And the Winners Are….

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Last week we asked you to participate in our Superbowl Prediction Contest.  The Tappers that correctly guessed which team would win the big game would be placed in the randomizer and top three would win $10 gift cards!

Well the New England Patriots won the game & while many of you predicted the Seahawks would take it…there were a few of you who knew the Pats would pull it out in the end!  So with out further ado…let’s reveal the winners!


The top 3 Tappers that were chosen by the Randomizer, in no particular order, are:




Sandra Shill 

Photo Jan 30, 4 56 00 PM




Winners should remember to check their email inbox for an email from Addicts confirming their device & for their prize!

Congratulations to all the winners!  And thank you to everyone who participated!  Now bring on an update!

What do you think of the winners?  Thoughts on the Superbowl?  Did you predict the Patriots or the Seahawks?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

28 responses to “And the Winners Are….

  1. So did the half pounder score a hat trick to slam dunk the slapshot for the hoovers……..OK I admit I amawsomein my knowledge of colonial sport lacrosse anyone?

  2. SB49 was so cool.
    And the Seahawks lost it so bad…
    Waiting for SB50…
    #GoHawks 😀

  3. Hey everyone. What’s this black market sale I just got. I assume the info will be here shortly? I just bought the stonecutters daycare center I always wanted but dies this mean no valentines day event? Thanx. Have fun

  4. I just logged on to my Simpsons for the first time today and to my happy surprise there was an update! Was sooooo excited (thinking it was the Valentine’s day update)but to my very unpleasant surprise it was not…….still not sure what the update was even for??? Anyone else have this happen???

  5. Congrats to the winners!

    Just out of curiosity, do you have the total number of entries that thought each team would win? I hope there were more than four who picked the Pats, or I’ll feel really sad and unlucky ;-p

  6. Congratulations! I knew the Pats would win!! 😃 I went to their victory parade in Boston!! It was awesome!! Not too upset about the update not hitting. Giving me time to do a little redesign on my Springfield. Looking forward to it thou! I’m a character collector so I can’t wait to get the ones I’m missing! Happy Tapping!


  7. YAYYY!!!!!!!! (flailing my arms around like Kermit the Frog). This I’d GREAT news… We freemium players can use all the donut procurement help we can get! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU, A. B. & W.!!!

    Congrats, too, to my fellow winners, Pureval and Bunnyhop!

    And to the other entrants, all I can say is that I was just lucky this was a random-draw contest….I saw some really amazing, creative entries that put my little one to shame. And, living in Massachusetts, I almost had to go with the Pats, so that was a bit of additional luck there, too (although I did check with my husband whether there was at least a decent possibility of their winning, before I made my entry).

    • P.S. Just checked my email and I don’t see anything there yet… Should I be worried?

    • FYI – After admiring it in my neighbors’ towns for months, I decided to use my winnings to buy the Stonecutters Lodge (which I might not have done otherwise, since I had been saving my donuts for a couple of other things).

      So, thank you again… You guys are all “#1” in my book! 😀

  8. Congrats neighbor!

  9. When will the Valentine’s event start? Im looking forward to seeing what’s going to happen.

  10. Congrats winners!! 😃

  11. With WordPress, I double checked, it’s my current email and this is the only notification I’m seeing. Does an addict need more info?

  12. Omg omg omg I win!
    Pats win and I win!!!!
    So so so cool!!!!
    I love you Alissa!
    I love you bunny!
    I love you wookie!
    I love you randomizer!!

  13. You have no idea how happy this makes me. A Superbowl victory for my Pats and free donuts for my Springfield. Now I just need the Sox, Bruins and Revs to win their respective championships (I have no hope left for the Celts this season). Thanks guys!

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