Addicts Weekly Open Thread

Hey there Hoppereenos!

Due to POPULAR request….we’ve moving up our open thread time so that our friends outside of the US can participate too!  Let’s get the conversation going!  Oh and remember…just because this is posted here today doesn’t mean you can’t comment on it all week long.  This open thread will still be open for comments long after today is over!

Now…enough rambling from me….it IS Sunday and you know what that means, right?  Time for another Open Thread!

Here’s where you can talk about anything you want to talk about…TSTO Related, Simpson’s Related or ANYTHING.  Just no Add me requests…those should go here.  We’ll give you a few suggestions (like most Sunday’s you can talk about the current episode of the Simpsons) but for the most part you’re free to talk about ANYTHING your little Tapping Fingers desire…just keep it PG.

So…here is your Open Thread.  Did you watch the special Simpsons Mythbusters?  What did you think of the outcome  NFL Playoffs are in full swing, who do you think will make the Superbowl?

So chat about the Simpsons, Mybusters, TSTO, the New Years, NFL or anything else you can think of!  Can’t wait to chat with you all, you know we LOVE hearing from you!

Have Fun!  And happy Sunday!


288 responses to “Addicts Weekly Open Thread

  1. Oh boy…did I do a major clean up in my towns today!! Got rid of so many non visiting neighbours. They just stopped coming when event stopped and I am so tired of carrying these people…same ones who visit you once or twice thru the events but whom I visit on daily basis unless I say on here that I’ll be missing. So annoying…now it’s back to having to sort out the genuine from the non genuine. What would life be like without TSTO? Lol…I’d have to find someone else to complain about!!!……or to!! Lol
    Cheers, Julie.

  2. Bump up, Cubey.
    That sucks if you don’t get compensation. I had trouble years ago with an insurance co., that wouldn’t pay out on damage they assessed as being bad…it was really awful cos they made me feel like I was trying to defraud them…so not nice!
    You certainly don’t sound bored! It is so much easier to do a job when you enjoy the work, and you sound as tho you really enjoy the teaching and researching aspects of both your job and life. I have to say I completely understand the hands on comment! I have to ‘do’ things myself…all very good hearing about it…but GIMME IT NOW! Lol
    And I must apologise for my lack of participation in your chess ideas….I also have a love of maths, but my love for English is greater, so I am a Scrabble/crossword/word puzzles nerd!! Lol. I just could never settle to learn chess….my son in Sydney loves chess and used to be so frustrated with me not having the skills, but then we’d play Scrabble and it was evenly balanced as to who whooped who’s butt! He has a brilliant brain, my lad…well all four of them do! miss those times…Jamie is a chess nerd, so I don’t get many games of Scrabble these days.😔big sigh!! Lol having said all that, I have been reading all comments on your chess concept with interest as I think it is an amazing idea and I would love to see it come together for you…a fantastic way to get together with friends within the game sphere and still play the game itself.
    I’m not so sure my poota wanted to be fixed…now I have a screen popping up saying that I am not running a legitimate copy of windows! Strange it is coming up after 4 years! Lol…so will get Uncle Ken to look at that next time I visit Mackay….in about five weeks I think! He only put in a new network card, so can’t understand why it suddenly thinks windows is no longer legit! He and my daughter built the wee monster for me, so I assume it was all legit as they know me well enough to know I’d have kittens if I thought I was going to be in trouble! Lol…nothing like a bit of strees to highlight your face with brilliant silvery grey and accentuate the wrinkles thereupon!! 😜

  3. Question and a comment…

    Question: Any chance you could pin the Weekly Discussion thread to somewhere on the front page? Toward the end of the week, I have to rely on old email notifications to get the link to it…

    Comment: I’ve purchased and placed all of the under $1M buildings and I want to keep adding to my Springfield (it’s kinda slow between levels/events). I don’t mind that I’d have to spend $1M or more for a building, but do they all have to be so freakin’ TALL? I don’t really want those super-tall buildings in my town! “Aspirational” doesn’t always mean big….expensive cars aren’t bigger than cheap ones, for example. I could even do “big” if it were in the x and y axes. How about a golf course?

    I know no one here can do anything about this, but it’s just nice to have a place to share these thoughts with people who might relate.

    • We discussed pinning it to the top but since some visitors only pay attention to the top post and then move on, we didn’t want other info not being seen. As for finding it, it’s really not too far down every week. As for the aspirationals, they’re all meant to be large. Ultimately it is up to each designer if they want them and how to incorporate them into each town.

      • Oh, I don’t mind when it moves down the page, it’s just when it disappears from it entirely, like it has now. I wasn’t necessarily thinking it should get pinned to the top, just to somewhere on the front page (the bottom even). But maybe that’s not technologically feasible?

        • I’ll see what we can do…but if you go to the menu and community you’ll see a link for TSTO Chat…that will take you to the open threads. Working on redoing the menus and sidebar but it’ll be a little bit before it’s all changed 🙂

      • I have to agree with Sandra on this one, despite the chat option with my recent interaction with TSTO addicts I do not use this, and rely as I believe most do on this thread to catch up with TSTO mates…

  4. Hi folks, I wonder if you can help me.

    I just finished level 43, the final task was for Krusty to have a heart attack.
    I think I’ve finished all other walkthroughs up to the point where I’m in the process of building the Quimby compound.

    But as soon as Krusty finished his coronary I was prompted for 2 new tasks – for Millhouse to go fly a kite and for Burnsy to read from the Necronomicon.
    I can’t fins in the walkthroughs where they come from. Can you enlighten me please?

    • btw In K-land I’m about to start building the Tooth Chipper. I think everything else there is done.

    • Sometimes you will run into “random” tasks that will pop up now and then. If you do not see any kind of questline linked to them (it will be marked under a specific name in your task menu) and do not see them in the walkthroughs we post, then don’t worry about them for now.

      • OK thanks. I sent them both on the tasks.
        The Millhouse one is called “Everyone always tells me to go do this” and the Burns one is “A Little Light Reading”

        I think they are just random tasks but didn’t know such things existed. Thanks for clearing it up!

  5. I have searched everywhere and cannot find an answer to tjis question: I have 85 awesome neighbors, none of which I want to delete, and the game will not allow me to add anyone else. It says I’m full and need to drop a neighbor. I’ve rebooted, everything I can think of. What is up? Help please! 🙋

  6. Here’s a really off-topic question… I was trying to reply to a Facebook post that I was viewing in Safari on my iPad, but the Enter key would only give me line feeds and I couldn’t find a Submit or Post button or anything. Does anyone know how to submit a reply?

    • Try holding Shift then enter… that sometimes works for me. 🙂

      • Really? That’s odd for two reasons – first, I didn’t know you could potted two keys at once on an iPad and, second, on a laptop/desktop, Shift+Enter gives you a line feed (which means that the iPad would work just the opposite). But I’m definitely not an iPad expert, so I’ll give it a try! 🙂

        • Lol. At times when something electronic is being “stupid” I do “stupid” things back to see if I can make it work again. Lol. Amazingly… at times it will.

      • Oops – “potted” appears to be autocorrect for “press” 😛

  7. barleecreations

    Anyone else having a problem adding new neighbors? I had deleted two people who haven’t checked in in a long time, I then went to add a couple of new people and the message pops up that I don’t have any room for new neighbors. Weird

    • Check your Neighbor screen. It at times takes into account pending requests too. One’s you have sent and one’s sent to you. Clear them ALL out til there are none left than try again. Otherwise… MAX 100 in Origin still applies.

    • Same thing happens to me. I delete and try to add, and i’m only at 98

    • barleecreations

      Hmmm…OK I think the weirdness is my internet connection. Things everywhere are seeming to wonky.

  8. I think I would be struggling to fill all the squares with enough, no offense to the TSTOaddict team but I was hoping to make it TSTO centric, not relying on other sources for a true app-hack 😉 And it places the burden on the TSTOaddict team to moderate our posts… dilemma 🙁

    • It shouldn’t be more than two posts a day (one for each of our moves), but if you can think of something more self-contained, great!

    • Some ideas I have had whilst reading your ideas for chess, may be good or bad but ideas nonetheless. For pieces there is the possibility of using decorations instead of houses. Different colored trees perchance or other. Idea for turn based play one could use a series of Christmas lighted houses being on and off to identify turn taken. One could peruse both towns with pieces to see which turn had been made and for attack moves the player who is seeing one item would just remove their piece and just place the others piece or item etc. these thoughts may help, may not. Enjoy the quest for TSTO chess!

      • Items I have used for a chess piece set up…

        Nerds from CoC
        Carved Ice Sculpture
        Tetherball Marge
        Smithers Statue
        Shiva Statue
        Lady Justice Statue
        Golden Calf Idol
        Little Lady Justice
        Popsicle Stick Stu
        Popsicle Stick Patty & Selma
        Rabbit Hedge
        Kang Hedge
        Kodos Hedge
        Angel Topiary

        Then a mix of other random Decorations placed on a patchwork of Pavement/Grass Checkerboard Pattern. Hoe that helps. 🙂

      • Hello Bunny, Dan and Sandra 🙂
        Thank you for your suggestions for TSTO chess!
        Dan – Was hoping to shoulder the burden of chess set to myself, to set it up in a friends town is a heck of a lot to ask, the space / resources required are a bit (just spent ~300k to buy land for it. I was lucky to have enough “pieces” from existing buildings but others would have to invest).
        Bunny – Joy, Rapture, Excitementness! Your suggestions are truly helpful, I should have enough now to populate my board! Did the TSTO team receive my email of the “board”?
        Sandra – The other reason for trying to keep the game within my Springfieldsphere is to get multiple games going at the same time. If I can work out the way of ensuring around a4 hour refresh, I should be able to time 3-5 games per day (I don’t sleep much 😉

      • Um, Bunny, has this been tried before? (Nervous no original thought here 🙁

        Good to hear from you! Was hoping to try and initiate games within TSTO ad app-hacks… Had thoughts for TSTO Tetris 😉

    • I don’t get how you would run multiple games from the same board (or are you thinking of setting up multiple games?).

      • Tapping is denoted by the neighborino tapperlog that pops up once tapped. I was thinking due to trying and minimise the hour count down to 4, I should be able to schedule and log 4-5 games, but it would mean maintaining offline documentation to keep track. The only down side is changing my “board” 4-5 times a day… still trying to resolve this 😉

  9. I was in a friends town and tapped something (not sure what) and a text box popped up saying “congratulations you killed a frog” What is that?

  10. Hey Cubey…thought we were in dire need of another bump-up. Lol. On the map with a bird’s eye view, my block is what the local council refers to as the axe head. All you see from the street is my gateway..into the short drive down the hill into my place. You can only see my roof from the street the hill is so steep. Officially I have obligatory 1/4acres…in reality, like you I am on a decent slope and have twice that..don’t ask me measurements..if it’s not sewing, I have no idea!! Lol…fortunately because the area was built in the mid 80’s, we have all underground electrics so no worries with trees if there were enough room for them near the gates, but there isn’t.
    My Ex tiered the top half of the slope above the house, but cos he planted all wrong stuff for out here, the heat and sun killed it off, and I’m left with a weed nursery. It’s so damn steep down the bottom half the weeds don’t even like to grow there. Lol.
    I have been trying to grow local natives as they are already established here with our USUAL lack of water (it has been pouring rain since 7 this morning! Tropical downpour rain!) and so far have succeeded in growing a beautiful Bohemia tree,(shame about damn seed pods!), a native sandalwood and a rosewood tree. The acacia I lost was the one that would tell me when it was gonna rain…guess it didn’t see that storm coming!! Lol I also have the most amazingly healthy neem tree growing next to where the acacia was. I have our bath water going out onto the trees and fruit trees to help water costs and I think the neem must have had a bit more than its fair share cos it is thick and luxurious, lol.
    I want to try to establish some native grasses on lower bank but am worried about the snakes thinking it’s an invite to them. We do get the worst snakes here..taipan, Eastern Browns, king brown(Mulga), Tigers, death adders, and some one told me there are also copperheads here, but in 25years I’ve not seen one and wonder if they didn’t see a juvenile taipan and mistook it for a copperhead.

    Would love the liquid ambers…really would…fell in love with them years ago, but I doubt the heat and dry here would be very nice to them. I did try a Lebanese cedar cos they like climate similar to ours here, but it didn’t even sprout!! Lol I wanted this big huge cedar coverin the whole yard…and the dang seed wouldn’t co-operate! Just not cricket hey!
    Cannot believe rain we are getting..good steady downpour…no wind…very little thunder…and over four hours of it thus far! Like the wet seasons of yore! Being originally from Atherton Tablelands, it is just Heaven!! Lol oh how I miss Paradise! Lol
    Cheers. Julie.

    • Hello Julie, been a bit inactive recently, I work in education, the TAFE sector, and its kinda the time of year for devotion to the job 😉
      Have had the initial assessors out, looks like i am going to be compensated for my damage / loss.
      I used to work for Jaycar, had amassed a collection of rare ebay saleable items, which were unfortunately stored in my rain damaged section of house. .. Much to the disappointment of prospective customers I had yo cancel these sales. ..

      • Noooooo. I’m really sorry to hear there was that much damage to your goods, Cubes. Glad you get some compensation tho.
        Oh yes the dreaded return of education for the year! I went and paid Jamie’s school fees today and had to get him new uniforms! $500 later I’m still wondering about our “free” education! Be alright if the kid stopped growing for a moment or ten! I had to get him all new uniforms and for some reason the P&C committee decided this year to bring in a dress uniform and make it compulsory for one day every week! Jamie’s in year eleven now, and doing cert II in business and also in hospitality, so making sure he has all his bets hedged right there.
        Thank you for your advice re the new cable today and all of a sudden…we have Internet! It’s like magic!! Lol…amazing huh?!?! I thought I’d have to wait till we hit the big smoke, but the computer cafe thingo out here now stocks stuff…and priced so accurately too…Jamie said to much?, and he said she stared at the cord for a moment or two and then said…does 5 bucks sound ok? Lol son-in-law, Ken said it would be about $4 but then he’s in the big smoke and things are a wee bit cheaper there….but yeah…come to the country!! I told Jamie he should have said…no worries…I’ll bring you a chook and a bunch of greens! Lol
        Well my splint came adrift today…it’s secured with Velcro strips and one of the anchoring bits came unstuck! Oh the joy of living in nowhere!! I ended up going to chemist and buying that tube stuff and am now securing it to my arm with a band of that in place of the Velcro strip….what’s that about necessity being the moher of all invention? Lol.
        Do you have actual school aged kids attending TAFE there…out here because of the small number of students…a massive 98 this year for grades 7-12!! Honestly! Lol…so we don’t get the huge no of teachers needed for differing subjects, so a lot of the year 11 & 12’s do TAFE courses thru the school. (I always have a giggle when I speak to admin and they sound so harassed with so many students to deal with! My son is manager of security at Sydney Uni and has something like 56,000 students plus faculty to worry about! Lol)
        Well dear chap…must away and make out like I live here or something!
        Cheers, Julie.

      • Mother not moher!! MOTHER of invention!! Lol…I’m tired! I have an excuse!😉

      • No compensation guarantee, but progress has been brisk at least 😉
        Good to hear the poota challenge is solved, in my experience it is usually always a connectivity challenge (wires and cables).
        I have had the challenge of teaching VETiS, or vocational education for years 9-12, a most rewarding experience, specifically in the Electronic / Electrical, Mechanical / Fabrication, Communications field. I have Advanced Diplomas in all three, and predominantly am self taught. My passion is maths (yeah, fine, I am a nerd, but with social skills 😉 but I need hands on for working. Currently trying out my own business, Smith Research Institute.

  11. I was watching an old episode of The Simpsons yesterday, the one where the kids are snowed in at school, and it made me think of 2 things. Firstly, it made me think of this game – it is the episode where Skinner is tied up ina dodgeball sack and says “Where are all the dodgeballs?” and “I’m writing all your names down….”.
    It also made me think of my favourite lines in Simpsons history, because Skinner went on to say one of them, namely “Now chew through my ball sack”. Classic!
    But, I think my favourite line in Simpson’s history has to be by Dr Nick, which is why he was the first premium character I bought. It was when he was performing Homer’s triple bypass and he sings “The knee bone’s connected to the something. the something’s connected to the red thing. The red thing’s connected to my wristwatch. Oh oh.” I laugh just thinking of it.

    Anyway, what is your favourite line from The Simpsons?

    • ” ‘It was the best of times, it was the blurst of times’ – You stupid monkey!”

      I don’t know if that’s my all-time favorite, but it’s a good one that came to mind and that my husband and I quote occasionally…

      • Two more… From one of the first episodes (the first?) when the family goes in for family therapy and end up going to town shocking each other, “People, this is no way to get healthy!” And, McBain saying (I forget the exact context….Wookiee?), “The goggles – they do nothing!” (We quote those two lines a lot, too!)

        • McBain as Raioactive Man floating in a river of nuclear ooze. The ooze melt a piece of metal, you next see Radioactive Man whisk by wearing goggles… “My eyes… the goggles do nothing.” Hilarious moment.

      • Nice.
        Just off to look up QUIJIBO. Why don’t I remember that?

      • Knew I could count on you, Wookiee!

    • QUIJIBO. it is now in my spellchecker. ..

  12. Hi, I was in Krustyland this morning and had the option, in yellowed text, as if it were for a quest, to send Princess Penelope and Krusty to ‘Play Poker’ for 12 hours.
    I didn’t send them, but went to my task list to see if there were tasks I had to do. As I cycled through my characters back to Krusty and PP the tasks had gone.
    It was probably a glitch, but are these tasks that are coming as part of a future quest? Or is there a historic quest that I haven’t completed?
    Any ideas?

  13. Ok, to my neighborinos, you may notice some real estate gaps, I have set up my TSTO chess board (photos emailed)… orientation denotes sides, and I figure that it is only fair it be between Homer and Flanders, and their tap recycle rate is fast 😉
    Sandra, still trying to work out what to put in the blanks, as you nominated yourself as the first guinea pig, thoughts?

    • You are so effing clever, Cube! The whole orientation thing is genius!

      It occurred to me that, if we used chess notation (which I’d have to educate myself a little on) and just posted our moves in the Weekly Open Thread, you wouldn’t have to worry about filling the blank spaces. (The only idea I had for those was if you had enough of those little treasure chest things or …. I forget what the other little thing I’ve seen folks have a bunch of from dime previous event that also earned money, but I think the chess notation idea is the most feasible.)

      The only thing that could throw a wrench into our game would be if other visitors tapped there. Oh, but on second thought, I’d we go the “chess notation posts” route, even that wouldn’t matter… Tapping (by me or anyone else) wouldn’t be an issue!

      Okay, late for work… Let me know how you want to priced and I’ll give it a go!

  14. Dear EA,

    Just wanted you to know that you can release the new level now, because I just finished filling my XP meter again today and got my donuts. Thank you for waiting (even though I knew you had to because this game is all about ME!).

    Your faithful player,

    P.S. For my next Mystery Box, I’d like a lemon tree, Lard Lad, or a bunch of donuts, please and thank you!
    P.P.S. Oh, and could you PLEASE make some gate segments for the fences? That’s not a big thing to ask for, is it?

  15. OMG!!!OMG!!!!OMG!!!!!OMG!!!!!!
    OMG!!!!!!! I just got TEN …..I repeat 10….. As in all the fingers and both thumbs!!! ……..TEN donuts… in the weekly mystery box!!!! I kid you not!!
    Donut donut donut donut!! Lol
    Cheers everyone and check those mystery boxes!!

    • WOOHOO!!! (wonders what she will say when she hits the 30 Donut one) 😉

    • Can’t believe it…got another EIGHT donuts visiting neighbours in same town…then lost connection before I could see if it had been added to my total amounts….so not sure if I will see extra 18 donuts or not till I can reconnect to server….if not there when I log in, I shall visit EA!
      Another storm coming in on us now….and my lad is AWAKE! Lol
      Cheers, Julie.

      • WOAH!!! I got a TREE in my mystery box!!!!! And haven’t gotten a single donut from visiting a neighbor since before the elves arrived (I remember because I thought that maybe the bonus neighbor donuts weren’t available when the event had a neighbor component).

        I’m getting very jealous of all you lucky bums. The 65 donuts I got during the Halloween event are looking further and further away.

      • Hoping that the 18 donuts will still be there! Lucky you!

      • All donuts were added to the total in that game. Did visits in other games and got three donuts in my smaller town, and two each in Jamie’ and Mike’s towns…all added to total so let’s hope that glitch is done with now.
        How’s it with your town and the donuts, Gailyn? Are they adding no…and what did EA do for you?
        Cheers, Julie.

      • Mmmmm Mr Blonde dude….wonder if it has anything to do with your 250lb date from last Saturday….um….I mean….250k UPdate?? Lol…please excuse my warped sense of humour! I’m an Aussie…and it’s right thru out my country! I can’t escape it! Lol

    • Lol Julie, I have just got 30 donuts in the mystery box today!! Thought immediately of you and had to share it. First time ever I’ve got more than 10 donuts. I usually get hedges, fences and newspaper dispensers. Might use it to get something nice to put in my town once it’s rebuilt.

      • Hey!! No!! Lol how’s that for luck?! Actually I seem to remember getting thirty donuts during the stone cutters event…so long ago! Lol…and you made it sound as tho you’ve had a few lots of ten donuts in the past! Now I’m jealous! Hahah.

  16. Maudlin Mandarin.

    Are there still any problems with the nuke option (e.g. missing items, lost characters, etc)?

    I think I’m ready for a redesign. My town is not as large, extensive, or complicated as my neighbours, or screen shots posted here [i.e. Runic’s railroad system & “Penitentiary Tower of Babylon”, as I call it], but I thinking something new… while we have this time before the next update/event.

  17. To all my neighbours…had wild and wooly storm here tonight…I’ve lost my beautiful Acacia tree out the back, plus limbs off trees around us. My patio blinds have been unravelled and blown up onto the roof, so got to work out how to get them back down! Live in high set house so double story height!! Lots of leaf litter to clean up and loose items to regather back under house.
    I have not been able to tap all my neighbours today, and I will be busy tomorrow trying to clean up the mess with one hand and a teenager! Wahooooo! Lol. Please bear with me as we are expecting more storms by weekend so I need to get this lot cleaned up and tidied away before next lot hit and make bigger mess. The upside is…once all the trees have blown down, I won’t need to worry about that happening again! Lol.
    Youngest son just text me and says he’s put out a call for Batman to come help me! Sheesh kid! Lol why is it that when these things happen, there’s never a man in sight, but immediately afterwards, they come forward with all sorts of smart alecky jokes and ideas??!! Lol
    Will try to get back to regular tapping within a 48hour time frame. My apologies to all.
    Cheers, Julie..nonnajay, jameslucas, and loftyjnr towns.

    • Donut worry about the tapping, but I’m worried about you doing all that cleanup, especially the high up stuff. Can’t you hire someone to take care of it for you?

      So sorry to hear about the loss of your acacia! It sounds like you live in a pretty rough place, natural-elements-wise.

    • Don’t worry about the Tapping. Just work safely during the clean-up! So sorry about your tree, it’s hard when they go. At least your not hurt!!
      Don’t work too hard, wait for the Son!
      Gailyn aka gpikky

    • You know the other day when you misread a post as saying “went on date with 250 lbs” instead of had an update of 250 mb… Yeah, you don’t want to know what I had first thought you were going to say from your first sentence. Sorry about the damage to your property. Hopefully Batman is available though since so many different Batman versions were created. Hopefully the teenager can do most of the work for you so you can let your wrist heal. Take care neighboreeno.

    • Sounds like you’ve got some busy days ahead tidying up after the storm and preparing for the others. Whatever you do, don’t do any more damage to yourself. I’m pretty sure you keep telling me that as well lol.
      We allegedly have snow forecast for tomorrow, but I don’t believe we’ll get it where I live. Already well prepared for it, walking to work because of my neck/back injury and have the full hat/gloves/scarf/thermals/coat/snow boots thing going on. So it can snow to its heart’s content (if it’s going to) and it won’t stop me getting anywhere at the minute.
      My car goes in for repair on the 30th of this month for a week and hopefully will be as good as new after. Meanwhile I get a shiny new hire car to drive for the week, supposedly a like for like car.

    • Just a WEE note..???….sorry moderators!
      Ha ha ha ha ha,,,oh boy Dan! You certainly know how to make me sit and LOOK! Lol…I flew straight back up to my comments to see what had you so worried! Lol I do apologise dear neighbour! Lol
      Well it is currently 10.30am here and we have the man from down the bottom of the hill up on his roof putting in a bunch more roofing screws! Think he may have been a bit perturbed last night by the ferocity of that wee storm cell. Only lasted less than 3/4hour, but oh boy…lots of fun. Mind you, considering he has a huge fourty plus foot high three foot thick gum tree growing right beside his house….I’m not sure the extra screws would really help him much if that came down! It’s a huge tree to his tiny roof! Lol.
      Gailyn!!…wait for son?? Lol!! Oh you are just as funny as Dan!! Lol. Closest son to me is four hour drive away, and well….you know how it is when they first fall in love!!….mum isn’t exactly high on the agenda of persons of importance!!…next two sons are about fourteen hours drive away…and fourth son in way down in Sydney, so not sure he’ll be popping in soon. Lol. No!! I just need to sit around here now and wait for my grandson. Last night he said…you make sure you wake me up in morning to help you…I said what time…he said ohhhhhhh….maybe seven onwards…..ok…I’ll look at maybe six thirty, but no earlier! ……Sooooooo……….here we are going on for eleven and I have been down there to his room several times and he assures me he IS getting up now!!zzzzzzzzzzzzz…No really! I am getting upzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!…….so I sit and wait and sit and wait.
      I have done what I can with one hand and because I am not the sort of person who can look at work to be done and not do it….I came inside!! Lol if I can’t see it, I may be able to leave it alone. MAYBE! Lol
      The blind just needs to be carefully pulled back down of the roof in case it gets caught on anything and then hopefully it isn’t damaged and can just be rolled back up and tied as usual till I can get someone to take it off altogether. No need for climbing I hope! But DO need two hands for that job!
      Oh Sandra…I dunno if that was a typo or not but I loved you telling me to donut worry!! I’ll use that now and all non TSTO personnel will stare at me blankly! Lol. Yes it is a wild little place for elements…stinking hot here in summer and with a few crazy storms…my wrists are like they are from removing a tree from across my driveway several years ago after a storm….and all I had was a handsaw! Now I have a rechargeable little saw!! Nifty! So we get storms like this on average that bad about twice a year….the rest of the time the storms are typical electrical ones and it’s just stinking hot and ho hum! Lol oh and we are such a small place where nearly everyone is something to do with the mines…or just we oldies…there are no tradies out here to hire…we have to pay for them to drive the hour out and then the hour back and they think we are all rich miners out here, so they charge like wounded Bulls!…so we sorta kinda muddle through it on our own.
      Nessy…I have NEVER seen snow in my life…not even from a distance! Flew to Sydney last April and as plane came down to land I was busy scanning mountains way way away in the hope I could see a white cap….but none!! Wasn’t impressed! Lol I envy you your cool when we are getting such horrid sticky humid heat! It was yuck enough yesterday but now we’ve have rain…it’s like a sticky thick airless sauna today. You take care walking in chilly weather…don’t need flu or such to rip your neck off every time you cough or sneeze! Glad you’re getting your car fixed. Just hope you repair along with it so you both toot around town almost brand new! Lol
      Take care everyone and thank you for all the well wishes….wonder how long a mattress would take to dry in this weather…got heaps of ice cold water in fridge, and Jamie IS a sitting….er….lying…! Heh heh heh

      • You moderators know I am just GONNA DIE!!! If you ever bring in a letter limit to these comments, don’t you?? Lol
        💗💛💙💜💚❤️💓💕💖💞💘 lol

      • Oh, it was definitely a typo (and I never even noticed it) – I wish I was that clever lol! I think my predictive typing dictionary is just so used to my typing “donut” a million times a week these days that it just assumes that’s what I mean to donut…errrr….I mean type. 😉

      • Don’t worry – if they do institute a limit, I’ll be right next to you in the mortuary! 😲😉

      • Only FIVE times, Alissa??!! I’m impressed! Lol

        Well, Sandra…I think it was a clever typo! Lol

        And can you believe it is now midday and I got informed someone didn’t sleep very well last night so he’s gone back to bed! Ah school starts again next week….wonder how he’ll go then!..cos there will be no sleepins then! Poor deprived teenagers! No one ever understands them or treats em kindly! Lol

        Well looks like no more outside work anyway now…..just started raining again. See quite a few trees down around the place and lots of branches, but no other major damage…guess we were lucky it was short and furious not long and furious.

      • Phew…good thing too Alissa! Lol

      • All the best Jules, as a tree lover myself (corner property, due to the 35 / 40 degree slope I have a decent amount of land, with trees populating the front half). I have a 25ish metre liquid amber (fantastic in autumn until you have to rake 10 cubic metres of leaves 😉 and a native gum that decided to wrap itself around the corner light / fixture pole (constantly at war with council over my trees, luckily all of the big ones are within 1.8m of the property line, which means it is the council’s jon to maintain them:)

  18. Has anyone else noticed no more donuts in friends town when maxed on fp? Also, seems like some friends have WAY more Boardwalk, enough to fill all the water, yet it says I have the max??

    • Donuts have been tough to find in my friend’s towns since the update after Winter Event ended for me, but I’m hoping it’s just temporary? I do have a question for the masses too – what makes more sense moneywise – to send anyone eligible on quests in Krustyland and then turn those tickets into cash or just to keep them in Springfield for money tasks? In other words, has anyone ever done the math to see which option produces more money (if either)?

      • It depends on how long you’re willing to wait to trade the tickets in, since you get a better return at the higher numbers. But let’s say that, if you took an average, the return rate is about 3.25 dollars per ticket. Since a 1-hour Krustyland task yields 21 tickets for a non-premium character and a 1-hour Springfield task would yield $70 for that same character, you’re earning about $2 more with the Springfield task than the Krustyland task.

      • This is the maths for the ratio difference, in retrospect of the the 30k ticket conversion.
        30 minutes – $40 in Springfield, $39.99996 in Krustyland
        60 minutes – $70 in Springfield, $69.99993 in Krustyland
        4 hours – $175 in Springfield, $173.33332 in Krustyland
        8 hours – $275 in Springfield, $273.33331 in Krustyland
        12 hours – $420 in Springfield, $419.99996 in Krustyland
        24 hours – $600 in Springfield, $599.99994 in Krustyland
        (Sourced from another site online)

        As Sandra said, it only comes down to a few dollars, so it really comes down to what you prefer. Personally for me I now keep them all in Springfield, that way they’re all in one place at one time and it’s easier to get their jobs done and send them on their next. I’m an hourly player, so it may not be the case for you.

    • I got two yesterday (but none today)… Seems to be operating normally!

    • I got three donuts day before yesterday that were not added to my total, and have been keeping track since and wouldn’t you know it?….no more to be had in any of my four towns! Guess EA gave away all the free donuts to those people they’ve been having problems with and have now depleted the reservoir! Maybe they are trying to force us to spend real money on donuts to get the castle and other premium items instead of saving our freeby donuts???? Still say it’s a conspiracy!

    • 151 boardwalk tiles is the maximum you can get at the moment. If someone has more than that, then they have probably hacked their game to allow it.

    • I’ve never gotten bonus donuts in my friends town, and I’ve got a 100, so it must not like me.

      • Have you maxed out on FP yet? You don’t start having the chance to win bonus donuts until that happens.

        • AHA, I did not know that. I don’t think ive ever done that, and my friends list is full….weird, must not be doing something right.

      • It takes a while, Brikz. What was the last Friend Level Prize you earned? If you look at the list, you can see what you’ve gotten so far and which one(s) are left. Once you’ve won them all, then you start to get the opportunity to earn bonus donuts. It’s kind of like the XP levels, in that, once you’re maxed out, you’re eligible to win donuts (but it’s usually a LOT easier to get donuts from neighbor visits than it is to fill up your XP meter again!).

    • I can go weeks without getting a donut. Then the other day, I got 3 donuts when visiting. All in one day. I couldn’t believe it. I haven’t gotten any others since in the last few days.

      • I know the subject of how many donuts you can expect from friend visits is a touchy one, so please don’t react in a bad way to what I am about to type. It is not based on fact, or extensive experience, but purely on maths with a bit of hearsay thrown in.

        I read once that the chance of winning a donut with a single tap in a friend’s town is 200 to 1. I don’t know if that’s true, but IF it is then the following is also true.
        If you visit 100 neighbours and tap 3 times every day for a whole year then *on average* you would get the following from daily visits:
        0 donuts – 81 days of the year
        1 donut – 122 days
        2 donuts – 92 days
        3 donuts – 46 days
        4 donuts – 17 days
        5 donuts – 5 days
        6 donuts – 1.26 days
        7 donuts – 0.27 days, i.e. once every 4 years
        8 or more – Once every 21 years-ish

        These are averages – and if you understand averages you will know that the above does not mean that you can “expect” such returns. Also, if there are, say, a million or more playing the game it will not be unusual for people to go many days without seeing a donut. Bear in mind that the odds say that for more than half the year you won’t see more than 1 donut per day.

        PLEASE – don’t complain here that you aren’t getting your ‘fair share’ of donuts (at least, not with a serious complaint!) – statistics give an indication, not a promise. And that 200 to 1 chance I mentioned earlier might not be true, which would throw all the figures out anyway!
        (If you’re interested, in Excel it’s the BINOMDIST function you need to play with)

        • I still haven’t gotten any since that day when I got 3 in one day. I guess I should really add more friends. I don’t have anywhere near 100. Perhaps 20 or so. I need to re-count since it varies since I “hide” friends that become inactive.

      • Sooooooo Swiss….wot ya sayin iz…….I gotta wait anotha 21years to get anotha 8 dooooonnnnnuuuuuttttttttttsssssssss from visiting my neighbours???? Oh well guess I go back to tap tap tap tap tap tap………

      • Hey Louis…sending you a request to nonnajay town…hope you will join my neighbourhood.
        Cheers, Julie.

      • Came by for a visit today. Welcome to my neighbourhood…still a work that needs a lot of progress! Lol. I like the way you have set out your town…it is great….got a couple of ideas I might just snavel from you in the future.
        Cheers Neighbour, Julie.

        • Actually, I was about to say the same about how you designed your town. Nice work. There are still areas of my town that need work. There are certain things that I plan on moving to larger plots of land and designing them better. I just need a chunk of time to devote to it. The same goes with Krustyland. Cheers!

  19. Currently, the only bully I have is Nelson. If I had one of the other bullies, would the Barbarian’s task to “chase a bully with an axe” give me other options for him to do it to besides Nelson?

  20. I see that ‘The Yes Guy’ is still available in the store (previously tagged as a “limited time” item. Unfortunately, still overpriced at 100 donuts. Meanwhile, the French Waiter is only half that, what I would had expected for The Yes Guy.

    Speaking of limited time items, I guess the brick barbecue was a limited time item. I went to buy another one recently and couldn’t find it in the store. I can’t recall if it was tagged as a limited time item. I would had stocked up on a few if I had known.

  21. Universal Studios has a Krusty Land with a Twirl and Hurl ride! If I ride, I will almost certainly twirl then hurl. Should I do it anyway? What do you think, Tappers?

    • Skip breakfast and ride before lunch! 🙂

    • Since I would seriously rather break my arm than throw up (and live in fear of seeing someone else do it….yes, I have a real phobia about this whole thing), I vote a resounding “no”!

    • Unless you are like Wendell, you’ll be fine. It’s very tame, cool, but tame

    • Maudlin Monarch.

      I had to check the ride on YouTube and honestly I’m a bit disappointed. I thought they would have added some rotation to the seats, or Tilt-A-Whirl mechanics into it. It looks like a Dumbo-style ride!

      What would be awesome (but, likely highly improbable to accomplish) is a ride similar to Itchy’s Eyeballs of Death! I’m not thinking of steel balls being freely juggled about, but something which looks as stunning. …And it cannot just be a forward-facing ferris wheel.

      • Having been on the ride, it is similar to dumbo but on the edges are Simpsons characters at various heights. You aim your saucer to pass them making the character spin and say hilarious things. Kang and or Kodos also say super funny things throughout. A simple ride but my Ewok, sister and I had a blast on it.

  22. Zzzzzzsnork! (‘Bout to slumber. ..)
    Was thinking I arrange a grid of appropriate items, those that refresh within~4hours, set out over concrete and grass to lay the field so to speak. … Brown houses for pawns, kwikemarts / gulpnblows / krusty burgers (maybe the TSTO team could help with a list of under four hour items ? 😉

  23. Here’s something I’m curious to know… If you unfriend an Origin friend (maybe because they were inactive for a while or something), can they send you a friend request again later? Or are they forever banned from being your friend again? I generally have a reasonable short tolerance for inactive friends, but, if one was to send me another friend request (and I had an open slot), chances are I’d be happy to re-add them.

  24. (3am insomniac blues…) Sooooo verrrrry tired …. and still tapping…
    Zzzzzzzzz….. snuck!
    Um, yeah, go late night tv…
    Have rearranged, expanded, etc, now onto eight to twelve hour tasks for Springfieldians, twiddling thumbs until the next update / event.
    Thinking of starting an app-hack of TSTO, and before all those hackles get raised, I mean a game within TSTO. Something my neighbors can participate in. .. I was thinking about arranging a “chess board” out of tapable objects, and having chess games with my neighborinos in the “off season”. It would mean only one move a day, but hey, something to do?

    • Good god, man – you’re so creative! I’m up for trying that chess thing (although I’m not a particularly great chess player), but how would it work?

    • Lmbo! That’s awesome!
      And I thought “I” was an addict!

    • Hmmm, lots of room in KL. Darn, should have bought more nerds during CoC — They’d make great pieces.

      • I think they would be great, if they could be tapped. Thats why I was thinking houses, etc… If I start with all the pieces set up, I could put something on the “blank” squares so a player could select their “piece” and then where they want it to go. As we have 3 taps per friend, this would alleviate the opponent to have a “board”…

  25. If you are nukeing your town, take screen captures of parts of your town you really like, so you can recreate them. I had a nice flower bed design around my city hall building and I just can’t get it right after I nuked. You will get a little bit overwhelmed and forget where things you liked went. Take your time…

  26. Could we do a write up on the vandalize aspect? Are there pro’s and con’s for doing it, cleaning it up?

    Also A quick list of questions I have:

    I saw something about stealing others lemons trees, is that a thing?
    Are there different rewards for different icons when visiting friends springfields? ie…dollar signs, vs spray cans, vs, briefcases, vs menus..etc…

    Are there any double icons now that the bells are over, like when you hit the cannon, and cave you got more for your tap?

    Does hitting sideshow bob in other springfields hurt/help that friends springfield?

    And Friend point levels. After I received the lighthouse for hitting 5000 FP level, the next level was 3000 FP for the Capital City Goofball, now the FP is back to 5000, is that correct, or is there a way to reduce it down to 3000 or another number?

    Thanks for any and all help.

    • The lemon-tree stealing is a thing of the past — the write ups you saw were old posts.

      The rewards for visiting different types of buildings are the same for you, except during certain events (like the one that was just completed where visiting a neighbor’s elf tunnel or cannon was worth more).

      Tapping Sideshow Bob doesn’t hurt your neighbor. Also, it doesn’t count as one of your three taps, so it benefits you a bit.

      Different friend levels have different requirements. These things were added gradually, and EA changed the number of FP from time to time. They continue to go up and down on higher levels too. There is no way for you to change the number of FP needed for the next level. Incidentally, while many people call them Friend Points they are actually supposed to be called Frink Points, so if you see that term used, just know it means the same thing.

  27. So, I am starting to feel a little guilty: I am a little bored with the game and haven’t really been visiting my town or my neighbours. Personally, I think that Phase 2 of Xmas is what really put me off, but it is also the almost back-to-back Events. I started playing Spring 2013 and do not remember that summer/fall to be as hectic as this one was. Regardless, stepping away and only doing the minimum for the next several weeks may help. That and an upcoming vacation!

    • Tsk tsk tsk!! Ok..if you disappear for a few days, I’ll try to behave and not spray paint your town!! In the words of my good friend, Da Cubey….Bah Humbug!! Lol
      Enjoy your hols!! Come back refreshed and revitalised and ready to tap tap tap!
      Cheers neighbour, Julie.

      • Thank you! I am really looking forward to this vacation: a week in Florida and out of wintery Southern Ontario. The only downside: it is the first week of Feb. so fingers crossed Valentine’s Day is at the end of that week.

        I am also hoping for some time – event free – to nuke the town. But I am hesitant of doing so unless I know we have at least a month without an event. Only because I *know* as soon as I do it, the event will hit.

  28. How long does it take you guys to go through your friends list? I am up to 86 active friends now and it takes me about 45min a day. I do get easily distracted looking at the nice towns though as I usually start the process at 4:20. I am seriously considering culling my friends back to 50, the ones with the nicest towns. What would you consider to be the optimal amount of friends?

    • I have 100 friends, and I don’t really know how long it takes me to get through them, because I usually do it while I’m watching TV. Once you’ve gone through them a time or two, you’ll probably be less likely to want to take the time to do much more than find the available buildings and tap them, unless something catches your eye to see that something’s changed (or unless you have to scour the town to find the elusive Sideshow Bob), so it should go faster for you.

      I can’t imagine having fewer than the maximum allowed, because the more friendvilles, the more chances for bonus donuts! Also, for events and such, it gives you more flexibility and you don’t have to worry if a few neighbors go inactive for a few days.

      As for only sticking with the nicest looking towns if you do decide to cut back, I think it’s fine if you’re talking about just choosing among neighbors who are all at a high level, but don’t penalize any newbies that you might have, because they need your help, just as you probably needed help from more experienced players when you first started!

    • i have mine set at different times so it makes it a little harder to total it up. Bc sometimes the friends haven’t been active or have already been pilfered you have to go back later. But regardless, since i’m not scouring for hidden elf caves for the extra bells it is now taking probably 50% less time.

    • I had the full complement of neighbours, but with game desertions and never having anything to tap, I got rid of at least 10 people in the last 3 weeks. I am keeping it like this. On a regular, non-event visit, it would take me about 45 mins to do the 3 taps and NOT wait for the bonus XP for all neighbours. With this past event, I was taking 1.5 hrs to visit, because I did a first scan through to see if the cannon/elf tunnel was tappable, if not, then hit one building and moved on. Once I hit all towns, I would go back through everyone to finish tapping the buildings.

  29. Do you ever think they’ll kill off Krabappel in the game? Like have a small update, a quest for Springfielders to mourn her, and her character has changed to a ghost like Maude? That way all who purchase the apartment in the future get the spirit of Mrs. Krabappel with it? Would be a good Halloween update, then if you have both Maude and Mrs Krabappel,you could have a ghost Thelma and Louise type of quest where they run a muck together.

  30. It is taking FOREVER to reach level 48… Still have about 100,000 xp to go and if it’s like it usually is, about the time I get close to maxing out levels they add another one. Soooo, good news for everybody at level 48 lol!

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