TSTO Quick Tips, Tricks & Reminders: Abandoned Warehouse, Valentine’s Day & More

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

We’re sitting in a little bit of a TSTO lull right now, as we wait for “the next big thing” to hit our games.  Some of you are working your way though the last few parts of Level 49 & others (like myself) are building their cash flow back up after blowing 10 million + on new land.

Of course whenever there is a lull in the game many of us start to go back and take care of some of the little things we’ve been neglecting during the madness, like town deigns or finishing up that premium questline.  We’re noticing more and more questions in the comments about a few older areas of TSTO (areas many seasoned players may have forgotten about) & some of the finer details of Level 49.  So I thought I’d take a minute to go over a few tips, tricks & reminders we may have forgotten about or completely missed the first time around.


First up let’s talk talk about the Old Abandoned Warehouse.


This Level 49 building will not unlock until you’ve reached Part 6 of the Baking Bread questline.  Once unlocked, it can only be placed on Squidport. So if you’re seeing red when trying to place it (even if you have a ton of open space) make sure you’re on the Squidport tiles & not the green grass of Springfield.

And while we’re still on the Old Abandoned Warehouse, for those of you curious you’ll need an open section of Squidport that’s at least 2 boardwalk tiles by 2 boardwalk tiles to fit the Warehouse.

Squidport Tiles.


The current max of Squidport tiles is 151.  So if you’re tapping on your Squidport entrance and getting the “You have made the maximum number of boardwalk sections” message, that means you’ve created all 151 tiles you can create.  Unfortunately, there’s no way to get more at this time, so if you’re stuck on space you may have to redesign your Squidport a little to fit the Abandoned Warehouse.

Also relating to Squidport tiles.  Once you make the tiles, they’re yours forever.  Even if you delete them, they won’t actually leave your game.  They’ll be stored in your inventory…under Squidport OR where you find the road, water & pavement tiles.  So feel free to delete your entire Squidport and start over again, you won’t lose any tiles.

Earning more money in the game.


Even the most seasoned TSTO player can find themselves getting cash poor right now, especially with the new land that was just released.  I was one of those Tappers that had a large bankroll in my game & once I saw the new land available with Level 49 I quickly dropped 10 million + on those precious land squares.  So how do I earn my bankroll back up quickly?  It’s simple…play often.

I’ve always been one to leave plenty of buildings available to tap for my neighbors, but since there are no new Friendship prizes at the moment & vandalism doesn’t really bother me I’ve been clearing my buildings frequently to build my bankroll back up.  So tap your buildings, send your characters on frequent tasks.  Use task times that match your playing ability.  If you can get into your game every 4hrs, send them on 4hr tasks.  If you’re tapping every 8hrs, send them on 8hr tasks.  You get the idea.

Note: There is a detail about task lengths I’ll cover under Valentine’s Day a little later in this post.  So be sure to check it out before assigning long tasks for your characters.

We’ve got a great article by a newbie tapper here, that’s designed to give you some more tips and tricks to earning cash quickly.  I highly recommend you check it out if you’re struggling to earn cash quickly.

For new players, remember, it’s not a race to the newest level.  Take your time, build up your bank account.  As long as you’re past Level 5 you’ll still be able to participate in all the new events that hit the game.  So have fun with it & build your Springfield the way you want to.

Training Walls

Training Wall

We say this all the time, but it bares repeating for new players….For those tappers concerned about their Righteousness Rating, Training Walls should be your best friend.  At +10 Righteousness points each Training Walls are the BEST items in the game to give your Righteousness rating a boost (and make it so you really don’t care if you were vandalized).

Note: Training walls will unlock for purchase (in game cash) once you reach Level 33. 

Bunny, Wookiee & I all hide these all over our towns & our rating never dips.  They’re small enough that they can be hidden behind buildings or even worked into designs.  Here are a few examples:
Training Wall Behind Library c1690502f88a69278543b3d5a7976dbe_1024 Training Walls as Decorations

Random Tasks (this section added after the post went live)

From time to time you’ll see a random task popup for various characters, there will be no dialogue associated with it.  Just a task popping up to send Grampa to Tell Stories or Bart to have  Sleep Over etc.  These are supposed to happen.  They’re random tasks assigned by the game, designed to keep you engaged in the game.  So don’t think you’re missing something with them, they’re supposed to be there.  And as you progress further into the game, they will ALWAYS be there.  You can clear one & another will appear.

Unlike actual questlines, you can ignore these.  They will just sit in your task bar until completed (and another will take it’s place once complete), but they won’t prevent you from progressing in the game.  Personally, I tend to leave them for a while.  I have a random task for Grampa to tell stories sitting in my task bar & it’s been there since Christmas.

So take random tasks or leave them…but don’t think your game is glitching out on you.  It’s just the residents of your Springfield saying “don’t forget to play with us too!”


And finally..Valentine’s Day/The Next Event:

Valentine's Panorama

We don’t know when the next event, which we’re all assuming at this point is going to be Valentine’s Day, will hit.  Last year Valentine’s Day hit our games on February 5th, so it’s possible we will see it later this week.  Here are a few tips to keep in mind while we wait for it to hit (a lot of this also applies for any impending event):

-Keep your characters on shorter tasks.  Don’t assign any 24hr tasks late at night.  Typically App Store Updates, which Valentine’s day will most likely be, hit our games between 12-2pm EST (Christmas was an exception, that hit after 6pm EST).  Try to make sure your lower level characters (Homer, Lisa, Apu, Flanders Cletus & Krusty) are free around that time each day.  This way if something hits, you’ll be ready.

Curious as to why I said those characters?  It’s because events are designed for ALL tappers to play, once they get past the tutorial (Level 5).  So it makes more sense that one of those characters will kick off the event than Patty or Selma (who aren’t unlocked until level 35).  Make sense?  (Just a quick FYI, for new levels try to keep all freemium characters free, because you never know who will kick that off since you should have every character before that unlocked)

-Start growing Corn at Cletus’ Farm.  I know you might think i’m being crazy BUT last year we were given a task to grow Roses at the Farm.   Because this was a forced task whatever you were growing at the time would rapidly auto-complete for you.  So if you start growing Corn it’s a great way to earn some extra cash and XP.  (FYI this also happened during Easter)


And if for some reason this doesn’t happen, no harm done.  Just store Cletus’ farm and the corn you started growing will be delete & you’ll have the farm back.

-Remember to save your donuts for now.  With a limited-time event (hopefully) on it’s way, there will be returning premium items to purchase.  So if you’ve been coveted Brandine or Shauna in your neighbors town for the last year, this could be your chance to pick them up.  Of course there’s no guarantee they’ll make a return, but is it a chance you want to take?


What are your thoughts on this tips and tricks?  Any of them new for you?  Something you forgot about?  Do you have any other tips for players?  Ready for the next event?  What are you hoping to see?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!




128 responses to “TSTO Quick Tips, Tricks & Reminders: Abandoned Warehouse, Valentine’s Day & More

  1. I had a 5 star game. Now I am a 4 star. I have the 3 cops doing their jobs but yet my rating stays the same? Please advise thank you 🙂
    Ps. I am at level 162. Kim

  2. Quick question.. I’m wanting to blow up my springfield and rebuild it but currently were going through sideshow bobs brothers event. If i blow up to rebuild will all of the progress ive madmade….will i have to restart the missions again?

  3. I am having trouble with my Squidport Boardwalk Sections. I only have 9 and I can’t move them or place them in my inventory. I never got to the part of that quest where I’m supposed to get the house boat. I think I remember having Homer yell at the sea but after that nothing happened. I’m at level 30.

    • You should be able to just tap on the boardwalk tiles in the move menu. You’ll be able to erase them like road/pavement/river tiles/ Then just hit the trash, it’ll store them in your inventory.

      • You’re right, I Should be able to tap on them but it wasn’t working. I tried tapping them tons of times and obviously that wasn’t working so I posted on here. I have seen many people on the Internet that came across this glitch and no one really had a real answer on how to go about fixing it. I tried uninstalling and installing the game again. After I logged in and all the updates were done loading I still couldn’t tap on the darn boardwalk sections. My last choice was to Nuke my town and force everything in my inventory. After it was done puting things away the quest popped up and I placed the boardwalk sections again and then the action to make Homer yell at the ocean finally appeared. Now the quest is rolling again. So next time someone has this problem just have them Nuke their town because nothing else seems to work. Thank you.

        • Thanks for sharing what worked for you! It’s a shame though, you shouldn’t have to nuke it to get a quest rolling. But I’m glad it’s working again for you!

  4. I was hoping Valentine’s would come and I could get Howard’s Flowers…

  5. I don’t know if this is the right place to ask this but when I go and look at other peoples towns I notice that people had money in upwards of like 15 – 40 million and more! How in the world do people get monies in those amounts! Please help me and tell me how to do that also so I can get those bigger money items that I have not been able to buy.

    • How do you see how much money people have? You can’t see their cash and donut counts when visiting.

      But the longer you play the easier it is to earn money. Personally I earn about 1.5 million/week.

  6. Great tips, I just planted my corn.

    so mad i just spent $80k on a building and then the new quest popped up. And the daycare is on sale.

    Also, scroll through to get your free Krusty

  7. I just wanted to say thank you again for all the work you do to keep us informed, you’re so greatly appreciated 😀 i hope they do a valentines day event, it would be very strange if they didn’t.

    I would like to ask a question, and hopefully I’m asking in the proper place (sorry if I’m not) but can someone please tell me the best possible way to purchase or get donuts please? I just don’t understand with how expensive it seems donuts are that so many people can afford to get all this premium content! Lol but i can see why they would its just so much fun! Im so sad to say that being unemployed at this time when they bring back the stonecutters is really bumming me out. Wish i could get the lodge, they should do a throwback event every so often so that people that couldn’t purchase things when they first were released can get the content. That would be so great!

    Well thank you again TSTO peeps! You rock!

    • Through the game is the only way to do it that doesn’t violate EA’s terms of service. People do pay for them.

      You can also take advantage of discount gift card deals in your area to get them


      • How do u get the discount cards in the area that u live? I have been playing for a long time and I have never seen that. What I was saying bout the money amounts were people I knew started bout the same time that I knew couldnd have too much more money than the rest of us just starting out. Cause tgey were getting everything that there was to buy as well as when the large money items like the diamond and other expensive items and they have them all where most of us can’t afford them if we still want land ect…I know I have spent lots more money than I wanted to just to keep up with the stuff coming out and still can’t afford them anyway..

    • I am kind of a thrifty person in real life and I try to limit how much I spend on donuts. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with spending a bit for entertainment, but I do think EA deserves some push back from us Tappers to keep the game where kids or anyone can play. I have some friends who are totally freemium players with absolutely gorgeous towns! (Some of them have been playing since the beginning and got stuff back when it was free.) I hope TSTO will sponsor a freemium show off. You can do so much with creativity and 3D skills! Enjoy the game & Thanks, fellow Tappers!

    • Donuts are tricky. I know that I have NO desire to see what I’ve actually spent on donuts over the last 2.5 years 🙂
      However, I try to keep it simple:
      -I usually only buy $10 worth at a time. That’s usually enough for what I want.
      -I only buy buildings and characters. I know some of the decos are cool, but it has to be something really spectacular for me to bother. For example, a 300 donut Bluella the whale doesn’t qualify.
      -Stock up during Gil sales. Stale donuts spend the same, so if you can squirrel away some cash and blow $20 on a Gil sale twice a year, you’ll have a nice stockpile.
      -spring for the replay when you level up. Spending a maximum of $100,000 in game money for 3 donuts isn’t bad.
      -Buy freemium items and sell them back. You get XP when you buy items, and this helps you level up to those 3 donut moments. I know it will take a long time to buy a building this way, but it’s a good way to pad your supply and get to a round number when you do buy a box.

  8. Just spoke to customer support. Doesnt seem like there’s a Valentines update coming. Sure that isnt confirmation, but usually they have some idea if what’s to come, they did with Tge Stobecutters event.

    • We’ll have to see what happens. I think it’d be odd for them not to do one, just based on the fact that they’ve always done one. Even if it’s a mini-event. Past experience with Customer Service is they don’t get advance warning about an update. They’ll know about the same time we do when/if one is coming.
      Stonecutters was a little different because they teased it on Facebook. They don’t always do that.
      Also, keep in mind CS reps that do know something are typically under embargo until a certain date/time when the information will be released. We’ll have to wait and see what happens 🙂

  9. I don’t get the corn thing to work. I started growing corn yesterday and this morning the game prompted me to do the task “Harvest Tomacco”. I tap the “Do It”, but the only thing that is happening is that Cletus’s Farm opens and it shows me how long time I have left on growing the corn.

    • The Tomacco is just a random quest, has nothing to do with the event. It won’t work until the event hits, if we’re tasked with doing something on Cletus’ farm to progress.

  10. Great job to all who contribute to this site! A tip I’d like to offer is when you are in others town’s and the “Sideshow Bob” message appears. Finding him can be difficult in some of the large towns, so after doing the three taps, quickly go to their Krustyland and then come right back out, the game will swing right to him!

  11. Thanks for these tips! You guys are the best!

  12. when they brought out the Christmas event I updated my game as soon as I was asked to and it was 5 or 6 days into the task, not sure if that is because I use an android device or not.

  13. I’m thinking they should release kumiko with swanky fish for valentine day. Nice way to reintroduce it.

  14. What you guys call a “lull,” I call “a much needed break to catch up and save some cash.” With all these updates coming in, one on top of the other, it seems like I’ll never save up enough for the Sit’N’Rotate…

  15. OH…and another question???? I think I have figured out what your referring to when you speak of Premium and Freemium but just in case, enlighten me.

    • Freemium= characters/buildings/items you purchase with in game cash
      Premium= characters/buildings/items you purchase with donuts (the premium currency in the game)

  16. I do not know of Mindy and Kumliko and the others mentioned? do they have a story line…,of what benefit are they?

  17. I’m currently lvl49 and am struggling to get my Gluttony rating to 5, without having Krusty Burgers everywhere, is my only other option the Sit n Rotate?

  18. Hopefully Mary Souckler and other spuckler Children I’d like to see “The Soucklers Specia Valentine event”

    Mary Spuckler 150 donuts

    Diabetty 200 donuts

    Maw 120 donuts

    Send Brandine to birth more Spucklers , Jitney,Crystal Meth, Incest

    Cletus’ chicken shack 1200 dollars

    Moonshine bottles each 100 dollars

    Geech the Bloodhound 50 donuts

    Brandine outfit Classy Lassy shirt

    Cletus outfit top hat

    Mary Spuckler tasks

    Go on a date with bart 2 hours

    Write a song 12 hours

    Milk the cow 1 hour

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