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Where Did THAT Come From – Clownface

Hey there Superfriends!

I gotta say that I am loving the heck out of this Super Event. Vigilantes, Superheroes, Supervillains, bad guys to tap Batman-style, Spiderpig… so much fun. Of course, with lots of new items comes my task to let you know just WHERE all the stuff comes from. For this super where did THAT come from, we’ll take a look at Clownface.

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Superhero Prize Guide: Issue 2, Prize 1 …National Bank of Springfield

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

The Superhero Event is upon us and Springfield has been invaded with Superheros, creeping Criminals & a whole new Comic Book look!  In the second Issue of the Superhero Event, action will slow down a bit as Clownface takes over.  You’ll see the questline require more prizes in order to progress…but don’t be discouraged.  For the lull in the questline doesn’t mean a lull in the action.  There’s plenty of Criminals to tap, Felons to clobber & pie, lots and lots of pie!

The Event is broken up into 4 Issues, with each Issue containing part of the Story.   To help you along with the story line you’ll get at least 3 prizes per Issue.  Each prize will help further move you through the story and uncover what comes next! For Issue 2 you’re tasked with collecting Pie Bombs to unlock each prize!  The first Issue 2 prize awarded at 12,000 Pie Bombs is The National Bank of SpringfieldBecause Super Villains have got to get their gems and cash from somewhere!


So let’s take a closer look at this top notch secure bank (Gil’s in charge of security after all!) and just what happens when you unlock it in your Springfield!

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How To: Visit Neighbors Superheroes Edition Issue 2

Hey there Hoppereenos.

We now have a 2nd Issue of the Superheroes Event in full swing adding even MORE fun to our silly lil game. What changes will come with Issue 2? Let’s take a look.

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Math Of Earning Pie Bombs

Hey there Superheroes!!

Issue 2 of the new Superheroes Event has just begun and wondering if you are doing it right. If you are doing all you can to get those Pie Bombs as quickly as you can. Well this post is here to help you get an idea of how to get the most out of your daily game interactions.

ico_super15_piebomb_lg criminalclown_front_walk_image_4 reportcrime

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