“Springfield, Springfield!” The Simpsons Tribute Art Show

Hey there Hoppereenos!

Bouncing by with some REALLY cool news of an upcoming Event featuring Tribute Artwork of our favorite Yellow Family, THE SIMPSONS!! So if you ever wanted to have an amazing piece of Homer, Marge, Lisa, Maggie, Bart, and many others in your home… keep reading all the details below!!

Simpsons Art Show 2015

We here at TSTO Addicts love us some Simpsons and all things Simpsons, so we were really excited to hear about this cool Tribute Art Show coming up. I myself LOVE art and would LOVE to have a cool piece of Simpsons Tribute Art in my place. Something to look at everyday and make me smile (outside of the million times a day I look at the game. Lol.) Knowing that many of our Amazing Addicts Readers are also lovers of all things Simpsons, I wanted to share the details of this upcoming event.

The Beehive Society went on an all-syrup Squishee bender and we’re going crazy… Broadway style! Presenting “Springfield, Springfield!” The Simpsons Tribute Art Show. We’ve invited 29 *excellent* artists to create an original piece of art honoring everyone’s favorite animated family.
Join us at Asterisk San Francisco Gallery for ONE NIGHT ONLY on Friday, January 16th from 6-10pm to support the San Francisco art scene and fill your home with artwork inspired by The Simpsons.
Event name:  “Springfield, Springfield!” The Simpsons Tribute Art Show
When: Friday, January 16, 2015 from 6-10pm
Where: Asterisk San Francisco Gallery
3156 24th St, San Francisco, CA 94110
(The 24th Mission BART stop is only a couple blocks away!)
Facebook event page (RSVP here): http://bit.ly/SimpsonsArtShow

Update: We spoke to the Beehive Society and they will have pieces for sale online after the event.  The event itself is one-night-only, but any piece that does not sell at the gallery that night will be available for sale online afterward for anyone who’s not local to the bay area!  So if you still want an awesome piece of Simpsons art you can pick it up online after the show!  We’ll post more details about the site & how to buy online once the event gets closer.

And for those of you wondering just WHO the Beehive Society is, here is a little bit of information about them. (You can also find more on their Facebook page.)

The Beehive Society is a collective of artists and curators who want to revitalize the SF Bay Area art scene. Our mission is to foster creativity, support local art and throw one-night-only parties. We hope you’ll join us for our first show of 2015, “Springfield, Springfield!”

I personally have had the pleasure of meeting a Member of the Beehive Society and if her passion and love for the Simpsons I got the pleasure of seeing is anything to go by, this is going to be one AMAZING show that you won’t want to miss. Just in case you were wondering just WHO some of the Artists are…

Simpsons Art Show Artists 2015

I myself am trying to rework my schedule to try and make it down. I would LOVE to find a piece with Maggie and “the Bunny” for my personal collection. Or just any of that adorably cute stuffed Bunny she snuggles. (You know which one I am talking about. 😉 )

So if this AWESOME Tribute Art Show seems like something up your alley, head on over and RSVP for it. Support some great artists and share the love of all things yellow!! (Make sure you send us lots of pics from your fun night and cool purchases too. You know we LOVE hearing from you.)


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  1. Whoa, I’m really glad that I scrolled through these old entries or I wouldn’t have seen this! I’ll definitely check this out after work tomorrow. Thanks!

  2. …sigh…

  3. I would kill to go to that show!…please tell me to kill to go to that show. Haha kidding. But seriously, I’m jealous of those that can make it.

  4. Pick me up on your way please…I’m in Ogden. 😉

  5. Is it possible to view the art & bid on it if not able to go to show?

    • Yes. They’ll have pieces for sale online after the show too.

      The event itself is one-night-only, but any piece that does not sell at the gallery that night will be available for sale online afterward for anyone who’s not local to the bay area!

      We’ll get you some details as the event gets closer of where you can look 🙂

  6. 2014?! I assume you mean 2015… Cant make it anyway, no timemachine or teleporter 🙁 So much fantastic Simpsons art around the web I would love to see it live

  7. Oh how I wish I was back home! I miss the bay area and all the exciting things that happen there. Hope I get to see pictures if someone goes!!!

  8. I wish I could go but I live on the east coast and just had total knee replacement so no traveling for me… I do collect key chains hint hint

  9. I would have loved to be part of that show! So cool!

  10. I wiiiiiishhh! If you go, be sure to enjoy it for me!!

  11. Sounds like a great show, but a trip to San Francisco isn’t in the cards right now. I’d especially like to meet Amanda Hugginkiss, Drew P. Wiener and Seymour Butz. 😄

  12. My dance card is full…

  13. Did somebody say ‘Bender’? 😉

  14. Bluedestroyer82

    I wish I could go but I live on the east coast 🙁

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