Pi Day Pie Winner!

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Last Saturday was Ultimate Pi Day and here at Addicts we love every excuse for Pie!  So we thought it would be fun to have a little Pi Day contest where the winner wins…you guessed it…PIE!

So many of you entered and shared with us your favorite Pie…it made me hungry just reading the comments!  But we could only have 1 Ultimate Pi Day winner.  So let’s see who the Randomizer chose….


The 2015 Addicts Pi Day Contest winner is…


“My favorite pie is… My wife’s peanut butter pie!!! So go ahead… PIE ME ADDICTS!


Doorman005 chose a great selection of Mini Pies from Grand Traverse Pie Company, including a Cherry Crumb, Peanut Butter Chocolate & Blackberry Peach!

Congratulations again Doorman and enjoy your pies!

And thank YOU to the best readers on the planet for participating in our fun little contest!  Stay tuned…you never know when the contest mood will strike us!

How was your Pi Day?  Do anything fun?  Did you eat pie?  Did you spend your day eating pie shaped items?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

Pie Man and Felon

31 responses to “Pi Day Pie Winner!

  1. 3.141592653589793238462643383297502884
    Soz guys that’s all I know 😊 my name is Waffles2015 if you would like to be my friend on the simpsons tapped out.
    My favourite pie is cherry. Am a brit btw 🙂 so spell favourite like that rather the favorite. Soz I blab so much 😃

  2. Congrates Doorman005! Hope you enjoy your winnings! Did you happen to choose a “floor pie?” “Ummmm… floor pie!”

  3. I missed out on this contest, but just wanted to say that I love the idea! Pi day conest with actual pie as a prize? Love it! Congrats to the winner, and enjoy the pies!

  4. Finally the guy that holds open our doors gets some recognition. Congrats Doorman005.

  5. Congratulations

  6. Congrats and enjoy your pies!

  7. Thought of going out for pie on pi day but just did not make it… was fun to have a pie contest to participate in without having to turn on the oven.. it was a really hot day here! So I had fun thinking about my favorite kind of pie… thanks for the contest!

  8. barleecreations (canid88)

    Congrats winner!! Enjoy your tasty pies! 🙂

  9. Congrats to Doorman005!!! 🙂
    Soooooo , who had pie and who had Pi??? I had both lol

  10. Thanks!!! The pies should arrive next week! I will let everyone know just how amazing they are! Pies aside, this might be the nicest, most fun, friendliest corner of the Internet. Thanks for making a great site, addicts!

    • Congrats! (And a hearty three cheers in agreement; Addicts are the best!…umm, well, you know what I mean…)

  11. Congrats!!

  12. I find it suspicious that my post was pending for 3 hours and then disappeared…

    I just might have to contact Faux News about the Addicts Pie Day Coverup.

  13. Isn’t it obvious!! We ARE getting radioactive man! It’s a SUPER HERo event and what’s the first thing you think of when you think superheros and Simpsons? RADIOACTIVE MAN!! And why would they keep issue 4 so hidden? *cough* radioactive man *cough* Mr. Collidor hints towards it to!! He dies (radioactive man dies) and he comes back after the credits (issue 3) thanks for listening to my $0.02

  14. Unknown Pi(e) Lover

    I sent Pie Man to Learn About Pi a while ago. What did you all (y’all) do for
    Pi Day?

  15. My Pi Day was fun I drinker Apple Pie…. For my southern friends you know exactly what I mean lol…. And it was good and a little tipsy lol

  16. Congratulations doorman005! Lucky you! I hope your pies are fantastic, enjoy! 🙂

  17. Congrats to the winner even tho it’s not me 😫

  18. Maudlin Monarch.

    Congrats on the Pie win! Although I wonder what would have happened if my entry got though to the randomizer, and won!

    Likely a redraw 😥

  19. That sounds like an AWESOME prize! Sooooo jealous.

    Congrats, Doorman!

  20. Congrats Doorman005.

  21. Please let us know how the pie will be, doorman005!!

    • Ohhh…… pie (drooling) Congratulation Doorman. Wish i was Homer Id have to apprehend the postman before they made it to your Door-man! Haha Lucky u! 😆 Congrats!

  22. Mini-pies are kinda like pie donuts….. Mmmmm, pies, er donunts!

  23. Congrats to the winner. Anyone hear from EA about the Brandine issue?

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