WABAC Where Did THAT Come From: Knowledgeum & Asia de Cuba

Hey howdy hey Addicts! In the steady grind of tapping in the free world, we sometimes see decorations and buildings and take them for granted. While this is understandable, we may not realize that a great majority of items in TSTO actually come from the amazing show the game is based on. With that in mind, Bunny and I aim to periodically provide you the origin info for decorations and buildings we missed, ignored or haven’t covered yet. Time is a fickle thing (timey wimey even) and as Einstein said, “The only reason for time is so that everything doesn’t happen at once.” There’s often not enough time in the TSTO continuum to do origins for everything, but while we have some, we’ve called on Mr. Peabody to help us along. We’re using his WABAC (pronounced way back) Machine to go back in TSTO time. With that premise, we bring you WABAC WDTCF (Where Did THAT Come From). This particular journey is for the Knowlegeum and Asia de Cuba.


The Knowlegeum becomes available during Level 34 and is part of the questline. It is a freemium building and earns $135 and 15 XP every 8 hrs for “Claiming Things Are Science”. I really love this building because of its weird look and love for science. It fits right in with my Frink science area and also makes me fondly remember my visit to the Science Fiction Museum in Seattle. Now that’s another strange shaped building.

Seattle Science Fiction Museum

The Knowledgeum comes from “This Little Wiggy” (S9:E18), a great Ralph Wiggum episode. Lisa sums the building up pretty nicely: “What a whimsical building. Who says science can’t be fun?”

Springfield Knowledgeum TSTO

Gotta love a hands-on museum where you can learn what it’s like to touch a star and which Stooge had the heaviest brain. The ceiling was donated by the Velcro company and the floor by American Superball. It includes earthquake simulators, a double helix slide, an enormous pendulum… so much cool learning. Toss the virtual salad, read the giant book, see the visible computer, skateboard MARS, fire lasers and learn about the vertical mambo. A place where even Homer can become over-stimulated.

Springfield Knowledgeum TSTO 2

I bet you can guess which exhibit is my favorite. As a bonus, this episode is also the origin of Ralph’s 24 hour task to Play Wiggle Puppy. Wiggle puppy is a dog Ralph made up who flies by wagging its tail and has had some amazing adventures.

Asia de Cuba becomes available during Level 28 for 100 donuts. It earns $260 and 26 XP every 10 hrs for “Fusing Cuisines”. This restaurant comes from “Loan-a Lisa” (S22:E2). After Marge purchases an expensive Mark Fredericks signature handbag, Homer has to tell her they can’t afford it. (“$500! That’s like ten dead Grampas.”) Homer sees how much she loves the bag and can suddenly afford to take her out to dinner at Asia de Cuba for one night out with the bag. It’s the most glamorous place in town.

Asia de Cuba TSTO

Also a great place to see celebrities… well Krusty who seems embarrassed to be seen there coming out of the bathroom. One thing to be said, it has an amazing view of Springfield. Also includes a buffet (so maybe not that fancy), wine service, a chocolate fountain, pianist and coat check.

Asia de Cuba TSTO 2

Interestingly, there are actually restaurants named this in Miami Florida, Buenos Aires and London.  There was another in West Hollywood but it has changed names.  I wonder if any of these owners are Simpsons fans?

So there’s two more origins for items in our silly little game. Do you have both? Have a super sweet design you did with either? Hopefully you’re digging these occasional jaunts backwards to let you know where things come from. Until the next edition, stay classy.

TTFN… Wookiee out!

5 responses to “WABAC Where Did THAT Come From: Knowledgeum & Asia de Cuba

  1. OK Wookiee, I’ll bite: Which exhibit is your favorite?

  2. I really like the Double Helix Slide animation for The Knowlegeum. This is another building that needs a permanent task associated with it!
    [I think I’ve repeated already too much about The Sequel Stop.]

  3. I started watching The Simpsons from the beginning, right now im the middle of season 6. I really like it when I watch the episode and I see something familiar :). The game without it is fun, but if you recognize things from the series its even more fun :).

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