Where Did THOSE Come From: Abandoned Warehouse & D’Amico Summer Home

“Just when I thought I was out… they pull me back in.”

Buongiorno Addicts!

So recently in Level 49, we got more mafia-themed stuff to make our Springfields more wise guy-ish. Two of the new items were buildings. I don’t normally batch new items together but since both the Abandoned Warehouse and D’Amico Summer Home come from the same episode (and only that episode), I figured I’d hook y’all up and offer a two-fer. Consider it an offer you can’t refuse.

oldabandonedwarehouseflipped_transimage damicosummerhome_transimage

In this crazy mixed up world, I am a fan of quite a few things. Star Wars, other sci-fi, The Simpsons and many others. Of course, with the good comes the bad and one of those IMHO is Reality TV. Sure there’s some good like The Voice but that comes with others like Jersey Shore and the Real Housewives of (insert city here). Of course, the Best. Show. Ever. seems to feel the same as this fuzzball in regards to the latter and had an episode mocking the seedy side of reality TV. In “The Real Housewives of Fat Tony” (S22:E19), Selma garners Fat Tony’s attention in the DMV by treating “a mob boss like an ordinary taxpayer.” He kidnaps her and we see her at the Abandoned Warehouse. Is Tony gonna hit her?

Abandoned Warehouse TSTO

Nope but I do want a tugboat now. Tony doesn’t know whether to knock Selma on her kisser or kiss her on her knocker. Tony asks hat body part she wants to lose and Selma tricks him into getting her liposuction. The results from the cosmetic surgery leave Corpulent Tony smitten. He is definitely going to “take care of her” now.

“The world’s a different place when you’ve got a waist.” Romance leads to dating and the two make it official in a beautiful ceremony. Love-ah is in dah air-ah but Marge-ah-mia is none too happy with the pairing. Turns out Fat Tony is a perceptive fella and sees the sisterly strife. He invites Homer and Marge to his “house down the shore”. Tony’s house is none other than TSTO’s D’Amico Summer Home.

D'Amico Summer Home TSTO

I love the show making fun of Jersey Shore. Tony’s nephews are Stevie B., Stevie F. and Vincent aka S. Money, Jell-o Shot and The Occurrence. Of course we can’t forget his niece Tushy. In the mansion, every light is a tanning light. Everyone is always grinding against each other and they’re all related? There’s also a volleyball net, pool and Jacuzzi in the backyard.

Jersey Shore Simpsons

So… that’s the origins for two of our new buildings in TSTO Level 49. I don’t know about you but I really wish I could make the backside of the summer home face the beach. I definitely plan on adding a volleyball court and Jacuzzi to the design. I guess for now, the side will have to face the beach with a homemade pool in the backyard.  Surrounded by brown picket fences, with a fountain out front, it might resemble the house in this episode.

What do you think of the new buildings? I’m happy both were freemium. Do you like them more that you know their origin? Do anything awesome with your designs? Know any good mafia sayings? Sound off below and stay classy like usual…

or you sleep with the fishes. TTFN… Wookiee out!

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17 responses to “Where Did THOSE Come From: Abandoned Warehouse & D’Amico Summer Home

  1. Anyone else having problems placing the Warehouse? It’s not indicating green when I buy it and can’t place it anywhere to build!

  2. really like both new freemo buildings, and i actually prefer the d’amico summer home over the design of the rancho relaxo. however, as you can see in the included screenshot, i’m still in the process of integrating properties into my embankment (and valley below), and there is an untouched section adjacent to the d’amico property that is screaming for the rancho relaxo to accompany it. still holding off spending any more donuts until the valentine’s event hits though, so we’ll see after that…


  3. Yay, freemium buildings!! 🙂

    Unfortunately, though, we can’t set up his summer home the way it shows in the picture, with the water “in back.” But I was amused to see that the one in the picture had a fountain, since I had put a fountain in the backyard of that house in my Springfield without having seen the picture first! (Haven’t seen the episode yet, either, but it’s now on my “to watch” list.)

    I put my abandoned warehouse on a wharf in front of the summer house, fairly far removed from my Squidport. I like the way it looks there, all by its lonesome, and it makes more sense to me that way than it would if it were part of Squidport (plus it doesn’t bring down the class/vitality of my Squidport – wouldn’t want to make Squidport visitors feel uncomfortable because of the presence of a “sketchy” bullying like that! 😉 )

  4. Hey Wookie, great post. I’m intrigued by your homemade pool, how have you fashioned yours? I’d like to make one myself, but I’m trouble working out which things to use. Sorry if you’ve already covered this elsewhere!

    • Use the water to make the pool. I like a 2×3 rectangle as a minimum. Surround that with concrete and lawn chairs. There’s a small green edge between the concrete and water but it’s a minor annoyance. I’ve made several. Real limit is your originality. I also think it’s funny when the random nuclear waste pops up in them. Totally a Springfield thing.

  5. Jersey skin Selma would have been cool.

  6. What season & episode? I’d like 2 watch this 1.

  7. Hm, at the moment i have Tony’s Compound at the shore and the Summer Home in the woods.. Perhaps i should switch :p
    I somehow seem to have missed this episode…

  8. This episode is also the origin for Fat Tony’s task to relax in the hot tub (which is my favorite, BTW). 🙂

  9. Is it worth spending the donuts on the Chalk Outlines?

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