A Christmas Extension Has Arrived!

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Well…it’s not a 5 day extension but it’s an extension nonetheless!  A patch just hit our games correcting the massive date issues that have plagued us for all of Phase 2.  We now have a NEW date in the mix and that date is….January 14th.

2015-01-13 14.29.56

EA has given us a 1 day extension on Phase 2 of Christmas.  The new end date and time is….January 14th, 2015..12:00pm EST (1700 GMT).


They’ve also added a few items back into the shop….

Ice Palace

Ski Lift and Stupid Sexy Flanders

Holiday Tree

Elf Home

All 3 Small Islands

Happy Elves Ride (will be locked in your game unless you have K-land)

Springfield Skating Rink

Springfield Mall

The Yes Guy

Present Depot

Christmas Totem

All 3 Festive Lamp Posts

Many of you have commented we didn’t do a Should I Buy on the Ride, the Rink & the Mall.  You’re right…with the holidays they got lost in the shuffle.  We do have posts about all of them (WDTCFs) but here’s a quick should I Buy for all of them:

Ride- Was free before, now 30 donuts.  Another Ride for K-Land.  This one is a go for.  If you can get it, it’s always nice to have another ride for Krustyland.  And 30 donuts is a reasonable price.  

Rink- Was free before, now 85 donuts.  No character interaction, earns at an ok rate…but that’s it.  Just another useless building for Springfield (although when it get’s animated (like stonecutters etc) it has a fun animation.  A Zamboni comse out from behind it).  This one is a complete pass for me.  Not worth those 85 sprinkles.  

Mall- Was free before, now 90 donuts.  No character interaction, earns at an ok rate…but that’s it.  Another useless building for Springfield (animation also isn’t that good.  The fan on top of it spins).  Complete pass in my opinion.  Definitely not worth the 90 sprinkles.   

So so if you’re close to that Island get to tapping!  You’ve got one more day of Bell Collection to make it!

Personally, I think this is a fair extension.  It gives players who are close to the Island a chance to collect those last minute Bells & it’s not an overwhelming extension (in time) for those who’ve already collected everything.

Remember…if you’ve already collected all of your prizes…use the extra day to earn free donuts!  Keep collecting those bells and turn them into Sprinkles! 🙂

What do you think of the extension?  Thoughts on Christmas overall?  Are you close to finishing or do you need even more time?  If you’ve finished, how many free donuts have you gotten so far?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

199 responses to “A Christmas Extension Has Arrived!

  1. I checked into Krustyland and don’t see a 30 doughnut ride. It would also be nice for EA to return some earlier quest lines such as Brandi so we can get her and the kids or does she come with a purchase? Thanks

  2. Christmas never goes well for me, I keep going on vacation to places with no phone service and shoddy wifi (but one cannot complain about free vacations to exotic locales). I just used my last 20 donuts to buy Sequel Stop, but I think that was reasonable. I bought all the small islands too. Would have been nice to bag the big one though!

    I definitely need to head over to your Add Friend’s page, many of mine have stopped playing. That should help me get through some future events (I don’t think I’ve done that since the first Christmas)!

  3. Literally the worst event I’ve played all year. Easter fences weren’t as annoying as the Xmas one… Pretty weak ea.

    When you promise a week extension and give a day? When you can’t collect bells or gears at a decent pace. Let alone how difficult it is to upgrade that damn cannon and how weak each upgrade was?

    No that was aweful EA. Poorly planned and executed.. I got all the crap and Xmas stuff. No donuts.



    PS. Don’t make Valentines too annoying.. Not in the mood

    • EA never stated that they were giving a week extension. That was speculation among the players. The original end date was January 13 and they extended it by a day to compensate for the login issues during the events release.
      Considering how easy it was to win all of the prizes with only logging in a few times a day, I consider that to be very generous.
      As far as the cannon upgraded goes, if you had paid attention to the quest dialogue during After Party Project part 9, you would have known that it couldn’t be done without spending donuts and was intended to be a bragging rights only accomplishment like the castles during the CoC event.
      Skinner: Oh, I’m fine with blasting elves to who knows where, but the cannon is balanced for donuts, and no one is spending. The cheap bastards

  4. My GF and I were happy for the update. The extra day was just enough to complete another 4k Bell Bonus Quest, and thanks to the trick you Addicts (Bunny, I think, it was?) taught me, we both got 3 donuts on the first guess, again!


  5. ACK! No No No No! I went to open my app at about 11:25 EST because I had done the math and just one more round with my cannon would’ve given me the island, but it “cannot connect to server” already! Is the new update coming early for us?!?! What happened? I am SO CLOSE! When I checked a just before 11 EST, it said I had an hour and five minutes left. But now I can’t get in! And I could’ve bought the island for just 20 donuts last time I blasted the cannon. This is SO frustrating! I have to go find the contact info for EA. Any help or advice would be appreciated. Thanks! Happy tapping!

    • Update: I got in and I am 5 donuts short. Wtg. a few minutes to see if a friend comes to visit. I have exhausted my friend visits to other towns. But I can buy it for 5 donuts. WHEW! Sorry for freaking out a little. Ha..

    • Try again. Alissa ran into it. Shut off WiFi and try to go in on 4G… then once in…switch back. See if that helps.

  6. With a one day extension I still cannot finish the last event I did was able to collect things after event finished and managed to get all prizes does not help that I ran out of elves and have very few friends lost of them do not play anymore so I did not get bells when I visited them.

    • That’s too bad. You are always welcome to use our Add Friends pages here. Just put your name on it and you’ll have lots of new ones in no time. Many very specifically look for other players to help during events like this one.

      • Added nearly 100 from the add friends page for Xmas phase 2, most 80+% never have their cannon or elf hatch available. And most don’t click mneeven when it is clear 95% of the time.

      • Karl- When I was building up my list of friends, I liked to add them from a few different sites so I could cull the “freshest” ones. If you Google “tapped out friends” or something like that, you’ll find links to those different sites (including EA’s) that have an Add Friends type page.

        Hopper this helps!

      • (Blush, feeling mildly privileged 😉

  7. This may have posted in the wrong place. I liked the suggestion to hide the tree behind the radio station!

  8. wildthornberry88

    I just got the Island with 2 hours left to go! Cutting it fine XD

  9. This sucks couldnt update my simpsons…lost out on alot of prizes and all ea games gave me are 10 doughnuts…

  10. Hoping there’s some new content today, I now one people needed the extension but it eels like I’ve been waiting forever for this event to end personally I’d like to see shorter events but more of them

  11. Seven hours to go … and I made it to tropical island. Time for a little vacation before Valentine’s Day comes around. 🙂

  12. I was surprised and disappointed that they didn’t offer the candy canes, angels and nutcracker soldiers for us to buy with in-game cash this year. We received one angel and one soldier as prizes, but that was it.

    Maybe I missed it. Were they available at some point?

  13. Oh no, 2 hours left and so many bells to get. I had better buy some donuts for the additional ones I need. Phew, spent fortune on donuts and got last prize. So nice to have the Xmas special extended after the time has run out!NOT HAPPY! I guess I now have them to spend on other things, but that’s not the point!

  14. P.S.
    Yes EA did drop the bomb during this Xmas Quest (the glitches alone should’ve been rectified with free donuts for all Tappers). EA did listen to complaints (as in Tappers aren’t spinning a wheel to earn prizes), but this year was too many returning Xmas Items (too free new Freemium items of interest).

    Tappers should stick around for Valentines Day / Month (Krustyland got a Tunnel of Love last year, let’s hope we get new Krustyland Freemiuns) 🙂

  15. I guess one day extra by EA is better then nothing (I got every 2nd Phase Xmas Quest Prize, yay!)

    I agree that the Krustyland Ride is worth the donuts (I also agree that the rest isn’t worth the donuts)

    Tappers are learning quickly that 2/3 of what we gain during Quests are worth keeping (the rest can go into storage & its not worth the donuts)

    These articles are vital info for all Tappers (let’s hope EA keeps it fun so I don’t lose any more Neighboreenos) 🙂

  16. Maudlin Monarch.

    As this event is now scheduled to end in about 12 hours, will E.A. send an forced auto update or (if I’m not mistaken) will we need to download a version update from the AppStore to make the changes?
    If the latter, I’ll likely update the game, asap. Yet, will players, who could use the extra hours, then be able to gather a few more bells?

    • Could be either. There may be a grace period for folks if it’s an in-game update but I suspect the deadline will kick in before we see anything new. We’ll all know tomorrow.

  17. I just tried to play, and I lasted a whole 5min this time instead of 3!! Yay? I’m done with this event, I’ll try playing again after the update. There were some things I liked about this event, but overall it could’ve been so much better. I’m also tired of hunting around town for currency, I’d rather send peeps on tasks or grow specific plants. On the bright side, EA will probably take this as another learning experience and tweak future events accordingly like they’ve been doing since easter.

  18. Well, this is the first event since the hated wheel of disappointment and ClausCo, that I’ll not be able to get everything. I was super stoked at the idea of a five day extension. I’m usually in my game about 20,000 times a day, but have had a LOT going on during the second phase of the game this year…it’s been impossible it seems to get anywhere. I just unlocked Ralph yesterday and have been pushing to get the last two this week…only to learn that it’ll end tomorrow. I know that they’ll likely put the last two items for sale for donuts, but lately EA’s donut prices on the newer items has been ridiculous and I’ve made my stand. Usually at Christmas I spend about 200€ on donuts/items in my game. This year I’ve spent 0. If they don’t get it together this sky finger will go to playing 100% freemium!!
    BTW, thanks to my favorite addicts for creating such a great community where we can all come to rant, rave, and have our little *b* sessions 😉

  19. Honestly, I think EA owes us more than a one day extension. There were so many glitches and problems during this event that made playing less than fun. How about some extra doughnuts?!

  20. Finally it’s over!! I’m a big fan of the game & have been playing since the beggining but these events are a tad to long imo. Wouldn’t be so bad if we got at least 1 killer prize at least instead of some ok-ish prizes.
    An event this long would be good for building the monorail, now that I’ll tap for two months straight no prob.

  21. This was my first TSTO Christmas, and I was very disappointed. The prizes seemed uninspiring, and too many overpriced premium items. EA almost seemed to be delighting in screwing around with players in Part 2, cutting the elves appearance drastically (and some days seeming to really make them unavailable). And occasionally fixing the cannon so tapping it to collect a friend’s tap deactivated the cannon. And dismayed now, even more, at being punished for being Canadian, donuts have gotten stupidly expensive, meaning I’m not likely to ever bother treating myself again to a few donuts. Serious regret now wasting my limited supply on some items). Big disappointment given I’d heard so many good things about previous Christmases.

    • I totally agree… The prizes players got last Christmas were so much cooler (not to mention a lot more relevant to Christmas). And what bothered me the most was the prizes that were free last year were hugely expensive this year. Too bad there weren’t community prizes this year, I like that idea. I wish I had have been playing last year for the Christmas event and gotten those prizes! I really want that little raccoon in a sweater some people have!

      • I really wanted that little raccoon in a sweater! I hope I don’t have to wait until next Christmas.

      • What are “community” prizes?

      • Thanks, Bunny! Haven’t seen that since I started playing…. Sounds like a fun twist, though I can’t say whether or not I’d prefer that to daily task prizes (the former seems more collegial, but the latter seems fairer, rewarding those who do the work).

        • I like the way now. I feel like if you work hard for it, you should get it. Many complained it wasn’t fair they worked hard and those that only played once a week or hardly ever got the Community Prizes. So… I see both sides of it. And prefer the daily stuff now to it. 😉

    • 1st Christmas TSTO Event for me, too! I did get the island, but would not have without this extension. Funny… NOW I seem to have my town crawling elves! GAH!

      I was also thinking that they would finally bring back that “COMMUNITY PRIZE” thing that I read about, for this event. Sounds like it was done for every major event last year; yet, nothing in 2014.

    • Yes bring back the community prizes I loved them.

    • I kinda appreciated the community prizes, but agree they were a bit biased towards the more active, they would have been better if it was a separate bonus, similar to the separation of bells / cogs bonus. It meant the more “community minded” individuals did see the overall benefit, and, the most important, it was our first and only glimpse EA has given all of us in the TSTO community GLOBAL! A massive step programmernerdwise 😉 This would be great, and I am sure a team in EA is working on a way that we can see more localised (dare I say like CoC) ranking or a broader leader board?

  22. Re: free donuts- not as generous as previous events? Even with maxed out FP’s & friends – maaaaybe about 20 donuts? I know I’ve doubled that in the past..just my luck, or anyone else?

  23. I won the “big” island on Friday Night, despite running completely out of elves and firing at best 2-3 times a day for about 1/2 a week. Unlike my “B-Game”, where I JUST received the final prize. So, I welcome the extension!
    The main difference between the two is the # of neighbours. I’m full on A and (deliberately) sparse on B. In fact, the # of elves fired in my B-Game surpassed my A-Game [and I did not stop playing that one after I got the island], even though the bell count is nearly 7,000 higher in the A-Game.

    My only gripe is that I am bummed that YES MAN is rather expensive. C’mon, EA, wasn’t also free before? Why not have a more reasonable price? Say 30 doughnuts? I don’t care about the premium payout
    I saw him on the Springfield of my 1st Added Neighbour. I remember the reruns of Sanford and Son where the character-actor the cartoon was based on used to guest star on and would chuckle every time! “Yeeea…eeeeeeeeesssssss!!!!!”

    Uhm yes, I know you’re not EA, but I have read it here that they do visit this site!

  24. I really liked the 2012 Christmas event. All it was was collecting Santa coins and unlocking things (buy spending them). That’s how you got the bowlrama and the maple store. Also Christmas skins for houses.


  25. Well I am just mad now I accidentally spent 200 donuts on cogwheels no are you sure you want to buy this item at all WTH!!!!!!!

  26. Doesn’t anybody else notice the fact the event ended last year! I can’t believe the programmers missed the year, not once, but TWICE … LoL 😆

  27. The one day was perfect for me. I logged in this morning to try and get those last ~500 bells before the event was over but the patch came early and for a moment (while it was loading) I thought I’d lost my chance and was thinking through the grief when SURPRISE bonus 24 hours. And while it isn’t time enough to get any donuts I also don’t have to sit bored for days with more Christmas stuff.

  28. In terms of getting all of the prizes, I found this event WAY less stressful than the Halloween one was. (Although I did like getting those 30-donut prizes from the UFOs a couple of times!) And I liked that there wasn’t much randomness to it…if you figured out the right strategies and applied them assiduously, you could earn the prize and know what it would be. My only complaint was that the prizes themselves didn’t seem quite as good as in previous years, based on what I saw come back around this year as premium items (this was my first TSTO Christmas).

    • Halloween kinda hurt a little, still nursing mild jadedness but I think (and I know as my second chrissy this may be biased) EA didn’t do too bad getting the balance right. I do think more items should have been available to buy rather than expending sprinkles but hey, you try and please everyone but…

    • I got no Free donuts whatsoever during Halloween phase (my sister won 90), I was too late in learning that buying the cannon was the only way to earn Kodos or Kang and wasnt able to win every price. I bought the movie theater though with my heard earned donuts…

      This event I somehow collected every item including that plant worker of which I didn’t really like his quest line.

      Would have liked to get those bonus islands but they arent worth 120 donuts to me. Bought about 15 of the cash islands though. But the christmas theme is lost on me. They didn’t have a proper story line to explain what happened.

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