Last Chance Bartman’s Cave; Issue 3 is On the Horizon

Hey Howdy Hey Super Tappers!

Just popping in with a quick reminder that we’ve approached the final hours of Bartman’s Cave being available in the store!  So if you’re still thinking about getting it, make your decision soon because it just under 8hrs (as of this posting) it’ll be gone!


Not sure if you should get the Cave?  We’ve got a full breakdown of the Pros and Cons in our Should I Buy Post here.

Also a fun little reminder…in just under 8hrs Issue 3 will be live!  That’s right at 0800 GMT (0400 EDT) Issue 3 will finally be live in our games!  So what does this mean?


Basically the same thing it meant when Issue 2 was launched, you’ll have a whole new set of prizes, currency and criminals to attack!

Now a lot of you have questions regarding what’s going to happen in your game once Issue 3 hits, so let’s break a few of the more popular ones down…


I’m So Close to Dr. Colossus, Will I Miss Out When Issue 3 hits?
Nope.  Here’s the deal, just like with Issue 2, you’ll need the final prize to move onto Issue 3.  So in this case Dr. Colossus will move you through the start of Issue 3.  So you’ll need him to move on.  What does this mean?  Basically….if you haven’t completed all of the Issue 2 prizes yet don’t worry.  You’ll still be able to collect Pie Bombs even when Issue 3 hits.   And once you’ve cleared the Issue 2 Prizes, you’ll be able to move right onto Issue .

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Will Collecting End When Issue 3 Hits?
Nope.  This is a common question we’re seeing lately.  Don’t panic if you’re worried about collecting ending when Issue 3 hits, because it won’t.  You have until Issue 3 ends to finish collecting and crafting the Zenith City items.  So…you have until March 24th to finish crafting/collecting.


Do I Have To Finish Crafting The Tasked Zenith Buildings to Move Onto Issue 3?  (The Apartments, Loft, Storefront & Times)
Nope.  These are side quests and have nothing to do with completing Issue 2. Not crafting them will not prevent you from starting Issue 3 once it hits.  As long as you’ve collected all 3 Pie Bomb Prizes (up to Dr. Colossus) you’ll be able to start Issue 3 once it hits…regardless of your crafting status.


Should I Save Criminals For When Issue 3 Hits?
No.  Tap your Criminals, you won’t get a head start on the new Issue if you don’t.  (of course don’t clear them 5 minutes before Issue 3 hits, but it’s ok to clear them now)  Just like Issue 2 launched a new type of Criminal, in Issue 3 we’ll see a new type of Criminal.  So tape those Rainbow Criminals all you want!


Should I Save Felons For When Issue 3 Hits?
This is a good idea.  Save some Felons in your town so you can get a head start on currency once Issue 3 hits.


Will My Currency Carry Over to Issue 3?  Like if I’m over the 55,000 Pie Bombs Will the Excess Be Moved to Freeze Rays?
No.  Each Issue’s currency is unique and it will not carry over to the next phase.


What’s Coming With Issue 3?
We’ve got a look at the prizes here but beyond that we’ll have to wait and see once it hits!  Don’t worry we’ll be here with all the info you’ll need once it’s live 🙂

So remember….in just under 8hrs from now (0800 GMT, 4am EDT) we’ll have a whole new Issue of the Superhero Event on our hands!  So get ready, get excited….but most of all don’t panic! 🙂

What are your thoughts on Issue 2?  What was your favorite part?  Are you ready to see Issue 3 roll in?  Have you earned many free donuts?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

48 responses to “Last Chance Bartman’s Cave; Issue 3 is On the Horizon

  1. My little tapper just barely started “helping” me during this issue. He loves to tap on the colorful rainbow wigs and keeps saying “Oh, there’s one” and “find more, Dad”. Here’s hoping the next issue’s criminals will be colorful or unique so he can still spot them easily.

  2. Finally got the Bartcave with 20 minutes to spare. Haven’t cleared any of my overnight handshakes or criminals – ready to see the wigs disappear and for them to start earning freeze rays 🙂

  3. Afro criminal Afro Criminal polka dot polka dot Afro. 😉

  4. I’ve won 9 donuts with excess of pie bombs… yeah 🙂

  5. I am going to miss issue 2. I got more than 60 donuts from the extra prize boxes!

    • Same here, this event is becoming like a donut bonanza. Didn’t get as many donuts as you though, wish I had more time to play the game.

    • I spent every last donut during this event to finally buy Frink (freemium player, so I’d been saving for months), and I’m up to 65 donuts again . Woohoo!

  6. I’ve been getting the Bart screen for about 30 mins. I was so close to being able to hit another prize box too!
    I need my precious sprinkles…

  7. This is the first time I have managed to score free donuts… Really enjoying it so far…

  8. I started saving my issue 1 criminals a day before issue 2 hit – and as soon as issue 2 went live, I tapped my issue 1 criminals and was awarded the pie bombs from issue 2!
    So for me, im so glad I saved my criminals because within 2 minutes of issue 2 starting, I was suddenly able to accumulate a few hundred pie bombs 🙂

    • Me too, I let my criminals build up, and also the radiation symbols in my town from friends tapping. All gave me pie bombs the moment issue 2 started. You only need about 5 hours to max out criminals though.

      • Did the same this time and all my saved up criminals and untapped radiation symbols gave me freeze guns, so I picked up about 1600 guns straight away. I stopped clearing criminals after I got one last mystery box yesterday, as I wasn’t going to clear another 4000 pies in time. So my Springfield was swimming in them this morning, with more in the ‘bank’ that spawned after I cleared the first lot.

  9. I’m a touch concerned about the earning rate for capes and handcuffs in crafting Lofts & Storefronts. I saved everything up so I could get the Zenith Times first- that took most of issue 2. I’m hoping to get multiples of the other buildings- does anyone think this is possible with how often the items drop?

    • It’s certainly not set up easy but I don’t think it’s impossible. I will say it’ll require tons of regular tapping to get those capes and handcuffs every 4 hrs.

  10. So far I have been able to get all prizes, thank you for the prize guide. It has helped so much keeping on track.

    Side note: Thank you Simon for creating Simpson’s, may you rest in peace.

  11. My favorite part of issue 2 is definitely the rainbow clown wigs. I’m sad to see those go away. The prizes and all were great but those wigs really made me smile.

  12. So did I miss a post???? One of my neighbors hasfruit batman!!!! When did this happen and why is it not available in my town? Please let me know……..

    • Fruit Batman came out in 2013 as part of a tie in to the “Dark Knight Court” episode Fruit Batman appeared in. We all hope he’ll make a return and I’d say this is just the event for it.

  13. I have managed to get all prizes on both my sites thanks to my new neighbours and even got free donuts got 6 for session 2

  14. I have enjoyed the event so far! I was lucky enough to finish chapter 2 five days ahead of the deadline, so I have received quite a few free donuts. Looking forward to seeing the final chapter just so I will know what the prizes are!😄

  15. Do you think Radioactive Man may be alive and return for Issue 4, it seems to hint at it.

  16. I’m loving the free donuts and characters/buildings we’re getting with this event. It has been AWESOME!

  17. I was in Krustyland popping balloons today and got a 5 donut prize. Had no idea I could win more than tickets!

  18. I’m gonna miss the clown haired criminals….they were so easy to spot & tap!

  19. I’ve loved the rainbow heads & have gotten a bunch of free donuts.
    I really like being able to do 3 taps on the neighbors’ criminals even if they don’t have phones available. Makes me feel like it’s really worth going through the list

  20. 42 donuts from phase 2!!! Gonna miss it!!! For those looking for a headstart visit all your neighbors but only tap 1 phone call so yiu get 202 free phone calls & the crininals twice tomorrow.

  21. I can’t wait for the next issue! I’m staying up!

  22. Argh! I had a felon that was being fought for his last heart and I was going to wait until tomorrow to collect it. But they were hiding behind a building and I didn’t see them when I tapped their thumb, thinking it was one of the other 35-ish chatters whose tasks I was collecting.

    Oh well…Life will go on, I guess….

  23. R.I.P. Sam Simon

  24. I just got the collider today… I definitely didn’t think I would get him before the next issue but woohoo.

  25. I’ve earned tons of donuts, in fact had 2 gift boxes today alone, so probably earned about 13 or so donuts from this part. (I still can’t get the tap/hold gift box trick to work so maybe I’m doing that wrong)

    I don’t have enough handcuffs yet though to craft my last item. So I still get them right? and I wish i could trade all these phones in for something. I have wayyyy to many of those.

    But once again, lovin this event.

  26. Thank you so much, I was wondering about the Zenith buildings.

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