Addicts Weekly Open Thread

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Due to POPULAR request….we’ve moving up our open thread time so that our friends outside of the US can participate too!  Let’s get the conversation going!  Oh and remember…just because this is posted here today doesn’t mean you can’t comment on it all week long.  This open thread will still be open for comments long after today is over!

Now…enough rambling from me….it IS Sunday and you know what that means, right?  Time for another Open Thread!

Here’s where you can talk about anything you want to talk about…TSTO Related, Simpson’s Related or ANYTHING.  Just no Add me requests…those should go here.  We’ll give you a few suggestions (like most Sunday’s you can talk about the current episode of the Simpsons) but for the most part you’re free to talk about ANYTHING your little Tapping Fingers desire…just keep it PG.

So…here is your Open Thread.  The Simpsons are all new tonight, what will happen in the new episode?  Issue 3 hit our devices this past week, how are you doing earning those Freeze Rays?  What do you think of the prizes?  Gil returned this past week and brought The Homer with him!  Did you make the purchase?  Do you think Herb will be hitting Springfield soon?  How are you doing on crafting?  What are your counts?  What buildings have you crafted so far?  NCAA March Madness Brackets will be announced later today, are you excited for it?  Will your team make it?  Who do you hope wins?

So chat about the Simpsons, TSTO, Update fun, or anything else you can think of!  Can’t wait to chat with you all, you know we LOVE hearing from you!

Have Fun!  And happy Sunday!


481 responses to “Addicts Weekly Open Thread

  1. Does anyone know if Hugs Bunny has quests after the initial few?

  2. I need new friends if anyone has room for more!!!!

  3. Question for someone in USA …… What is fried dough, & how does it differ from donuts ?

  4. Tapebelt – I am so envious of your town, (with total admiration, of course)! Those 3Ds are mind blowing! I can just imagine the time and effort and gusto you put into building your Springfield. I just love watching the felons going up and down those slopes! Love your Sir-Putts design, too. Don’t be surprised if you see some of your ideas in my town, (with your permission, of course), but mine won’t be that good because am rubbish when it comes to being imaginative and artistic. And thank you for accepting my friend request promptly as I got to see a very amazing town!

    • thank you for the kind words, and i’m glad you noticed those slopes! the inspiration to drop part of my town into a valley came from this ridiculously built town (, but i didn’t want the detached feeling of roads and waterways not connecting along the embankment. took some messing around, but when i discovered i could use those snapdragons along the edge of the hedges to create a straight effect for the slopes, i knew i had a way to connect the roads realistically. the waterways were much tougher, as i knew i would never be able to connect the water down the embankment and have it look real, so i settled for the illusion of a water canal embedded into the embankment. utilized the snapdragons again to create an envirogrid retaining wall of sorts to finish off the look.

      and i don’t think you are giving yourself enough credit. i browsed through your town briefly, and was once again amazed by the level of detail in each of the properties. 3d has a nice wow factor, and it definitely made designing more fun for me, but i know i need work in other areas (outside of my house farm, i may have more characters than i do residential properties to house them in!). and please, feel free to use any ideas in my town that inspire you, you don’t need my (or anyone else’s) permission. i look forward to seeing those upcoming slopes and valleys in your town! 😉

      • Thank you for the kind words, too! I will definitely redo my town when this current event finishes. And thank you for sending me that link of that amazing town! But nothing can beat your slopes, Tapebelt! 😉 I just love your town!

  5. Jebus – I love your alien queen area! One question though…who are you thanking?

    • Anyone who ends up in the bottom corner of my Town. It’s just a thanks for visiting, lack of space really limits what I can write there. It’s only temporary, I have some plans for the area but I’m going to wait and see what ep4 brings.

    • Oops – that should have been “whom”…. I’m usually pretty good about stuff like that, and, after watching this morning’s broadcast of CBS Sunday Morning, I felt obliged to go back and post this correction! Lol 😉

  6. after reading various comments on here, i was wondering…

    what kind of devices do you guys play on? i have two older android devices that are rooted and running custom roms, a nexus 4 smartphone and a nexus 7 tablet. while the phone runs quicker and faster (since my tablet is the original model from 2012), i much prefer the larger screen of the nexus 7 to tap out and design on, and only utilize my phone for the game when i’m not at home or my tablet’s battery runs out. i know many of you guys just tap out on your iphones, but i just couldn’t imagine doing all this detailed designing on such a small screen… even my n4’s screen is larger than all iphones up until the iphone 6!

    so anyway, what device do you use? do you use just one, or a combination of devices? does anybody still use bluestacks on their pc? the last time i tried to, i wasn’t able to get into the game (during the xmas event), but i have yet to try on the latest update.

    • I started out on a 4th Gen iPod Touch. Made MANY of my 2D & 3D art on it. Gone are those days as I know use my GS4 to create or my 10″ tablet.

      Bluestacks was WAY too unstable for me. (I at one point had it linked to my HDTV screen too.) Just became too much work to keep up with the issues, so I stick with my devices now. .

      • wow that’s incredible, i also have a 4g ipod touch and i couldn’t imagine designing on it. it was my last idevice purchase, and the only one i have left, but fortunately i can still access the game with it to redeem itunes gift cards for donuts.

        and i hear you on bluestacks, it was unstable for me as well, and bogged down my laptop like crazy. having a touchscreen laptop though, it was nice to be able to view and interact with my town on such a large screen.

        i’ve also screencasted the game a few times over my chromecast to the tv, but i don’t like the disconnect between touching the phone/tablet screen while looking at the tv. guess i just need to add a 10″ or larger size tablet to my arsenal of devices….

    • I mostly play on both an iPad and a Kindle Fire HD (original version). I prefer to pay on the iPad, because it has the biggest screen and because I use my Kindle to track my meds and strong and it doesn’t really “multitask,” like the iPad does. (Don’t get me wrong – I love my Kindle and find it better than the iPad in some ways, but the iPad is better in other ways.) I used to almost exclusively play in the iPad, but, it’s a company device and they recently installed Airwatch, so I’m a little more nervous now about playing TSTO on my iPad during business hours. So, I’ve been using my Kindle during lunchtime inn the weekdays.

      I do have betrayals Bluestacks installed on my PC and have used it to play TSTO on the rare occasion that I can’t use either of my other devices to do so.

      I’ve said this before, but I absolutely cannot imagine how people can actually play this game on their phones. I mean, I can see maybe being able to do some quick tapping (to collect payouts and send people on tasks, maybe), but I can’t even begin to imagine how someone would be able to decorate their town and stuff like that on a phone!

      So far (Kinehora, knock wood), I haven’t had problems loading anyone’s town… When you and I finally become neighbors, tapebelt, I’ll let you know what happens when I try to visit you! 🙂

    • 7″ Android tablet

    • I play on a Kindle Fire only.

    • I play on an iPhone6, I just timed your town and it took 22 seconds to load. I don’t have any performance issues with my town and I have 6700+ items, can you remember what your last warning message was at tapebelt?

      I recently started a second account and I use my wife’s Galaxy S5, I have noticed performance issues on that a couple of times. I also don’t like playing on it because with my iPhone a can zoom out much further than what I can on the Galaxy, it makes things look so much nicer.

    • Samsung Galaxy S3, been a great phone, haven’t needed to upgrade, still zippy enough (4G / WiFi)…

  7. Hi all! I sent invites to some familiar names on this site. Sandrashill, cube3dex, crosebud, jebus, sliqstream and many others. I’d love to be your neighbour if you still have room. I’m not having much luck finding great neighbours in the add me thread. I visit daily and looking forward to see you soon 🙂

    Tapedeck…. wowza! I spent ages looking and drooling over your town.

    • Thanks for the invite, I tapped you too quick today, tomorrow I’ll try to take the time to tap my favorite parts of your town: )

    • I have just done a neighbourino refresh, and have you and a couple of others waiting in the wings, I am full at the moment but I do have some stragglers I’m keeping an eye on!

    • Gamesforjess, I accidentally deleted your request. I was trying to delete a request from an old neighbor that loves to tag and rarely visits. I have room for you 🙂

      • I just made a spot for GamesForJess, you are next in line ncrosebud 🙂

        If I see someone chatting here I will always move to the top of the cue, although it’s hard to remember sometimes. Trying to remember 100 friend names is hard enough…

    • Doinbunnyhop, all good 🙂 I do quick tapping when time is short and I have a lot of neighbours to visit. Glad to have you as my neighboureeno.

      Cube3dex, no worries. I’ll leave the invite open for when you have room.

      Ncrosebud, woohoo… I’ll send you another invite.

    • Hey, I just looked and I can see your request amongst the 36 that I currently have. Unfortunately I just visited all my friends (100 of them) and they are all active so I don’t have any spaces. If you leave the request I will accept you as soon as a spot opens up, usually I just pick the person with the best name 😉

      • 36?!? My, aren’t YOU popular! I feel good when I have even two or three pending requests.

        I’ve often wondered if there’s any way to know how to choose from among a bunch of “stranger” requests…sometimes, I chose someone who’s name is at a part of the alphabet that fits my needs (like, for instance, sometimes I have my friend visits scheduled to “mature” in waves, so, if I have a friend request from a part of the alphabet that I have visited yet, I might accept that person). Other times, I also go for “appealing” names or names that might sound at least vaguely familiar. But I really wish that Origin would let you see the basic stats (level and last time played) on people who have sent you friend requests…I wouldn’t use that to discriminate *against* lower- level players, because I actually like to have some level variety in my neighbors and believe in “paying it forward” in that regard, as well, but I guess they fear that there are those who will.

        • I get 5-10 requests a day and I havnt even posted in an add me thread since before Christmas. I figure they are just random people reading my other comments. It’s good to always have a pool to choose from.

      • No worries jebus. 36 invites?? Oh well I guess with a name as creative as mine, I’d be on top of your list bhahhaha 😛

      • Hopefully I’m still on the list, I sent a request a couple weeks ago, I’m not a gamer so a clever user name never occurred to me when I signed up for Origin but I’m a total addict who loves the TSTO community and love to see inspirational Springfields to encourage my own design. (Tip O’ the Nib to Sandra- saw your rose arch over your Botanical Garden door- just had to borrow…)

        • Send me another one, I purge names about once a week to keep the numbers down, unfortunately it doesn’t keep track of the order of the requests. The notification badge bugs me but it’s good to be able to instantly replace not so good neighbours.

          Talking to me directly is definitely the best way to get me to add you asap 😉

      • SB – You’re more than welcome to “borrow” the arch idea from me, since I think I actually “borrowed” it from someone else, myself lol.

    • I’m full up at the moment, but, if your invite is still there the next time I have an opening, you’re next up!

      • Hello new neighboureeno 🙂

      • Hello, to you, too, Jess!

        Liked your town… Have some notes to post about it (and tapebelt’s town) the next time I have the time and energy to tap them all out into a message!

    • that’s tapebelt, but i won’t hold it against you. 😉 thanks for the invite though, love what you’ve done in your town. such intricate and detailed properties, and everything flows together so naturally.

      it’s great finally having neighbors that are active and obviously care about the designs of their town! i got tired of visiting towns with wall-to-wall buildings and no roads… i know, weird right?

      • Aw thanks for your kind words. Your 3d still amazes me. Visiting neighbours just got more exciting now I get to see some really nice towns.

  8. In the aftermath of St Patricks day, I decided my lil’ bar-block needed some redecorating ;p

  9. Is it possible to gain 11 handcuffs in 3 days?

    • 3 a day spawn is kinda max without donuts. So no… sorry. You’ll have to decide if you wanna part with sprinklies for the item you want.

  10. Oh great deities of EA, thank you for your reward to your humble Sky Finger peon the gift of five friendly sprinkles! Thy will truly shut p regarding thine alleged stinginess 🙂
    And on another note…

    • Congrats on your purchase of that amazing porcine arachnid (no, wait…that would be “Pig Spider”…..well, not that really either, since arachnida is a Class, which is kinda far up the classification tree… If I move down to Order, I guess I could say “araneae artiodactyla”!).

      Okay… I’m back now…. Congrats on finally getting Spider Pig! 🙂

    • Jealous. I’m 19 away still.
      Just over 600 ray guns from the Collider,
      Only three handcuffs away from the Times building,
      (oh, wait, I feel a commercial coming on now….)

      Spider Pig, 100 donuts
      The Collider, 61,500 Ray Guns
      Zenith City Times, 100 lockpicks, 30 capes, 15 handcuffs.
      Getting all that without paying a cent to EA, PRICELESS


      • Hehehe, definitely priceless! If it’s any consolation this is the first event ever I’ve managed to complete a character set within the event, not counting coc (I think everyone acquired these ;).
        You’ll get there, still enough time!

      • Is it wrong of me to say that I’m happy to see a dedicated tappers who’s actually behind me? I feel like I keep reading all of these posts from folks who have crafted many multiples of everythingby now and have already gotten, like, 20 bonut rounds (okay, slight exaggeration there), while I, who had been been playing assiduously every day, can’t make claims anywhere near those, which frustrates me a bit.

        I know… I’m a bad person. 😉 But I am happy to see that it looks like you’ll get everything by the deadline! 🙂

      • Got the Collider yesterday, the Times building today, 3 bonus donuts today, still need 16 donuts for the pig….

  11. Okay, I know someone already asked this question, but I don’t remember who or where or what people said, so I’m asking again…

    It looks like I may be able to craft either another store front OR another loft building before the end of Issue 3…which do you think I should craft? They both have identical stats and they’re both roughly the same size (only a one square square difference, although they distribute their area differently. I don’t have a particular place in mind for either one right now, so, whichever I make, I may have to do a little redesign to accommodate.

    So, store front or loft?

    • I’m stuck with the same dilemma, I’m erring towards the lofts, but still holding off, can’t decide either!

      • Bu&&er it, went for another loft, think it looks a little better and I can probably sort a little courtyard with the two of them side by side…
        Crafted my third apartment, I’m kinda glad as i can “reclaim” some of my Zenith City back into Springfield, and make it more Zenith-Cityish. I had to put the Ziff Corp building there (c’mon, the big Z 😉 and also the Homer Kong tower, good to have a regular ‘monster’ ravaging the city!

    • I have the same problem, I am just storing crafted items now so I don’t know what I will need in the future, makes it difficult. I was going to leave it until the last few hours but I am leaning more towards the shopfront. I find making residential areas easy, while commercial areas are a little harder. Having some shopfronts to go with other shops will most probably be my greatest need in the future, I will be able to use them in more situations. Also I dont really like cats, I’m a dog person :p

    • haha you’re setting yourself up for another round of “do what makes YOU happy” responses. here, i have your deciding factor: go with which sound you prefer when you click on it. i love me a shotgun pump as much as the next person, but the city sounds you hear when you click on the lofts really steal the show. i’m currently at 2 storefronts and 2 lofts, and it’s possible that i might be able to squeeze in another 10 cuffs before the 3 remaining days are up. if so, i will go with the lofts because of that, and because the roof of the building looks a bit more unique compared to most buildings in this games. hope this helps… 💡

    • Which do you like better? Or which fits in better with your plans for your city?

      As for me, I’m just hoping to finish the Zenith City Times before the event ends — stuck on handcuffs right now. I should have enough resources to complete one more set of apartments and numerous phone booths as well.

    • I’m having the same dilemma. I like the way the lofts look, they fit into my SF nicely, but the stores remind me of those endless souvenir stores that populate shore towns along the east coast. So I’m thinking I might want another for when my beach front expands. I wish I could use them on Squidport. Then there’d be no contest.

  12. So Europe had a solar eclipse today. Rather a good one as well as at least 83% of the sun was covered by the moon in all parts of the UK. Where I live got about 85% coverage. I managed to sneak a camera phone shot whilst trying to not look at the sun. I only have one working eye anyway, I’d prefer to keep it that way.

  13. Tapebelt – After reading all of the glowing reviews of your town (and, of course, enjoying your participation on this site), I’m definitely planning to send you a friend request as soon add I have an opening! I’m not sure how soon that will be…I recently got my friend house in order and have a real good, active group now, but there is one person who’s been absent for about three days now, so maybe….(although I’m giving it a little while longer, since this person’s been a neighbour for a fairly long while…).

    At any rate, keep an eye out for me, and I hope, if you do see a request, you’ll be willing to add me as soon as you have an opening on your side, too! 🙂

    • a few weeks back when we were discussing the pros and cons of house farming and neighbor tapping, i mentioned that i would be increasing my friend count for the sake of more bonuts, and as i don’t know your origin id, i threw out there that you could help me increase that count. that offer still stands, so the ball is in your court. =^-^=

      • Tapebelt, after several attempts to get into your town, my Kindle froze. Now I know why after reading Etamni’ s post. I did get your Krustyland to load and I tapped there. Now that I know your town takes awhile to load due the detail, I am determined to see it now 🙂

      • I’m sorry, tape – I probably just didn’t have any room then!

        If you have room now, can you send me a request? (My Origin name is the same as my name here, only without the space.) I have a neighbor who I think I’m about to delete, if he/she doesn’t start playing again by the end of the weekend. The reason I’m asking you to send the request to me (rather than vice versa) is because I have a few requests from other people pending, and I’d have to decline all of them for the game to let me make a new friend request. (Of course, if you’re in the same boat, let me know and I guess maybe I’ll have to dump them. Otherwise, I prefer to keep them, in case I have another opening…I have one more neighbor who appears to be “active,” but who’s Springfield has been in a nuked state for quite a while now.)

      • i apologize for that, i been working on scaling back my town since bunny told me of her experience getting locked out of her game for months… something i absolutely don’t want to happen after the crazy amount of time my son and i have put into our town already. was closing in on 7000 objects, but since i started making conscious effort to clear unnecessary items, i’m back down to about 6750 right now, and will continue to scale back that amount as much as possible without significantly compromising designs (at least, i hope).

        • One thing I found helpful… use one item where there may be two. For instance, see if you can use a hedge in place of a single bush. Lil things like that. Pull away a couple of trees. If you have fence BEHIND buildings or other items in places no one will even see or notice them but you, pull those out. Some have gone to the point of a “seasonal” area. A place that changes with the Holidays. That way instead of having ALL the seasons out in the town, they rotate through per Season.

      • Tapebelt, I got it to load. Love the “train track” and how buildings appear to be on a hill. Awesome town with great detail 🙂

      • can’t take credit for the train track idea, as i saw it while randomly searching for transportation design ideas, but i liked it so much that it prompted me to start redesigning my whole waterfront area to accommodate it (which as you can probably tell is still in the process of being redeveloped). i will, however, gladly take credit for integrating the buildings into the hillsides. never seen that done before, though i’m sure i’m not the first to do so. anyway, thank you for the kind words, they always serve as motivation to keep on designing!

    • The downside of having Tape as a neighbor is that there is so much detail in that town that it takes forever to load (at least on my tablet) and I don’t want to leave once I’m looking around as I’m always finding more detail I hadn’t noticed before! 🙂

      • might i ask, how long does it take to load my town on your device? my brother likes to joke that he can wipe his butt and finish up in the bathroom faster than it takes to load my town on his device… to which i reply that he should focus more on his hygiene, and less on my town, but i digress, heh. he has a nexus 4 smartphone like i do, but his isn’t rooted and optimized like mine is. when i told him some other users were saying it takes about a half a minute to load my town on their devices, my bro proceeded to clock how long it took for him…. a minute and 10 seconds. if this is how long you guys must suffer while waiting for my town to load, i sincerely apologize, and will work diligently to try and reduce that time as much as possible.

      • Tapebelt, for me on a Samsung Galaxy S3, updated but not rooted its between 30-40 seconds, but it’s no stress for me. I understand you are trying to minimise the item count, but I don’t think you need to do it because of us. You have maximum, or nearly, neighbourinos, that visit you already? Then there shouldn’t be a need to change, be kinda like a great artist deciding to only use a blue pen only from now on 🙂

      • Just timed it — 1 min 25 seconds. And then I spent another 7-8 min looking around again. LOL 🙂

        P.S. I hope you don’t mind seeing your security booths show up in my Springfield later — I think those will definitely have a place in my prison redesign.

        @Bunny? If you do not already have Tapebelt on you friends list, you should immediately send the invite! That city will blow your 3D-lovin’ Bunny-mind when you see it — it is so full of elevation changes and other 3D tricks that you will start to drool. Be sure you have at least 30 minutes available the first time you go there — 1.5 min to load and 28.5 min to enjoy!!!

        • Lol. Sounds like my earlier town. Giant tiers and complexes of 3D coupled with 2D. I stripped it down to make more site friendly 3D and 2D tutorials, but soon my B town will be my 3D heaven again.

      • I got it to load 2x today in about a minute.

      • For clarity, Tape, I am not requesting a change to minimize load time — I’d wait twice as long to see that awesome city of yours. I only mentioned it because anyone you are adding might not realize their device didn’t crash! 🙂

      • @cube
        Nah I don’t have the max amount of neighbors, and many don’t visit daily… whether that is a result of my town’s load time or me choosing to randomly add neighbors from the add and don’t vandalize me page, I’m not sure. But anyway, the need to scale back goes beyond just the consideration for my neighbors, so it’s all good.

        There’s no shame in taking ideas you see in other towns and making it your own.. After all, there are only so many objects to work with in this game, and sometimes there are only so many ways to be creative with them. I used to do lots of searches on tapped out design ideas before I got the hang of what worked with what and how. that security booth was one of the cooler ideas i saw in a random search, and so I made a note of it for future use.

        The only thing I would never do is copy an entire area, like make an identical airport or bumper car track or cletus’ farm, etc. I don’t care that other people have already made airports with the up up and buffet airplane, the el chemistri terminal or the ice skating rink hangar; these are just buildings in the greater airport design. I think it’s what I do with these pre-existing ideas that counts, and it drives me to be even more unique and creative in my design. So yeah, I look forward to seeing what you do with those security booths!

    • Hey Sandra…just a quick question…is that my town showing up active? Cos it shouldn’t be…we haven’t been in there now for about three weeks I think it is…too depressing to look and not play!…will update those interested after dr’s visit tomorrow…will probably update on Tues my time as I’m expecting to be home late tomorrow night. Oh the joys of rural living! Lol. Cheers, Julie.

      • Well, all of the buildings are untappable, but, of course, during this event, I can still get criminals. Haven’t had the heart to delete you yet. 🙁

        Definitely interested in hearing the latest news after your doctor’s appointment… Hoping for some good news, for a change! 🙂

        I do have someone waiting in the wings for a spot in my town, so I might have to temporarily delete you. But, if I do, PLEASE send me a friend request as soon as you’re back to playing and I will definitely make room for you again, okay?

      • Ditto, Julie. The buildings are not tappable but the criminals are, and each one is a chance at more donuts. Even after the event ends, if there’s nothing tappable, I’ll just hide your cities until you are able to play again. 🙂

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