users.

  21. This is a bit random, but I had some dialogue pop up in my game today about the elf cannon, and it included a swear word. I was surprised because children could be playing the game. But I wonder if there was different dialogue depending on your age? I think I had to enter my age when I first started playing. Anyway, just found it odd.

    • What dialog? The unlock? The main?

      • It was part of a quest dialogue, possibly ‘project after party’ since that’s one of my ongoing quests, but maybe not. The dialogue was around how the cannon was meant to have money spent on it, but no one was spending, then the comment ‘cheap b******s’. I wasn’t paying much attention until that line, sorry! I wasn’t offended or anything, just surprised.

        • I know what line you are thinking of. It’s during Part 9. That isn’t really a “bad” word or a swear word. I actually have seen worse used in the dialog. Lol. Not the first time I have seen them use it either in the 2+ years of the game. I can see where it may take some by surprise, it is why this game is NOT for those under 13 very specifically. They require you to put in your age to play it as there is and will be information that is not suitable for a younger crowd.

          Hope that helps.

    • boobs? what was the word?

  22. I only use it when there’s a group of elves together, otherwise I just tap individually. It really doesn’t save much time I’ve realised.

    • I thought the same until I read the post here about how to use the bottler and realised you can drag your finger all over Springfield and zap all the elves 😀

  23. The elf bottler is a complete waste of time. I was very disappointed to see that as one of my prizes… What a waste. It barely helps. I still collect them one at a time because there’s no way to make sure you’re covering every inch and it constantly misses them. If I use the bottler, all I can do is go all over the screen and I hope it hits em.

  24. The elf bottler works great on my iPhone, but not on my Samsung tablet. I think it’s too sensitive, it always thinks you’re trying to move the screen. I wish the radius of the elf bottler were bigger.

  25. I’m not a fan of the elf bottler, I scan through my sf with it and it still misses a ton of elves. I still have to search and tap.

  26. Since i had it**

  27. My elf bottler has not worked since u had it I cannot complete first mission because it won’t work

  28. For those who want info on how to use the elf bottler, here is a link:


    • I feel kinda sad, putting elves in bottles. I mean, who would want to sit in a bottle, waiting to be fired from a cannon? Waiting, waiting, waiting, then 20Gs acceleration, then free-fall, then crash (breaking glass) and then, when you come out of the stupor, you are in the same place, but different. And then someone zaps you again and you start the process all over. No thank you! 😛

      • Why did Hoggle spray the adorable lil faeries outside the Labyrinth? Sometimes things are just…EVIL!! 😛

      • But these little elves are not EVIL, no way! Rambunctious, perhaps, but definitely not EVIL. (Well, there is that one elf, you know, the one who keeps trying to prove that the moon is made of green cheese, but I think that’s just a product of his upbringing. There was no discipline in his home as he grew up; it was more of a laissez-faire style of discipline, and it shows now that he is on his own. The point is, even that elf is not EVIL, and does not deserve to be bottled! 😛

        OK, everyone who agrees with me, have Marge “Protest Something” — when EA sees 11 or 12 of us protesting, they will know we mean business, and no more abusing elves!

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