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Stonecutters Black Market Sale

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

We’ve got ourselves a little Stonecutters Black Market Sale Update.

2015-02-05 19.25.06

While the dialogue included is pretty amusing…the content is massively lacking.  Especially for those Tappers who have been playing for a while.  But nevertheless…it’s still a great opportunity for new Tappers to pick up Stonecutter items they may have missed out on last summer.

More details on what’s included in a bit…More details below the fold

But this event ends in a week.  So what does this mean for Valentine’s Day?  Could EA be closing that door shut?  Hard to say at this point.  Valentine’s Day is still just over a week away & their competition (TinyCo/Family Guy) is gearing up for a massive Valentine’s Day update.  So I’d find it hard to believe they’re just going to throw it aside…but we shall see…. Continue reading

And the Winners Are….

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Last week we asked you to participate in our Superbowl Prediction Contest.  The Tappers that correctly guessed which team would win the big game would be placed in the randomizer and top three would win $10 gift cards!

Well the New England Patriots won the game & while many of you predicted the Seahawks would take it…there were a few of you who knew the Pats would pull it out in the end!  So with out further ado…let’s reveal the winners!


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WABAC Where Did THAT Come From: Knowledgeum & Asia de Cuba

Hey howdy hey Addicts! In the steady grind of tapping in the free world, we sometimes see decorations and buildings and take them for granted. While this is understandable, we may not realize that a great majority of items in TSTO actually come from the amazing show the game is based on. With that in mind, Bunny and I aim to periodically provide you the origin info for decorations and buildings we missed, ignored or haven’t covered yet. Time is a fickle thing (timey wimey even) and as Einstein said, “The only reason for time is so that everything doesn’t happen at once.” There’s often not enough time in the TSTO continuum to do origins for everything, but while we have some, we’ve called on Mr. Peabody to help us along. We’re using his WABAC (pronounced way back) Machine to go back in TSTO time. With that premise, we bring you WABAC WDTCF (Where Did THAT Come From). This particular journey is for the Knowlegeum and Asia de Cuba.

Springfield_Knowledgeum_Tapped_Outasiadecuba Continue reading